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Summary: A/N In loving memory of those who died in the 9/11 plane crashing. We miss and honor all those who […]

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A/N In loving memory of those who died in the 9/11 plane crashing. We miss and honor all those who died and didn’t have to. This story for the loved ones you left behind. (P.S. my stories will be coming a little slow….so here is the first of Six.)
*It’s been a year daddy
I really really miss you
Mommy says your safe now
In a beautiful place called heaven*
Oh I’m thinking about our younger years

Cabiline stared blankly at the grave stone, lost in thought. She shook her head and snorted as the tears fell from her eyes. “No…your not gone…come back…” she whispered though she knew it was no good. She bent down and kissed the grave stone. “I love you Foaly.” she murmured.

*We had your favorite dinner tonight*
there was only you and me
*I ate it all up*
We were young and wild and free
*Even though I don’t like carrots*

Cabiline opened the house door and trotted in. She took a deep breath and looked around. She moved to check on Dot, their youngest daughter. When she got to the door, what she heard made her eyes well up with tears once again. She was praying. To the human God. Cabiline pressed her ear to the door.

Now nothing can take you away from me
*I learned how to swim this summer*
We’ve been down that road before
*I can even open my eyes*
But that’s over now

“God? I know I’m not a muddgirl but Auntie Juliet says you made everyone. So I want to ask you if my Daddy is up there with you, I want-” Dot’s voice broke and her sobbs were soft. “I want to talk to my daddy…Please God? Why don’t you answer?” her small desperate voice made Cabiline feel so weak.

*While I’m under water*
You keep me coming back for more
*Can’t you see me?*
Baby you’re all that I want
When you’re lying here in my arms
I’m finding it hard to believe
We’re in heaven

Cabiline slowly pushed open the door to little Dot’s room. Dot looked up at her mother with big brow eyes filled with tears. “Mommy? Why won’t God answer me?” she asked her voice quivering. “Because…You’re listening with your head darling. Listen with your heart.” Cabiline said moving into Dot’s room and sitting beside her.

*I started kindergarten this year*
Love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn’t too hard to see
We’re in heaven
*I carry a picture of us
In my Blue’s Clues lunchbox*

So together Cabiline and Dot prayed. Cabiline had never believed in the God the muddpeople always talked to, but now all she wanted to do was believe that somehow her praying reached Foaly.
Oh once in your life you find someone
*You are the greatest daddy*
Who will turn your world around
Pick you up when you’re feeling down
Now nothing can change what you mean to me
*I can swing on the swing by myself*

Cabiline and Dot cried. The sound of a door creaking open made Cabiline look up. It was Daisy, their eldest daughter. “Mom?” she asked coming forward. Cabiline could see Daisy’s legs shaking and she could her voice straining to hold back the sobs. Cabiline gave a weak smile. “Come here…” she said. Daisy trotted swiftly to her mother. She knelt beside her and rested her cheek on Cabiline’s shoulder.
There’s a lot that I could say
But just hold me now
*Even though I miss you pushing me*
Cause our love will light the way
*Can’t you see me?*

“I heard you praying….” said a voice from the door. Cabiline and her children looked up to see Shadow, the oldest of her children and her only son, with tears running down his face. “You know it’s pointless right? And even if…if God was real Dad would never answer me…” his voice trailed off and he closed his eyes but still the tears came.

Baby you’re all that I want
When you’re lying here in my arms
I’m finding it hard to believe
We’re in heaven
*I miss how you used to tickle me*
And love is all that I need
*Tickle my belly*

“It’s not pointless honey. And your father loved you….” Cabiline’s voice shook with sorrow. “Then why’d he leave me, mom?! Tell me that!” Shadow yelled shaking his head. Cabiline felt Daisy and Dot hug her harder. “He never left you Shadow. He was taken from you.” Cabiline’s voice was bitter.
And I found it there in your heart
*My belly hurts*
It isn’t too hard to see
We’re in heaven
*I try not to cry*
I’ve been waiting for so long

“Mom?” Shadow asked in a shaky voice. Cabiline had buried her face in her hands and was shaking violently as the sobs raked through her body.
*Mommy says it’s okay*
For something to arrive
For love to come along
*I know you don’t like it when I cry*

“Mom! I didn’t mean it! I’m sorry!” Shadow cried running to his mother and folding his legs under him. Cabiline looked up. For the first time she felt Helpless. “I know.” she whispered. She touched Shadow’s face and gave him a sad smile. “You look like him you know.” Shadow stared at his mother in shock.
Now our dreams are coming true
Through the good times and the bad
*You never wanted me to be sad*
I’ll be standing there by you
*I try Daddy but it hurts*

“I want to visit him.” Dot said in a small voice. Cabiline nodded. And so the family traveled to the cemetery where they had layed Foaly to rest two months previously.
Baby you’re all that I want
*Is it true you’re not coming home?*
When you’re lying here in my arms
*Maybe someday*
I’m finding it hard to believe
We’re in heaven
*I can visit you in heaven, okay?*
And love is all that I need
“I miss you Daddy.” Dot said.

“I love you Daddy.” Daisy said.

“I won’t let you down Father.” Shadow whispered.

And I’ve found it there in your heart
It isn’t too hard to see
We’re in heaven
*It’s time for me to go bed now
I sleep with the light on
Just in case you come home
And kiss me good night
I love you so much
I miss you Daddy*

“We’ll meet again. We love you Foaly. Maybe we can see you in Heaven.” Cabiline whispered as her and her children stared off into the gloom morning the loss of Foaly whom they all loved so much.

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  1. *sniff*i cant belive foaly is d-d-dead it was so sad*sob sob sob**first comment sob.*

  2. this is the most tragic video on youtube at the moment lol good to see you made use of it! i am kinda over the crying stage though lol cos i have seen it so many times with my over emotional fried who was trying to see if it is possible that i will one day cry. she hasn’t succeded lol.

  3. Foaly DIED!!! 🙁

  4. waaaaah it’s just sooooo sad.=( and my cuz’s b-day is on 9/11 and I’ve always been scared something like that might happen AGAIN!!! WAAAAAAAAH!! IT IS TOOOOO SAD!!

  5. i meant friend btw lol

  6. So sad…..*sniffs* OW! My throat! Srry had a sore throat for past week, but it’s not strep, or I’d be outta school.

  7. *sobs uncontrollably* S-s-s-so sad. I can’t believe that you m-m-made F-f-Foaly die! But I still like it. =..]

  8. Holly Short 99999999 October 8th, 2007 at 2:03 am 8

    This is so sad! My nose is starting to turn red. My eyes are starting to get watery.

  9. *sobs* this is *sobs* so saddd. But at the dame time its wonderful. a friends sent me the song and i almost started to cry 🙁 .
    Foaly DIED!!!!!!!! noooooooo…waaaaaaaaaaa……i think i need a hanky

  10. my brothers birthday is on 9/11…

  11. IT’S SOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!! i almost cried…my eyes were getting all watery and stuff!

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