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Summary: A/N:  Written for the prompt “Opal, Paradise Lost” for the Christmas fic exchange.  And I don’t know who prompted, or […]

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A/N:  Written for the prompt “Opal, Paradise Lost” for the Christmas fic exchange.  And I don’t know who prompted, or anything, but hope you like it, BlackOpal!  😉

So I tried to write you a gigantic allegory, but I think it failed?  Many apologies.  And I owe you fic, too. D:


“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a heaven from hell, a hell from heaven.”

Paradise Lost




They tell her that she’s exactly where she wants to be:  Haven, they call it, though it is anything but.  She is the only one who can see it.

The LEP thinks they are keeping control, but it is because of them that chaos still reigns.  Their rules are tight in all the wrong places, so that they smother the individual yet leave openings for revolt.

They do not know how to rule.  They are not smart enough to see it.

Opal watches all this from Koboi labs and schemes.  The system is so easily breakable that it seems to be asking for her to come and save it.  The only thing she must do is figure out how.

They will try to stop her, the LEP and their inflated sense of self-importance, but she cannot, will not, let them.  They have had their chance to make it Haven, and they have failed.

Now it is Opal’s turn to make it a Haven of her own, and all shall cower in the light of her glory.





Not even the best laid plans can win over pure dumb luck, and Opal is sent back to the drawing board after the LEP change just the rule she was going to exploit.  It hardly makes a difference in Haven, but Opal feels as if they have been watching her.  There is no other explanation for this mockery.  But they are not smart:  anyone who would dare goad Opal Koboi must be lacking quite a few brain cells.  If they think they can keep up with her, they are sadly mistaken.

That night, Opal bribes her way up the chutes and onto the surface.  It’s been too long since she’s been up here, even with all the tiresome mud men running around.  This is yet another realm that should be hers—will be hers, someday.  A few bribes earn her contacts.  She tells them someone will be in touch, then disappears into thin air.

The mesemerized men stare after her, wondering if it was God they just had a conversation with, or the Devil.





When the LEP discovers the battery operation, they’re quite upset.  That’s nothing to how Opal is when she is told the news.

She keeps her composure until she is alone, when she explodes into a fit of rage.  They will pay for this, Officer Short and Commander Root, and also the goblins for being so incredibly stupid.  She has invested more in this plan than her previous one, and if things go wrong, she will be ruined.

They are already talking about it down at HQ; the bugs she planted allow her to hear every word said.  They are worried, which is good, and they are talking about catching whoever did it, which is not good.  Opal doesn’t think there’s any links to her—but then again, no criminal ever does, and plenty of them get thrown behind bars each year.

She wonders briefly about the mud men she mesmerized topside.  So far, she has not needed to talk to them, but they will help her if she needs it.  They will also betray her if she’s caught.

All in all, it’s better safe than sorry.  The last thing the two learn is that Opal is not who she seems.





Humans are far too easy to enslave.  A mention of money, a touch of magic, and they’re willing to do anything for her.

Opal smiles delightedly at her power.

Thankfully, the fiasco with the LEP seems to have blown over.  Foaly is trapped, the Commander and that annoying Officer Short dead, and the mud man, too.  She is untouchable.

She is already debating what she should do first upon gaining power when she notices that things are not all right.

If there was a backup plan, now would be the perfect time to put it into action.  But there’s not, at least not a good one, so she’s forced to waste time thinking.

In the end, there is nothing she can do but wait.


Chapters: 1 2 3

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