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Summary: Holly wakes up in a room, not knowing where she is. She can't move and she can't see. What happened? And why does she has the feeling Artemis is behind this?

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 Warning: This fic is more adult than my previous ones. There’s some implied rape in here, too. I strongly advice against reading this if you’re under 13 years old. Oh yeah, the lines in italics is Holly thinking.

‘Where am I?’ Holly moaned. ‘Why can’t I see? Why can’t I move? Help!’

It was all very confusing in her head. What had happened? She could remember going to her work this morning… If it even was this morning. She didn’t have a clue how long she’d been out. It could’ve been a week as well as a couple of hours. After work, she remembered going home, opening the door, and then nothing. It scared her. Holly never had holes in her memory, not even when Artemis had knocked her out because he wanted to held her hostage. But, that could be because he used a dart. No one had ever hit her on the head to knock her unconscious… Until today. She remembers it dimly now, that someone had been waiting for her behind her door. She hadn’t seen that person, though. She tried to open her eyes. They opened, alright, but her vision remained black. I surely haven’t gone blind, have I?. A wave of exhaustion swept over her, and she obediently closed her eyes and slept.


When she woke up, things started to get a lot more clearer. This time, she noticed she was laying on a bed. She opened her eyes again, and still saw darkness. Someone blindfolded me, she realised. She wanted to pull it away, she wanted to see again. But she couldn’t move her arms. They were above her head, locked to something… Great. Cuffed to a bed, I dare to bet. Her arms were spread, so she couldn’t try to free herself. Whoever had put her on this bed was pretty smart, and knew what he was doing. Even though she knew it was useless, she still tried to get out of the cuffs, and to get the blindfold away. When it didn’t work, she screamed.



After a lot of fruitless attempts, and a lot of sleeping to restore all of her energy lost on those attempts, she heard someone come to her room. She tried to make her voice, hoarse from all the screaming, shout for help another time, but it wouldn’t co-operate. She lay there, not moving, hoping that the person would turn out to be someone who’d save her.

‘Holly, are you awake?’ She could’ve recognised that voice from everywhere.

‘Artemis? Why are you here?’

Silence meeted that question. It took a moment before she understood. Oh no!

‘Oh no. No, no, no!’ She shaked her head violently from side to side. The blindfold moved, she could now see a tiny bit of light.

‘Wait. Let me explain…’

‘No amount of explaining could ever explain this, mud boy.’

‘Just listen to me, Holly.’

‘No, I won’t. Not until you let me go.’

Artemis removed the blindfold, but she kept her eyes closed.

‘Holly, look at me.’ She didn’t open her eyes. ‘Holly…’ Still no reaction from her. ‘Goddammit, Holly, just open your eyes and look at me!’ Her eyes obedientely opened. He’s never been that mad before… ‘Just let me explain, okay?’ Holly closed her eyes again. Artemis sighed, and left the room.


Holly’s thoughts were even more confused now. Why Artemis? Why did he do this? Now, it wasn’t too hard anymore to know who had been waiting for her in her hall. It would’ve been Butler, she’s sure Artemis could never have hit her hard enough to knock her out. He couldn’t, and he wouldn’t. But now, she’s not too sure about that anymore. She thought Artemis loved her. But you don’t cuff people you love to a bed. Why would he do it? Why, why, why? She collected the energy and air to scream one more time.


She broke down in sobs, but composed herself quickly. She wouldn’t want Artemis to see her break down. She’ll keep a mask up for him, no matter what. Or, at least, she’ll try to.

D’Arvit, he knows my weaknesses!

She knew he’d try to play with them to get what he wanted.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

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  1. Wow. Artemis was SUPER OOC. Your crazy.

    Hey! I have a idea! How about Artemis ends up having multiple personalities, one that is evil and another thats good. And the evil personality did that to Holly…………

    Maybe I’m crazy too.

  2. He’s not OOC.
    He’s what a fanfic writer would call Dark!Artemis. He’s not the Artemis from TTP, but the characterization is not arbitrary, also, there’s gonna be a back story to this that makes it not OOC.
    If Artemis had not been changed so much, this would be him. He did not know how to handle feelings when he was young. If his emotional growth had been stunted…
    Well… yeah.
    I can imagine how confused a half-in-love-with-Artemis Holly would be in this situation too.
    Ya know how I feel about this story.
    Good job!


    please. Artemis is mega-OOC, but I don’t care. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE DO THAE FRIRST COMMENT DANCE ANYMORE??!!!!!!!

  4. Like Opal explained, Artemis isn’t OOC, he’s a Dark Artemis. And I will update – This story won’t really let go of me. 🙁
    P.S. Opal, what d’you mean by the back story?

  5. Minerva Paradizo October 27th, 2008 at 9:26 pm 5

    Ooh! I love this story!! Please update and write a sequel ASAP! BTW, why do you use ‘these’ instead of “These”? Just wondering!
    Your adoring fan,

  6. WHAT THE FICKEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?
    THAT is by far the WEIRDEST story I have ever read. I enjoyed, don’t get me wrong, but well…it…was…an explosion from what we normally read.
    Some highlights include:
    He’s a little perverted Mud boy. Damn right! He tried to feed Holly some food. She spat it back at him. Good for her!
    I shall now jump into that dimension and wring Fowl’s neck.

  7. Thanks, guys 🙂 And, well, I am weird. I’m sure I’ll come up with more weird stories… I’m planning to write an M/H fanfic in some time.
    @ MP – Is it also good if I continue with this? I’m pretty curious myself how Artemis will react to the pregnancy, and how it turns out to be for Holly. I have chapters 7 and 8 finished, I’ll get them on tomorrow, ok?

  8. YEAH!!! UPDATE! Sorry I flamed you last time, but well, yeah it was pretty far out.
    Umm not to sound stupid but what is M/H? That’s not Minerva/Holly is it? Cuz that would be VERY weird.

  9. M/H is Mulch/Holly. I have the basic outline in my head, but I still need to write it down and make a story out of it.

    P.S. What did you mean by an explosion from what you normally read? (Goddess, I feel stupid now. Ah well.)

    Oh yeah. Chapter 9 is finished. I’ll get 7+8 on tomorrow, I promise. I still have to re-read and check chapter 9. Also, there’s an explanation for Artemis’ behaviour coming up.

  10. I guess what I mean by an ‘explosion’ is that it’s very different from what we normally read. Which is good, as that makes you more original than the other authors (no offense).
    You’re having an explanation for Arty’s peculiar behavior? Goody that would have been my next query.

  11. Erm. Well. Er. Oh.

    What can I say???

    Nice. *Grins evilly*

  12. Loving the Update!!!!!
    More, more, more, more, more, more, more, more, more!!!! 😀

  13. Oh my goodness. I thought I was crazy, but Artemis totally resets the border. I swear, if I was Holly, I would act all nice nice to him, gain his trust, have him get me out of the cuffs and BAM! I freakin’ bust his guts open and paint the walls with his still breathing body.
    ‘That was rather graphic. Highlights:
    Gods, he’s really going mad! I pushed him too far…’
    No, you didn’t.
    ‘D’Arvit, why did I punch him?That was the worst idea ever. Definitely. Yeah, it might have, but did it make you feel better?’

  14. Wow, that was intense.
    This relationship gets creepier and creepier.
    I can’t wait until further chapters. I want to know what caused this in Artemis!

    Oh, a couple of crits.
    It’s hard to believe that Artemis wouldn’t be able to figure out that Holly was pregnant. Anyone would see that there was something wrong, and Artemis is smart enough to know.
    And Holly would be really protective of her child, protective enough to tell Artemis so that he doesn’t hurt her and possibly damage the baby.
    Last crit:
    “She knew she shouldn’t have bitten him, but she feels glad she did it anyway”

    You switched tenses there. It should have been “felt”.

    Anyways, I like it. Holly is so darn conflicted. Artemis makes me angry and creeps me out, haha.

  15. Target Aquired October 30th, 2008 at 11:40 pm 15

    Reviewing as promised. 🙂

    Artemis is a bit scary– DarkArtemis, if you will. But hey, it’s an angst fic. It does seem AUish, though, just because of how extreme Artemis is.

    I’d add some description when the characters are speaking– it makes the “movie in your head” run smoother. IE:

    Jane said, “Could you please stop talking?”

    “No way.”

    “Why do you have to be so difficult, Jack?”


    Jane scowled, irritated. “Could you please stop talking?”

    Jack’s mouth twisted up in a mocking grin. “No way.” He leaned back in the chair and stuck his tongue out at her.

    “Why do you have to be so difficult?” She threw the pencil at him.

    Poor Jack. Anyways, you get my drift.

    -Target Aquired

  16. Wow.
    On a positive note, this story is really well written and addicting.
    On a negative note, it sickens me.
    I’m very sorry, but seeing Holly raped is just too horrifying for me. Just becuase I can’t take it does not make it a bad story, but still, I doubt Artemis (even dark Artemis) would rape and hurt Holly.
    Also (no offense) but do you have some sort of elf tickling fetish? You mention tickling Holly in another one of your stories also…

  17. I don’t have an elf tickling fetish, thank you very much. I just know from experience that if someone’s ticklish, it’s very handy to make them do things that way, which is why I put it in this fic anyway.
    TA – I’ll try to get that in my later chapters. Thanks 🙂

    Wow, it’s really funny, because on, it’s almost all negative, and over here, it’s almost all positive. I could use some positive reviews there, people! XD

  18. Hmmmm I saw it on FF and I tried to post a review, but I’m not sure what happened to it. But, I’m getting too ‘left field’ (as randomness is sometimes called).
    Positive? Ummm okay. YEAH!!! GO MEOVA AND CRAZY ARTEMIS!!!! GO HOLLY!!! IF YOU CAN HEAR ME HOLLY, KILL ARTEMIS! Don’t worry, you’ll get over him.
    Artemis: You are a sad strange little man. That is a quote from Toy Story (yeah, I like Toy Story, even though I’m 15) and it doesn’t even sum up how weird you are Arty my boy.
    You wanna know something crazy? I can see something like this happening after reading TTP, you know, Holly rejecting Artemis, blah blah. Still a creepy but addicting story, like songfic_freak said…

  19. o..m..g….i absolutly luv it!
    It’s the first fan fic i have read in a few months and u have now got me addicted to readin fan fics again lol.
    I luv Dark! Artemis. The thoughts of Hollys also makes it more intersting, knowin wats goin on in her head. Creepy, mysterious, twists and addicting! keep up the gd work!

  20. You know what? This ‘Dark Artemis’ is basically 12-year-old Artemis, with hormones, with a maddening crush…

  21. dang- you are one perverted person, making arty seem perverted! I’m afraid to say that your writing style is awful too. Take some creative writing lessons before submitting another fanfiction here.

  22. Minerva Paradizo November 3rd, 2008 at 3:43 pm 22

    aurora lee, that is so mean! She is very creative. It might be you that doesn’t have an imagination. Her writing style is very nice! Better than most. It’s legible, and very neat and tidy. Easy to read. She is NOT a pervert! Artemis is, if you look at it a certain way. This is a very fascinating story showing a different side of Artemis’ relationship with Holly gone overboard. Who are you to tell her not to write anymore? You’re not an editor, or an admin. Please be nicer!

  23. Meova was right, I was checking this story out on FF, and there are so many flames, the world could live forever off the heat produced from them. Again: THIS IS JUST THE OLD ARTEMIS, A LITTLE OLDER!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS SO HARD TO GRASP ABOUT THAT???!?!!?!?!?!?!

  24. Minerva Paradizo November 6th, 2008 at 12:10 am 24

    Hey, could you get me the link for the one on Just wondering how mean people are. This is a really kind site except for a few people who don’t know when to be quiet, and then the editors get to them! I really love the story, and wish you’d update!!!!

  25. Omg, that was a bit Creepy if Artemis really would do that in the books i make sure he’d pay omg c’mon Artemis why that lol he’s a bit dark and cool somewhat i don’t know why i liked that kind of artemis. i bet he was turned on to see her struugle. if i were a guy, and a kiddnaper of holly i wouldnt do that. BUT GREAT STORY ILL TELL MY FRIENDS ABOUT IT!

  26. artymon and his Fill-In (me) November 6th, 2008 at 3:41 am 26

    If I were Holly, I would definitely
    find a way to kill old Arty….
    Here’s the link:

  27. Minerva Paradizo November 7th, 2008 at 11:39 pm 27

    Ooh! Loved the update! Please keep updating!! It would’ve been hilarious if she’d thrown up all over Artemis’ shoes!

  28. Okay, I am sorry about the last comment. I was just freaked out by the whole… everything.

    It’s a good story. Well written, too.

    But I highly doubt that Holly would forgive Artemis if he raped her. I think she would hate him.

    the world’s worst critic

  29. Yay! You updated. No a cliffhanger!

  30. It’s about bloody time, Meova!
    Holly, that beester, Artemis, kidnaps you (again) chains you to a bed, rapes you, probably abuses you, and yet, you break his nose and you’re the bad guy? WAS DER–?!!?!?!?!?!?!
    Update, oder sonst….

  31. I’m going to update ASAP. I just need someone to beta Arty’s explanation. Any volunteers?

  32. What do you mean by ‘beta?’

  33. Beta = someone who checks it to see if it makes sense, and whether the writer didn’t make mistakes, usually correcting those too. Anyway, I got chapters 10+11 beta’ed, so I’m updating now.

  34. Gumdrops! *Artymon does some dance, breaks his arm, goes to hospital*

  35. i love ch. 10- 11 ee that is cool, now my fave line in here: It’s not ours, it’s mine. It’ll never be yours… i just love this story, idk why but somehow, i like dark artemis. i think im crazy for it 🙁 lol

  36. Minerva Paradizo November 10th, 2008 at 10:50 pm 36

    Dark!Artemis is FREAKING me out!!! He thinks it’s his baby? Bad boy. It should rightfully be HOLLY’S BABY because Dark!Artemis is a maniacal idiot who has no idea what he’s done and has absolutely no control over his emotions. That’s just my opinion, anyway.
    Please update! You’ve got me hooked on this story!!!

    Sorry for stretching the page.

  38. BLAM! BLAM!
    What is Artymon doing you ask?
    He has just mentally shot that rapist freakazoid, Artemis.
    You shall now burn in bright. (Search up the German word for ‘bright’.)

  39. WHAT??!!! YOU SHOT ARTEMIS?!!!!!
    no YOU shall burn in hell!!!!!

  40. Yay! Someone actually did! And Miasaki, you’re telling me that you would WANT kidnapping rapists running around? And, you also didn’t care when I said I was going to drop a nuclear bomb in Canada! YOU are scaring ME!

  41. Lets just say I have my… resources for nuclear bomb protection. AND Arty justified his reason in chappie 10. It wasn’t that hard. Burnin hell is a popular expression, so it was the most likely.

  42. Okay.
    Oh! This reminds me! I heard somewhere that crazy people don’t realize that they’re crazy and that they wouldn’t think or say they were. That’s my only criticism for now.

  43. Confusing, but true.

  44. You know there is a literacy paradox in there? If a legitimate crazy guy thinks to himself, “Wait this is a little crazy to send out letter bombs” He might conclude, from the abovve, “No, crazy people don’t think they’re crazy, so I must be sane.”

  45. Guys, please hold your convo somewhere else. I like reading it anyway, but I don’t really like to see I’ve got 4 new reviews, only to notice that you two have been chatting again. Sorry!

  46. Okay, okay, I’ll stop that crazy artymon by breaking into his house and kidnapping him and handing him over to you. That good enough?

    I’m warning you, Meova. Your chapter srae getting too short. Waaayy too short. I might get angry at you, and trust me, you definitely DO NOT want me angry at you.

    Joking, joking.

    And I agree, those two are completely crazy. Of course, I’m one of the ‘slightly crazy’ people. Now you know why you don’t want me angry at you.

    Okay. So now to business. When ARE you gonna update? For me, it’s vacation now, but I don’t know about you, so, well.

    You know, the usual. Just update and I’ll be nicer.

    Joking again!

  47. I don’t have a holiday now, sadly. But I will update in a few days, probably. I have to get either Cabaline or BlackOpal to beta my last chapters (yes people, I finished writing it! I’m pretty happy 😀 ), but I still have to type chapter 14. Update ASAP!

  48. Minerva Paradizo November 14th, 2008 at 11:12 pm 48

    Oooh! Please update! This is one of my fav stories on the sight! Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please Please please please please please please please please please please please please update!!

  49. Dude. I read this on I like it, but update that one too! Keep going, por favor?

  50. Ja!!!! Bitte!!!! *Gives Meova the infamous puppy eye stare*
    Hoblo no Esplinol!
    I except to see Chapters 12 through 14 up, oder sonst…..
    Nein, nein, not intimidating enough.
    UPDATE THY TALE NOW, please! Ja! That’s it!

  51. Minerva Paradizo November 18th, 2008 at 10:52 pm 51

    Ooh! Please make a sequel I loved the update! But now I’m sad it’s over! :'(

  52. Hi. I reviewed positively on Too lazy to actually get on my account, so, yeah. NO!!! Why is it over? Please do a sequel from the daughter’s POV, that would be cool. Get me on, my username is the saaaaame.

  53. Wow. I finished it. I just remembered something: The Fairy Thief.
    A fairy sits on a windowsill, arms outstretched to whisk a baby from its cradle.
    That came to my mind when I got towards the end of chapter 14.
    Congratulations on your escape! However, he kidnaps you up, rapes you, proceeds to keep you chained up, and all the while, you still love him? How? He changed into nearly a different person–no not person, monster. He went from your charming Arty to this…this despicable creature. Yet, you see the good in his eyes, you have faith in him, hoping for him to come back. Godspeed to you, Holly.
    P.S. It would’ve felt very creepy to use my usual name, so I leave you mt initials instead.

  54. Artymon – Never question Twu Wuv. Sorry XD I don’t get it either, but I know how weird love can be.
    And sorry guys – I’m not doing a sequel. To be honest, I’m a bit sick of this story now because it’s been in my head for over a month. If any of you wants to do it, though, you have my permission. Just give a bit of credit to me, kay?

  55. Ah, well, as Huey Lewis may say, “The Power of Love is a curious thing.”
    (I will now shut up…)

  56. THANK YOU!!!! I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO THAT FOR AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. I think I really only have one complaint with this: the last few chapters felt kind of rushed. Like, “Arty, I’m going into labor!” “I’m going to sneak away, don’t tell! D’Arvit! I’ve been caught!” Then, “Oh! I had the baby! I’m running away! Hahahahaah!”
    Something I really want to compliment you on is the fact that when you named the baby, you didn’t do some sterotypical, “Artemis Fowl III” or “Holly” or maybe “Coral.”

  58. Well, it actually is a bit stereotypical. No one noticed it? Diane? Well, whatever. I know the last few chapters are rushed, but I had to. Otherwise, it probably would’ve been about 30 chapters, and I would’ve killed myself. (not literally, but I was that sick of this story.)

  59. Diane is another Goddess, am I right?

  60. Oh Em Ghee i love love love the last bit. O.O

  61. Oh no…I just searched up “Diane” on Wikipedia and the first thing that pops up? Artemis. Who exactly is she? It mentioned something about a deity.

  62. Meova!!! Please, please, don’t just end this like that. A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???

    I’m gonna keep on doing thsi until you tell me otherwise.

    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???
    A sequel??? Please??? A sequel??? Please???

    Sorry I can’t go on. Artymon’s got a delivery for me. I think it’s a bomb, so I’ve gotta throw it away. I’ll continue pestering you after I do that.

    *Bomb immediately blows and Helen explodes into a million billion pieces*

  63. Wow. That was the best A/H I have ever read. I definitely have to give you five stars. IT would be a crime not to.

  64. 5 stars!!!

  65. Diane is, in case you really are clueless, basically Diana, but with an e instead of an a. Diana is the Roman/Greek (dunno which) counterpart of Artemis. But Diane (last name Duane) is also a really good writer 🙂


    To prevent myself from adding another comment (Yeah, I know the rules. Sometimes, it’s too bad I have to follow them myself 😉 ), I’ll react to Helen’s comment on here. Let me make this very clear, so there won’t be someone else who asks this. I am not making a sequel. At least, not for a long time. If you really want one, you might want to make it yourself 😉

  66. Yes, Meova, I know, and when is the sequel coming up??? You really don’t want to keep me waiting. Especially since Helen’s henchpeople are under my command now. Muahahaha!

  67. Aww… no way!!! Sorry about the double post, but I HAD to tell you this (or ask): WHY THE BEPP NOT???

  68. I love this to death! It’s aaaaahmmazing!! 5 stars!!! (now im gonna finish reading)

  69. Uh, the REAL Helen December 16th, 2008 at 10:44 am 69

    Why don’t you wanna make a sequel???

  70. I demand a sequel where Holly beats Artemis senseless for being a demented rapist! Puhleeeze??? *Makes puppy eyes at the author*

  71. No sequel, because I need something else to write. I’ve been writing about kidnappings a bit too long. Not that I don’t like this story – I read it myself again just yesterday – but I think I should be focusing on other subjects now. If you really want a sequel, you have my permission to do so, just give some credit to me and give a link to this story.

  72. gosh, I haven’t checked this in ages, and when I do, it’s STILL not updated!

  73. Julissa (in England) December 26th, 2008 at 3:11 pm 73

    Meova, you are either chronically insane (no offence intended) or a genius. I’m not sure, but I am strongly leaning toward ‘genius’.
    Get a move on with the sequel!
    And Diane Duane is a really good author. I love her Young Wizards books only the slightest bit less that AF. (don’t kill me!)

  74. hitsugayatoushiro December 27th, 2008 at 4:56 pm 74

    i dont geddit why does arty go coo-coo and do that to holly?
    i enjoyed it though, it was different to all the normal A/H stories

  75. Since he lost his mother, my bet is that he was mentally instable…. unstable…. whatever!! Anyways, because of that, his actions are kinda rash. Basically, he’s charging in blindly.

  76. Wow!! Nice drama, i like the whole my-water-broke-so-im-gonna-use-my-last-bit-of-energy to-runaway thing. Please do continue!!

  77. ok sorry i just can not read any ^&%&^%&^%&^%ing longer. this is way to adult for me

  78. PS: I ditto julissa,

  79. OMFG! Could u make a sequel that has a happy ending?

  80. I read untill the fifth chapter and had to stop. Nasty.

  81. uuuh, dom, there already IS a sequel… “Situation” I think.

  82. Okay, so my friend is obsessed with Frerard, which is fanfiction made from My Chemical Romance. As a joke, we read the chapters out loud using Frank Iero and Greard Way. It was the most HILARIOUS experience ever! Seriously, use guys names in the pregnancy chapters. You won’t be disappointed.

  83. ArtemisFowlfan96 March 21st, 2009 at 8:20 am 83

    I sort of wanted to stop after the first few chapters, but I persisted. I like the ending, but how could she still love him?! He raped and beat her, and almost killed her and the baby!!! He was so evil at times, and so cold!!! He broke her down. He was so aweful!!! I’ll never think about Artemis in the same way again.

  84. partyonsoccerfan April 1st, 2009 at 10:41 pm 84

    Okay I just finished the first couple of chapters and it’s pretty good.

  85. partyonsoccerfan April 1st, 2009 at 10:51 pm 85

    oh, and a little sick!!!!!

  86. I didn't do it August 7th, 2009 at 4:03 pm 86


  87. This is my worst nightmare. 5 stars.

  88. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN August 16th, 2009 at 12:49 am 88

    In case anyone is wondering,Artemis is
    a Greek god,and Diana is a Roman god.

  89. MuriUmbrielCordeliaN August 16th, 2009 at 12:54 am 89

    I was commenting on Meova’s earlier
    comment,by the way

  90. Ohansahyosheli August 18th, 2009 at 7:58 pm 90

    Really good. And not that creepy either. I’m 12, and I’ve heard worse things.

  91. fowlfannuberone October 16th, 2009 at 9:06 pm 91

    um err uuu yea eer ummm okeey umm yea

  92. loved it!!:)

  93. Me too!!! =)=)=)

  94. Ohan:Not that creepy?? I worry about you, if you’ve heard worse things.

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