When Two Worlds Collide

Summary: My first crossover of my favorite books I hope you injoy it!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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Chapter Three; An Air of Romance


The next Monday,  Meagan walked to school with her brother. Neither of them had felt like riding the bus there at all. As they got to school, they separated and went to their own classes. Eunice, who had taken the bus, saw Meagan on her way to Drama.

“Hola Meagan!” she called loudly. Unfortunately for Eunice, Manfred heard her. Manfred was Charlie (and Charlie’s friend’s) enemy. He also happened to be the headmaster’s son.

“Eunice, do you know the rules? No talking in the hall.”  Manfred warned.

“Si, of course Manfred.” Eunice grinned.

Manfred blinked, startled. Then he finally reached over and fingered Eunice’s long black curls.

“I love your accent. Are you Mexican?” he murmured.

“I prefer Hispanic-American.” Eunice said slowly, weirded out. She hadn’t even gotten in trouble! Which was weird, because Manfred never let anyone break the rules without getting them in trouble.

“Anyways…I was just thinking…” Manfred continued, “There’s this really nice restaurant on Ash Street. You want to go there with me sometime?”

Now Eunice was really scared. As if the thought of going on a date with Manfred wasn’t  horrifying enough, he was acting like the complete opposite of himself.

Finally, she managed to say, “We’ll see.”

“All right then,” Manfred sighed.

Just then, Meagan caught up to them. “Hey Manfred, what are you doing?” she said calmly with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

Eunice was impressed. Meagan could be tough when she wanted to. Apparently, Manfred thought so too.
He started to leave, but not before calling over his should, “Think about it, Eunice!”

“What just happened?” Meagan asked Eunice.

“I’m not exactly sure…” Eunice said, dazed, “But I think that he just asked me out.”
Meagan had just nearly choked when Eunice had said that.

“What!” Meagan spluttered, plainly annoyed.

“Yeah, something about a restaurant on Ash Street.” Eunice shuddered, “Apparently, he likes my accent.”

“I am so going to kill him, even if he is my brother’s best friend…”

Just then, the bell rang loudly.

“Oh, see you later. I have to go to Music,” Eunice smiled and headed off to her class. Meagan headed off to her class too, clearly tired of the day already.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Meagan walked outside at break and sat down in a shady but still hidden spot outside of the ruins. She was waiting for something to happen. Anything at all.

Then, someone sat down right next to her. Meagan looked up. It was Tancred.

“Hey, are you okay? You look kind of…sick” He said. What? She had no idea why she felt so dizzy…or why Tancred’s tousled blond hair looked so amazing…

“Yeah, I’m just really tired that’s all,” Meagan said coming out of it.

“Alright, just checking.” smiled Tancred.

Meagan happen to glance into Tancred’s deep blue eyes. Without thinking Meagan leaned up and kissed Tancred. Her breath caught in her throat as their lips met. He looked so…perfectly kissable. And innocently startled.

Realizing what she was doing, Meagan pulled away, reluctantly breaking off their kiss.

“I…I’m so sorry…” Meagan whispered.

“Don’t be.” Tancred smiled then wrapped his arms around Meagan’s waist kissing her while bring her closer to himself. Hesitantly, Meagan hugged him and kissed him back, slowly at first, and then more confidently.

They sat there, under that old maple tree, making out for a full five minutes.

“Well…that was..” Meagan said but wasn’t able to find the words.

“Amazing?” Tancred asked breathlessly. Meagan nodded smiling.

“Well, we’d better head back. We don’t want to be late.” Tancred stood up and grabbed Meagan’s hand. He pulled her up from the ground.

“Well come on!” Meagan grinned dragging him behind her just as the horn sounded.

They ran through the brush and to the doors of Bloor’s Academy. There they were separated and went to their own coat rooms. Suddenly, Eunice appeared in front of Meagan.

“What do you want Eunice?” Meagan asked her friend

“Okay, I didn’t see you at break. And your face is all red. You were breathless and came into the coatroom late.” Eunice said suspiciously.

“Umm…” Meagan  said trying to think of what to say. “I was just caught up talking to Manfred and my brother,” Meagan answered hoping Eunice hadn’t been around Manfred and Asa.

“Really? That’s weird. Because Manfred was pestering me about a date, and Asa was trying to avoid us.” Eunice laughed, “I’m kidding! You finally got a boyfriend, huh?”

“Evil,” Meagan muttered crossing her arms over her chest. “Just please don’t tell my brother or anyone on the bad side! I don’t want to die,” Meagan said not lying.

“Please. No way! Just tell me…who is he?” Eunice said.

“Tancred Torsson,” Meagan sighed rubbing her eyes.

“Cool. Is Tancred that cute blond kid?” Eunice asked. Meagan rolled her eyes at what Eunice said.

“Seriously? And yes, yes he is,” Meagan grinned slightly.

“Yeah, he’s adorable. A bit young for me, though. But Manfred…” Eunice looked thoughtful for a second, but then seemed her normal self again, “Anywho, we’d better get going. We’re going to be late.”

“Yeah but…you like Manfred!” Meagan said laughing and ran out of the coat room and towards her next class.

“N-no I don’t!” Eunice protested, but it was too late, Meagan had already left for class. Oh well. Eunice though. And she headed for class.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Huh Um M.Fowl I don’t really get it. Is that the Charlie from WillyWonker… or Charlie Bone? But I like your decriptions.

    * Does Half of a smile while holding extra big gun that shoots TACOS!!*

  2. Fowlfan4ever July 4th, 2011 at 3:24 pm 2

    Good start. What story is it? AF and ? FCD! U got me hooked!!! Update!!!!!!!

  3. Artemis Fowl and Charlie Bone thank you very much and its awesome how I see someone else reads the books! *attacks Amber with a hug* thank you for being a CB FAN!!! Finally I meet someone else who likes the same things i do!

  4. FowlsGirl123 July 6th, 2011 at 2:47 am 4

    I would read Charlie Bone, but you know, I’m kinda in the middle of, hold on let me count….four? diffferent books/series. i’ll read it next so i can better understand your story. Anyways, this is a good start. I really want to know who “they” is and what charlie needs help with. Update!

  5. You didn’t tell me you were writing a book! Anyway, it’s awesome! 5 lollipops, er, stars! I haven’t read CB yet, but I will look for it when I’m done with the *counts on hand* I think it’s 9 books, I’m not sure. But it’s a huge stack, I’ll tell you thta. XD


  6. FantasyDevourer July 18th, 2011 at 4:09 am 6

    I have never heard of that book…..weird. Anyway, I thought it was creepy. But it might just be because I never read the other crossover book. O well. 4 stars.

  7. *sits casually shooting into the ceiling and eating chocolate*
    Like it, although… who’s Charlie? I didn’t really understand it because of that, I’m afraid…

    Lavanya says…
    Minnie if you havn’t read the Charlie Bone series you won’t get it at all. *sighs*

  8. FantasyDevourer August 2nd, 2011 at 5:21 pm 8

    Well, the spelling mistakes are still there and I’m still confused. Also, Arty’s really OOC.

    Lavanya says..

    Dude… I suck at spelling and I suck at being Artemis. Sorry about all the things I got wrong just please. Lay off some?

  9. I think that the story’s Ok… But can you explain me it a bit?
    1) That school… It’s kinda school of magic, right?
    2) Where is it?
    3) Can you pweese update soon? Pweese.

    Lavanya says..

    Thx Kitty,

    1) No, there are children who don’t posses the Red Kings powers, Charlie, Meagan, Asa, and others have that power yet some of them are different. Bloor’s is for the gifted, with Music, Drama, and Art, yet some are Endowed.

    2) A small town in Europe I believe.

    3) As soon as I can I will 😀

  10. <3Trouble<3(FowlsGirl123) August 2nd, 2011 at 8:51 pm 10

    Uh, I’m super confused. Do you think maybe you could put a summary of charlie bone? I still haven’t gotten around to reading it. I’m actually reading AF again for the third time this year.*smiles sheepishly* Sorry! It would be helpful, though Thanks!

  11. Bobo Paradizo August 3rd, 2011 at 12:03 am 11

    Cool! I like it so far. I think it’s amazing, but that’s probably because it’s a crossover between two fo my favorite series. 😀 But, you know the author’s note in the middle of the story? I think you should put it in italics or parenthesis or bold or somthing like that…to make it easier to read…
    Anyways, I’d love to be in it, if you could somehow manage that. 🙂
    Update, please!!!

  12. Sure… Sorry ’bout the Author’s note I meant to delete it >.> Bobo I will try to put you in but I will use your true personality and since I have your e-mail… *glomps and is going to e-mail you*

  13. it’s great so far

    M. Fowl says…

    Thx Fire… I still really need to update it though…

  14. Eeep! Charlie Bone and Artemis Fowl?!?! G-E-N-I-U-S!!!!! I didn’t see any mistakes, and the story line sounds good so far!

    Lavanya says…
    Thanks sissy 😛 I lurv you 😀

  15. I LOVE IT!!! thx BoBo, 4 telling me it was here! just sad i didn’t think of the title first 😉

    Lavanya says…

    Umm.. Okay… And thx that you love it but just between authors and readers me and Bobo don’t share an Account so only I can post When Two Worlds Collide and all that stuff XD

  16. Very interesting, 5 stars although there are spelling mistakes. Definitely and absolutely a good story. update!

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