When Things Fall Apart

Summary: A/N: I don’t want to offend anyone with my interpretation of angels and demons and what not, so if I […]

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A/N: I don’t want to offend anyone with my interpretation of angels and demons and what not, so if I do, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.

“I’m unable, come and take me away, I feel, like I’m, all alone, all by myself, I need to get around this . . .If I, show you, I don’t think you’d understand, ’cause no one understands.” Take Me Away, Avril Lavigne, Under My Skin.

Judith’s POV 

“Adony, please tell me that there’s a way that I could join you and your mother and be able to become . . . you know.” I said.

“It’s very possible that you won’t be able to become an angel. I’m an angel because my mother’s an angel, even though our father isn’t. Your mother was a mortal so you’ll probably either remain human . . . or won’t.” Adony answered, a look of understanding on her face.

“Don’t worry about it, Judith, you’re a good person, it doesn’t matter who your father is.” Louis reassured me, kind as ever.

“Thanks,” I replied,giving him a weak smile as I put my arm around his waist.

“You guys are lucky, no guys in heaven go near me. Yet my little half-sis already has a boyfriend.” Adony teased.

“You’ve got me Lilith,” Mercy cut in.

“Mercy, it’s Willow or Adony, not Lilith. Also, having a cousin is not the same as having a boyfriend.” Willow replied, glaring at him, “Justin, knock it off.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Justin replied, hiding something behind his back.

“Give it here,” Adony said sternly holding out her hand.

“Fine,” He replied, handing her the keys to his motorcycle, which he had been using to scratch something on someone’s windshield.

“Justice, that is a very unresponsible thing to do.” Adony chasticed, using his real name.

If I had been in my older half-sister’s place I would have been a bit intimidated by the look of cold fury that was plastered across the fallen angel’s face. While becoming a fallen angel didn’t mean you became a demon, some were turned into demons, sometimes against their will, sometimes not. Justin was an interesting case in that respect. Against his will he was turned into a demon, and my sister had been able to get Lucifer to reverse the transformation, but not without her having to pay a high price. Mercy is a similar case, because Willow also saved him, but that was from signing his name in the devil’s book.

“Oh yeah, Lilith? What do I care?” He asked angrily, and at that, Adony’s composure vanished, revealing her anger. Not good, only our father used her real name without her getting ticked off; and occasionally Mercy.

“Excuse me,” Said a mountain of a man, who had stepped into the middle of Willow and Justin’s heated arguement. “Who did that?” He pointed toward the windshield, where the words ‘Justin was here so there!’ were etched into the glass.

“Justin,” Adony groaned, “Why—”

“We’ve got company!” I yelled noticing the group of demons heading toward us.

“Butler? What is going on here?” a teenage boy our age asked the man. “We’re going to be late for—”

“What are we going to do?” I asked freaked out, I held on to Louis.

“Mercy, Justin, where did you park your bikes?” Adony asked taking charge and throwing Justin his keys which he deftly caught.

“A couple blocks away, too far away to be able to get to them before the demons got to us. Plus, we wouldn’t be able to take him with us.” Justin replied bluntly, pointing at Louis.

“Dang it! Why now?” Willow fumed.

“You know he won’t give up until he gets Judith, he already lost you, he’s not losing her.” Mercy said, serious, for the first time since I met him.

“We need help, or we’ll never make it, that much is obvious. Where we’ll get this help . . . I have no clue.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady.

“Would you like a ride?” The teenager asked, which shocked me, because most humans wouldn’t have offered help if they were in his situation.

“Yes, thank you!” Adony replied, grateful.

“Master Artemis—”

“Butler, they’re in trouble, and from the looks of it, this is a life or death matter.” Artemis replied calmly, to us he said: “Where are you going?”

“The corner of Seventh and Ash.” Justin replied.

“Get in,” Artemis replied, and Adony started ushering us in, and got in last. “Who’s after you?”

“Well, you probably wouldn’t believe us because you can’t see them. For some reason, Lucifer doesn’t want his demons to be visable, though he normally doesn’t care one way or the other if humans get scared out of their wits at the sight of them.” Willow answered.

“So does that mean we should drive as if the devil were on our heels?” Artemis chuckled, amused.

In response, Adony and I threw him piercing glares. “That’s not a lauhing matter,” she continued, shaking out her wings, letting them be visable to mortal eyes. Justin and Mercy did the same with the remnants of their blood splattered wings.

The car came to a stop, halfway to our destination. “What’s going on?” I asked.

“There’s a red light.” Butler replied, tense.

Taking out her hand gun, Willow leaned out the window and shoot the red light, causeing it to shatter. “What red light?” she replied.

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  1. I love it!! Still little shaky on details but i bet youll get it all in there after the next few chapters!! Cant wait to see what’s next!!

  2. omigod.
    I love your interperetation of Angels and Demons.Did you come up with that? If you did, then Seriously, Turn this into a full-length story and send it to a publisher. I am dead serious(pun not intended). This could turn into a bestseller(As long as you change Artemis’s name)

  3. p.s. I love the Avril Lavigne song 😉

  4. Thanks Mitsuki and ambi, I’ll keep that in mind. And yes, I came up with the angels and demons. I actually am trying to write a full length version of what happened before hand. My problem is that I’m working on too many things at once, which I really don’t recommend.

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