What Could Possibly Happen In Public High School? (part 1)

Summary: This is a story about a girl named Alala Elric, and Artemis Fowl. Read more to find out...

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Chapter 1

Can you say that again mother?” Artemis tried to ask his mother calmly.

I said, you’re going to school, and I mean public high school this fall.”

But, WHY?”

Hmmm…Why won’t the famous Artemis Fowl try to guess it himself, eh?” Angeline asked sarcastically. “Fine.” Artemis said through gritted teeth and stormed into his room. It seems his mother still haven’t forgiven him for mind wiping her.

At the same time, a tall girl with short black hair and red eyes, named Alala Elric was explaining something to her siblings.

The first one of her siblings is Edward, who is a short, blond boy with golden eyes. He is 12. Next comes Alphonse, who is a year younger that Edward. He has dark brown hair which is almost black, has golden eyes and is tall. And finally there is a 2 year old girl who is named Alice. She has blond hair and is short, but she has red eyes.

Do you understand Alice? You can’t go to school with me! Edward explain it to her!” Alala said. “Fine. Alice look. Alala is busy. It is dangerous. You can get hurt. Understand?” he asked Alice, who seemed to think for a couple of minutes and then nodded happily. “Me…undelstend. Me should not go wilth Alaa. Me get hult.” The 2 year old girl said and then grinned. “Good girl. Don’t worry Alice. I will be back every day.” Alala said warmly. “Now. Alice, Edward and Alphonse it’s time to sleep. Hurry, if you don’t want to be late for a bedtime story!” and as Alala said that 3 little children hurried upstairs and after 2 minutes or so she heard them brushing their teeth. Signing Alala went upstairs to change.

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  1. Good idea, UPDATE!

  2. Ohhh! Cool idea!

  3. Cool! Poor Arty! How will he survive? and Edward Alice?
    Good fic so far.

  4. Oh, boy. High school. Can’t wait. *titters*

  5. FantasyDevourer June 2nd, 2011 at 2:19 am 5

    High School+Artemis Fowl=??????

    I can see a bit of Twilight here!!! Edward and Alice?

    Cool idea with this and hopefully you’ll continue it unlike the other high school Artemis stories. 🙂 Nice work, the only problem is that the font is hard to read. 😛

  6. FMA references!!!! *hugs Alala* Finally, someone who might understand anime with me!!!!
    Update!!!! Or I’ll unleash my otaku-ness on you!!!!!

  7. Why isn’t it updated, it said it was updated!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

  8. Fullmetal Alchemist reference? Edward and Alphonse Elric, master Alchemists of Resembool!!

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