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Summary: Mud Men have discovered Haven! What will happen? Lame summary, I know, just read the fic. CHAPTER 10 ADDED!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Happy New Year!

Everyone froze but he strolled closer to them.  He didn’t whip out his gun like when someone said Code Silver, but he had his fists out.
The rest of them were being killed. Not just the Walmart shoppers, but Cold Stone, Walgreens, Target, and Pizza Hut shoppers.
Lets go! Minerva was clearly thinking.
“Um, look.” Reyna pointed at the man that froze.  He was literally two feet away.
Artemis turned and walked casually the way to Macy’s.
“Artemis, that won’t work,” Minerva hissed. “People are panicking.”
The man got to them and punched Reyna in the face. She didn’t fall to the floor, but she certainly wasn’t in any condition to fight. Reyna stumbled forward, her fists balled, preparing to punch, only to be smacked again, this time on her nose. She was pushed to the ground and her nose was bleeding really bad.
Meanwhile, Artemis and Minerva were dashing to Mort Mart. In Artemis’s case, trying to not trip. Already he had tripped seven times, his nose almost like Reyna’s because of this.
Finally Artemis reached Reyna, Minerva glaring at him.
“Artemis! You really need to get into physical condition,” scolded Minerva while a miniature war was happening.
Artemis ignored her and reached down to help Reyna up. Reyna waved away the arm and stood. She darted into Mort Mart leaving Artemis and Minerva wondering how she ran like that if she was supposedly injured.
“Code Platinum, I repeat, Code Platinum,” the man said.
“What was that one?” Artemis whispered.
“They know someone unauthorized entered Mort Mart,” Minerva replied. “We might as well join Reyna since they know someone is in.”
Artemis nodded and sprung forward. Minerva mimicked his action. Reyna was waiting for them.
They stood, gazing at the inside.
“I did not expect it to be like this,” Reyna remarked. None of hem did. Who would expect a secret layer’s entrance to be actually what the store claimed to be?
Shoppers were wandering, people buying, children whining. (Haha, that rhymes. Oops.)
“Great! Now let’s her a band aid!” Reyna exclaimed, dashing to the nearest worker. Minerva quickly followed. Artemis was left staring in wonder, gazing at them, his face clearly saying how do they run all the time?
“Excuse me, ma’am, where are the band aids?” questioned Minerva.
“Aisle 12,” she replied, “and don’t you think you should, I don’t know, have an adult handle this stuff, not a child like you?”
Minerva’s eyes flared. “I am not an ignorant child wandering around staring at video games!”
The woman turned to face them. “I’m sorry, would you like to go to Pizza Hut and stop bothering the h*ll out of me?” (A/N: I don’t like cursing. So deal with it. I wrote that word once before and that took a lot of effort. Not doing that again)
Artemis arrived. “Children’s menu? I would not like to see the children’s menu. Not now, not ever. I have no doubt the children’s menu itself tastes better than the meals on it. Also, if you haven’t noticed, mademoiselle, we aren’t at Pizza Hut. We are in Mort Mart and asked a simple question.”
The woman stood there stunned. “T-that way,” she stammered.
Artemis chuckled quietly. It was like that day all those years ago where the waitress asked him the very same question before his meeting with Spiro.
Reyna speed walked to Aisle 12 and found the band aids. Minerva grabbed one and opened the box. Artemis put his hand in and took out one of the band aids and quickly applied one to Reyna’s nose.
“Artemis, I thought you weren’t a criminal,” Reyna mentioned.
“Once a millionaire criminal mastermind, always a millionaire criminal mastermind.”
Minerva walked out of the aisle. She saw a worker talking to a janitor.
“Clean up Aisle 13,” he ordered.
“But sir, there is no Aisle 13,” he protested.
Minerva could have sworn dramatic music was playing.
She turned to Reyna. Reyna had her iPhone out and was playing music.
“Stop playing music,” Minerva snapped.
Minerva leaned in closer to hear the conversation better.
“You know what I mean,” the worker said.
The janitor nodded and vanished. Not vanished as he left but vanished as he walked through a wall and disappeared.
Reyna gasped. The female worker they spoke to earlier was speaking to other workers, maybe the manager, and pointed in their direction.
“Just casually stroll to the wall,” Artemis muttered. “Casually.”
Reyna looked at Minerva and Artemis. “Let’s be annoying teens!” she whispered.
Minerva leaned in. “I just told you a very funny joke.”
Minerva and Reyna bursts out laughing.
“They are, eh, getting a lot closer,” Artemis noted. Naturally, everyone ignored him. Inside, Artemis cursed himself. He was becoming less and less like the brilliant person with an IQ larger than any person in Ireland’s  and more and more like Holly.
Reyna quickened her pace. She broke out running. The woman pulled out a gun and fired. It found its mark. Reyna fell to the ground unconscious.
Artemis groaned. No human can survive that. No one. Artemis grabbed Minerva’s hand and guided her to the wall and they walked through.
Inside was a dark cave. Obviously it was dark but it was really dark. You couldn’t see your own hand if you took it and our it right in front of your eyes.
A figure stepped from the shadows. Artemis’s heart skipped a beat. Holly?
“No,” it replied. Artemis was confused but quickly realized he voiced his thought out loud.
Another figure appeared. Clearly a female as you can see from the long blonde hair. Then again, that Legolas had long blonde hair and he was a man.
The figure slipped behind Minerva and slid through the wall.
Minerva stepped closer to the mysterious figure. “Who are you?” she asked. “We have twice the men as you and powers you could never dream of!” she proclaimed confidently even though her legs were shaking in fear.
Artemis was stunned. That seemed to be happening more and more lately. Gone was the girl that cowered when someone who could clearly kill them with a hand. Now a brave woman fought instead of leaving.
The figure was doing something with his hands. You could barely tell that he was even there, much less what he was doing. Artemis had a slight advantage with his sight being better than anyone he knew of so he could distinguish the fact the area was darker.
A small light appeared, but it was more than enough to see the face of the man. The man’s left cheek was scarred and his body was slim but muscular. He had dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
“Come, we must show you to the others.” The man seemed to be deciding what to do with them.
“First, your name,” ordered Artemis.
Rodrigo set off without waiting to see if they would follow. It was pretty clear: follow or die.
Minerva followed Rodrigo leaving Artemis alone in the dark. Artemis was still debating on going or not. There was something wrong with ‘Rodrigo’. Even the name didn’t fit him quite the way most names did. Artemis sat down on the hard, cold floor to meditate. About three minutes later, he heard a scream.
Zane and Foaly were still in the Operations Booth, waiting for Artemis and Reyna to return.
It had been several hours before anyone even thought to check the locator.
“Foaly, do you think the Worsfer malfunctioned?” Zane carefully asked.
Foaly looked mad. No, angry. Way more than angry, more like a word previously unknown to the People or humans. “Zane,” he said slowly, “what on Earth gave you the idea that my equipment can do such a thing?”
Zane plucked up the courage to mention what he been wanting to say for a long time. Since Artemis’s rebirth. “Foaly, you changed. A lot. You no longer use sarcasm, no pissing off the Kelps, no bragging about your inventions. You turned into a Root version of Foaly. To answer your question, you haven’t seemed to check anything anymore.”
Foaly sighed, knowing Zane was right. “Let’s see exactly where they are.” Foaly activated Holly’s tracker and saw it moving swiftly away from an unreadable location? Soon, it was clear where they were going.
“Zane, where is Mort Mart?”
“Ten klicks away. We could make it there before Commander Kelp and Corpal Frond get back.”
Foaly smiled. “I made this new invention called the Cleanshot 2000. It can transport anything into the set coordinates. In about a minute, we should have the location and be on our way.”
One minute later, they were holding the Cleanshot.
“Foaly, any reason you named it Cleanshot?” Zane wondered.
Foaly grimaced. “Let’s hope you don’t need to know.”
They appeared right outside Mort Mart in the midst of the destruction. A few humans looked in their direction.
“Foaly, they can see us!” hissed Zane as he shielded. Foaly grabbed his Camfoil (is that how you spell it? I was too lazy to Google search it). He covered himself with it and they traveled into the store.
Right when they got in, a human hit his watch and whispered so softly, only a machine made by the likes of Foaly or Opal could catch it. Code Black.
Review please! Or I’ll kill someone in the fic. 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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  1. Nice try for a first fic. It’s really good, but still too early to say anything I guess. Please update soon,I’ll keep an eye open!

  2. Thanks Shaadia. I’ll update soon.
    Just added chapter 3!

  3. nice!!

    Inturupts comment: thanks Shaadia but to be honest, I think that I could have done better. Thanks again, reviews make me happy, me being happy means updates faster, to you being happy. It’s a cycle. ~Thunder

  4. The lord of the rings !!!!

    My precious

    Nice job Thunder

    Thanks, you got the series

  5. another case of atlantis complex! what’s his alter ego honna be like? please i must know!

  6. When is Ch 5 coming out, I want to see Zane’s alter ego

  7. Actually, it pops up under the Recently Updated bar whenever you update. Otherwise, no one would know.
    Ok, thanks!

  8. hi thunder!!
    i was wondering if you could add me to your truth or dare. the comment section doesn’t load on my kindle.
    oh and i have a solution. i do it all the time.
    in your summary, write
    in capital letters and there’s no missing it. or better yet, add it with capital letters in your title.

  9. THANK YOU! And I’ll add you in the next update.

  10. heehee…Gollum. now i like him!!
    Gollum is awesome, isn’t he? At least in my opinion.

  11. nice simon haha
    I think we both know why I put that name. Thanks! ~Thunder

  12. Gollum is so awesome…and funny! I always laughed my head off when he yelled “My precious!” in the LotR movies and books. It’s just so hilarious. I can’t wait to see more! Update soon!
    PS-Did you notice, I’m so weird my fav HP character is Dobby. And in LotR it’s Sméagol. And in AF it’s Mulch. heehee.

  13. I love Sméagol or Gollum. I don’t care which name you use. I’ll update when I get back, I’m going to an amusement park! Should I put this also under ‘funny’ then? I also love Dobby but in AF my favorite is Opal or Foaly. Thanks!

  14. Nice job Simon and gollum


    He’s pretty awesome.

  16. shaadiaTheWeird November 21st, 2013 at 11:16 am 16

    cool, i like the twist!

  17. Cool, an update! Hey, what’s with all the codes?? heehee.
    You’ll see. *smiles evilly and laughs like a maniac* No really. You will. Probably soon.

  18. Wats with the codes ??? And that was a total twist to the story

    They are important. Very important.

  19. I think that Renya should be spending her time trying to heal and not playing dramatic music. BTW awesome story try to make Foaly explode the worsfer while drinking coffe I love to see him mad at the world. It’s so funny :).

    I just thought it was funny. Thanks for the idea.

  20. Oh come on, please make a bad guy die. Pretty please?
    And the story’s progressing great. Just quit the cliffhanger thing. It makes things so much harder to predict. Well, that’s a good thing but…
    Oh slap me. I’m insane. Heehee.

    Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Thanks! I’m glad it’s not easy to predict. I’m not slapping you! Cliffhangers on some chapters then if it is really annoying.

  21. Lili is a total bimbo. I can see why Holly hates her.

    Speaking of which, what happened to Holly?!
    Just wondering. Anyway, another well written chappie. Good work!

    Holly is coming next chapter. I didn’t want to put to much stuff in. Thanks!

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