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Summary: Mud Men have discovered Haven! What will happen? Lame summary, I know, just read the fic. CHAPTER 10 ADDED!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Merry Christmas! Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been writing a fanfic for StarlitGiligad on Also, sorry for any typos, I did this on my iPod. 


Reyna nodded. “It was a typical afternoon. Just me, my brothers, and my friend Aliana. We were getting ready to go swimming when a ship fell from the sky and landed in my backyard.
“It was weird. Besides the fact it was made of solid gold, it had no windows, yet someone knew we were there. A man named Tobais, my neighbor, stepped out.
“I relaxed. My big mistake. He strolled toward me and Aliana. He grabbed Aliana by her chin and shoved her against the ship’s wall. Blood spilled. And there was no red sun. Te next day.” Reyna paused and looked at Legolas.
She continued: “Me and my brothers headed for our house, but the moment we got in, a man like the one we just saw appeared. He grabbed my brothers and sniffed them. Then he took one and snapped his neck and took the other one and put him in the ship.
“I snuck on the ship to rescue my brother but was stopped. Not by a person, but by something. . . gone. Then a picture of my friend Aliana appeared. It wasn’t a picture though, more like a actual being. She had a gun in her hand. “Come, Reyna. We need to beat them,” she said but I stopped. The gun wasn’t pointed at the exit, but at me. Plus, Aliana was too gentle to even think something like she said.
“She fired. I barely ducked, still prosessing what happened. In my mind, my friend tried to kill me. I darted for the exit, only to find another shield in the way.
“It blew up half the ship. I was bleeding so bad, most of my leg was covered in blood, but only one area was really bad. I staggered to the nearest room, which was a computer lab.
“Most of the lab was ruined. Only one computer still worked. That computer had a flash drive on it. I grabbed it and the computer. I tired running but one of those men stopped me. I looked for an exit, but before I could locate one, I saw my brother’s dead body. I thought my heart stopped. Plus, my parents were inside and haven’t came out to the explosions. I tripped on some debris and the computer dropped, but a disk was ejected. I grabbed it and ran.
“On the disk was a video. The video had people with blank eyes, knot noticing anything. The people were blindly following the solar system dudes. The men gave all the shells, I guess, guns. They brought them to an airport. They stole a plane and went to the Atlantic and suddenly dove under. This blue light appeared. It killed all the things by it. Then there was this bar of chocolate. It was being constructed by thousands. Then a voice said, “I’ll see right to it,” and it ended.
“On the flash drive, it had exactly who was a member and where they were located. Also, it had so much information about the People. Like what that blue light was and how to know if a fairy is there but shielding. And about the mesmer,” Reyna finished. “That’s how I knew someone was in the area.”
Artemis stood. “Where’s the base?”
“You’re going to love this,” Reyna started.  “Orion found a cave that has a dragon in it.
That dragon is guarding the layer. The layer is right next to Mort Mart (A/N: I just made that up. It is Publix except I’m not using Publix since I don’t know of there is any around there).
“Orion? What?” Artemis asked.
“Who’s Orion?” questioned Legolas.
“Artemis’s alter ego,” explained Reyna.
“When did he come back?” Artemis looked worried.
“Haven’t you been looking at horsesense.gnom? Last week.”
Legolas started towards the door. He drew his bow. “That Mort Mart, does it happen to be by Mirkwood?”
Reyna and Zane looked at each other, then Artemis.
“Legolas? This isn’t Middle Earth,” Zane said slowly.
“Why is the Ring here?”
“I am a really big Lord of the Rings fan so I bought a rep-” Reyna strayed but Gollum came flying out of nowhere.
Legolas shot him and Gollum fell to the floor. Gollum and Legolas grew fainter and the ring grew more solid. Then Gollum grabbed the ring and pulled it to him.
“Reyna! You can get to Mort Mart by jumping into Mount-” Legolas was saying until he vanished.
Gollum tore the ring from Reyna’s neck and Reyna snatched it back, leaving a cut in her hand and neck.  Reyna jumped out of the window of the clinic.  Zane and Artemis followed.
“She sure likes windows,” Artemis muttered.
They got to Police Plaza with Foaly waiting for them. Police Plaza was reconstructed.
“What are you doing, Zane!” Foaly shouted. “A mud-girl and Fowl!”
Zane bowed his head. “This mud-girl helped us with information and Artemis was a witness.”
Foaly stepped forward. “Zane, what is the girl’s name?”
“Reyna.” The black haired girl stepped forward. “Foaly, we need to use your machine gadget thingy.”
Foaly cocked his head.
“She means your Worsfer,” Artemis corrected.
“Worsfer allows you to transfer dimensions. How do you know about it?”
Artemis smirked. “I have my ways.”
“Worsfer was never completely tested. It may be dangerous,” Foaly warned.
“We’ll take our chances,” Zane said.
Foaly beckoned them forwards. They reached his lab.
Foaly reached out and grabbed a small button.
Reyna grabbed it and pushed it. In a moment, Reyna and Artemis were in Mount Doom.
“Uhh, there!” Reyna shouted, pointing at a small crack.
She climbed down and touched her ring to the crack. The crack grew wider and it had a portal and a blue orb in it. Reyna grabbed the orb and shouted,  “ARTEMIS! COME HERE!” Artemis slowly climbed down.
Reyna grabbed Artemis’s arm and jumped, pulling them both into the portal.
They were back, but Artemis was on a lamp post.
“Foaly! We’re back!” Reyna shouted.
Artemis fell down. He looked around and sighed. “We aren’t in Haven.”
“WHAT?!” Reyna screamed. Then she turned around. Instead of Haven, there was destruction and bodies laying on the floor.
Artemis’s gaze went past the destruction to the nearest place, which happened to be Mort Mart. There was one of the huge men guarding.
Artemis went off to the building. Reyna followed.
“Those kids, where are they?” one spoke into his watch. Watch, Reyna thought while Artemis thought, our civilization has grown more advanced than we have thought.
“They vanished when we got here,” a small voice emitted from the watch.
“Okay, and the others?”
“Where we left them.”
Then the voice shouted,” Code Silver!”
The man standing guard whipped out a gun.
Well not too much, Artemis amended.
The man shot in the direction of Walmart (yeah, I’m not creating something for this. Hey, Tolkien created a whole language for the elves yet named a mountain Mt. Doom. J. K. Rowling a admitted to taking things from LotR).
The glass window exploded into smaller and smaller bit until they were microscopic.
Someone screamed. The alarm was going off. People were dying yet instead of vanishing like the glass, they stayed were they were and changed shape. Soon, they became elves.
“Battle commence!” A commander shouted. He walked through the aisles of dead elves until he found the one he was looking for.
“You little trouble maker,” he muttered, searching through his LEP suit.
Artemis froze. Trouble, was that just a coincidence? Or was the commander really in trouble? 
The human apparently found what he was looking for and stood up.
The human pulled out his watch. “Bubble supreme,” he ordered as he hit a button. A bubble appeared. “Two spaces forward,” the human ordered. The bubble grabbed the elf and put him inside. The elf was sat upright.
It was Trouble. His eyes were glassy, but his chest was moving up and down steadily.
Just wait till Holly hears about this, Reyna thought.
The bubble and the human commander walked into the building and the guard locked the door behind them.
Reyna casually strolled to Walmart. She stopped in front of it, gazing at the destruction. Artemis followed. Plenty more mimicked it.
Though Artemis appeared to be looking at Walmart, he were really looking for any other elves that he knew. His gaze landed on Lili Frond.
Lili was a bloody mess. But she was always the blonde bimbo that wouldn’t break a nail to save her family. When did she become the knight? Lili appeared to be dead but she winked at Artemis. Artemis sighed in relief.
Of course Reyna wasn’t really looking at the destruction either. She was looking at the other human’s reactions. Most of them seemed fine with the elves being dead, happy even. Only one blonde girl with green eyes seemed disturbed in the slightest.
Reyna walked towards her. “Why aren’t you happy that those freaks of nature are dead?”
“Freaks of nature? Those people saved my life,” the blonde responded.
“They are evil,” Reyna lied. “Who are you?”
The blonde’s face grew red. “They are not evil and I assume that you only know the boy genius, the Fowl. Then again, I purposely don’t let myself be known. You never know what can happen. My name is Minerva. Minerva Parazido.”
“Yes!” Reyna whooped. Faves turned to her. “Oops,” she muttered. “More people on the People’s side!” She whisper-shouted.
“But you said they were-oh! Do you know anyone else?” Minerva asked.
Reyna nodded. “Follow me.” Reyna led her to Artemis.
“Hello, Minerva,” Artemis said, nodding.
“Hello, Artemis. Where is Holly?” Minerva asked.
“I believe she with the humans. I presume that you are with the People or you wouldn’t be talking to me. You must know something.”
“Yes,” Minerva admitted, “the humans have codes. I know what Code Gold, Code Silver, Code Platinum, Code Black, and Code White mean.”
“What are they?” Reyna asked.
The human guard turned and locked his eyes on them.
Mauhahahaha! Have a good Christmas and if it no longer is the 25th for you, hope you had one. ~ThunderSpirit

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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  1. Nice try for a first fic. It’s really good, but still too early to say anything I guess. Please update soon,I’ll keep an eye open!

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    Just added chapter 3!

  3. nice!!

    Inturupts comment: thanks Shaadia but to be honest, I think that I could have done better. Thanks again, reviews make me happy, me being happy means updates faster, to you being happy. It’s a cycle. ~Thunder

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    Ok, thanks!

  8. hi thunder!!
    i was wondering if you could add me to your truth or dare. the comment section doesn’t load on my kindle.
    oh and i have a solution. i do it all the time.
    in your summary, write
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  9. THANK YOU! And I’ll add you in the next update.

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    Gollum is awesome, isn’t he? At least in my opinion.

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  12. Gollum is so awesome…and funny! I always laughed my head off when he yelled “My precious!” in the LotR movies and books. It’s just so hilarious. I can’t wait to see more! Update soon!
    PS-Did you notice, I’m so weird my fav HP character is Dobby. And in LotR it’s Sméagol. And in AF it’s Mulch. heehee.

  13. I love Sméagol or Gollum. I don’t care which name you use. I’ll update when I get back, I’m going to an amusement park! Should I put this also under ‘funny’ then? I also love Dobby but in AF my favorite is Opal or Foaly. Thanks!

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    cool, i like the twist!

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  20. Oh come on, please make a bad guy die. Pretty please?
    And the story’s progressing great. Just quit the cliffhanger thing. It makes things so much harder to predict. Well, that’s a good thing but…
    Oh slap me. I’m insane. Heehee.

    Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Thanks! I’m glad it’s not easy to predict. I’m not slapping you! Cliffhangers on some chapters then if it is really annoying.

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