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Summary: Mud Men have discovered Haven! What will happen? Lame summary, I know, just read the fic. CHAPTER 10 ADDED!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Congratulations to nicolas for guessing the series. 

“ARTEMIS! HOLLY! WAKE UP!” Reyna screamed while people walking by were giving her weird looks.

Slowly, Artemis began to stir. He stood up, and muttered,”Butler?”

“Butler and Juliet have been kidnapped! We have to save them!” Reyna screamed.

Holly awoke. “Not so fast. For all we know, you planed the attack so you don’t have to tell us what you know.”

“Can we just get going?” Reyna complained.

“It’s ‘may’ not ‘can’ since everyone can,” Artemis corrected.

“Whatever. Come on all ready.”

“Ok, ok,” Holly muttered, starting up their car.


“Can you drive any faster than 200 miles an hour?” Reyna complained. Holly went slower.

Then, Holly saw a small child. Or one of the People, she thought.


Zane was trying to figure out what he would do about the Complex when he saw a car moving very slowly heading his way. He jumped up, waving his arms, trying to get them to stop. They kept going. Zane jumped in front of their car.

The car screeched to a halt. “What do you think you’re doing?” a red headed elf with chestnut skin and a hazel and blue eyes asked.

Oh, its Holly, the superstar of the LEP, Zane thought.

“Holly, that’s your name, right?” he asked.

“I don’t remember you,” Holly replied.

“You’re Holly, the famous one of the LEP.”

“Of course, everyone knows me. And I asked what are you doing because elfs don’t belong above ground.”

“Don’t shoot me. Whatever you do, don’t shoot me,” Zane replied.

Holly shot him.


“Holly, WHAT DID YOU SHOOT THE KID FOR?” Reyna asked, startled.

“There could have been a good reason he said not to shoot him,” agreed Artemis.

“He could have been dangerous,” Holly replied neutraly.

“Stop the car, we are bringing him to Haven,” Reyna ordered.

“No,” Holly replied.



“Yes,” Reyna said again, clearly losing her patience.


“Good bye,” Reyna said solemnly, jumping out the window.

“What the hell?” Artemis asked.

“Let’s get going,” Holly said.

“We need her, how are we going to learn about this union she spoke of,”

“You hack whoever she hacked,” Holly said simply.

“It’s way too probable that she destroyed the information,”

“Fine. But it’ll take the night. We have gone far.”


Reyna staggered forward, startled that she actually did that. Jump out a window? Her? The very idea was absurd. She chuckled. She started the slow walk to the elf.

When she got there, the thing was examining the elf.

Hey wait a second, is that Gollum from Lord of the Rings? Reyna thought.

She sprinted to the elf. Gollum, startled, jumped back. Reyna placed a hand on the elf. Please wake, she prayed.

His eyes started to flutter and he regained consciousness.

“Who are you?” Reyna asked, hoping that the elf wouldn’t kill her.

“I am Simon. And who may you be?” Simon asked.

” Uh Reyna,” Reyna replied.

“Good, now lets go back in time. I need a *blurts random science stuff Artemis would not know about* and a *another science thing*,”

“What?” Reyna asked, confused. “Are you an-”

“Hold your thought. One of your thoughts is worth a sparkling diamond.”

I wish I could electrocute him, Reyna happened to be thinking.

“Do you happen to have an electrocuter?”

Simon was now flopping like a fish out of water on the floor, moaning.

“Hello?” Reyna asked.

“Hey. Where would you find the thing you are looking for?”

“Excuse me? I’m not looking for anything.”


“Thats it, you are a worthless idiot,” Reyna decided, reaching for his belt. She snatched his Neutrino and put it to his throat.

“Now tell me, I know no one is this dumb so are you an alter?”

“A what?” Simon asked.

“An alter ego. A different personality. It often happens when someone has the Atlantis Complex,” stated Reyna as though she was reading a textbook.

“I guess.”

“Ok,” Reyna said, shooting him.

Simon fell unconscious.

“Now that’s all settled, I need a car,” muttered Reyna.

Gollum appeared again.

“My precious! You dare wear my precious!” Gollum screamed.

Reyna glanced at her neck. She saw a glittering golden ring, her replica that she bought when she fell in love with the series.

“It’s a fake.”

“NO!” Gollum screamed.

Reyna hoisted the Neutrino up again. I hope this can take it, she thought. She aimed and fired. It hit Gollum directly on the chest.

Why isn’t there anyone I know when I need them? Reyna thought.

Here it is, chapter 5. Hope you people enjoyed! ~Thunder

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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  1. Nice try for a first fic. It’s really good, but still too early to say anything I guess. Please update soon,I’ll keep an eye open!

  2. Thanks Shaadia. I’ll update soon.
    Just added chapter 3!

  3. nice!!

    Inturupts comment: thanks Shaadia but to be honest, I think that I could have done better. Thanks again, reviews make me happy, me being happy means updates faster, to you being happy. It’s a cycle. ~Thunder

  4. The lord of the rings !!!!

    My precious

    Nice job Thunder

    Thanks, you got the series

  5. another case of atlantis complex! what’s his alter ego honna be like? please i must know!

  6. When is Ch 5 coming out, I want to see Zane’s alter ego

  7. Actually, it pops up under the Recently Updated bar whenever you update. Otherwise, no one would know.
    Ok, thanks!

  8. hi thunder!!
    i was wondering if you could add me to your truth or dare. the comment section doesn’t load on my kindle.
    oh and i have a solution. i do it all the time.
    in your summary, write
    in capital letters and there’s no missing it. or better yet, add it with capital letters in your title.

  9. THANK YOU! And I’ll add you in the next update.

  10. heehee…Gollum. now i like him!!
    Gollum is awesome, isn’t he? At least in my opinion.

  11. nice simon haha
    I think we both know why I put that name. Thanks! ~Thunder

  12. Gollum is so awesome…and funny! I always laughed my head off when he yelled “My precious!” in the LotR movies and books. It’s just so hilarious. I can’t wait to see more! Update soon!
    PS-Did you notice, I’m so weird my fav HP character is Dobby. And in LotR it’s Sméagol. And in AF it’s Mulch. heehee.

  13. I love Sméagol or Gollum. I don’t care which name you use. I’ll update when I get back, I’m going to an amusement park! Should I put this also under ‘funny’ then? I also love Dobby but in AF my favorite is Opal or Foaly. Thanks!

  14. Nice job Simon and gollum


    He’s pretty awesome.

  16. shaadiaTheWeird November 21st, 2013 at 11:16 am 16

    cool, i like the twist!

  17. Cool, an update! Hey, what’s with all the codes?? heehee.
    You’ll see. *smiles evilly and laughs like a maniac* No really. You will. Probably soon.

  18. Wats with the codes ??? And that was a total twist to the story

    They are important. Very important.

  19. I think that Renya should be spending her time trying to heal and not playing dramatic music. BTW awesome story try to make Foaly explode the worsfer while drinking coffe I love to see him mad at the world. It’s so funny :).

    I just thought it was funny. Thanks for the idea.

  20. Oh come on, please make a bad guy die. Pretty please?
    And the story’s progressing great. Just quit the cliffhanger thing. It makes things so much harder to predict. Well, that’s a good thing but…
    Oh slap me. I’m insane. Heehee.

    Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Thanks! I’m glad it’s not easy to predict. I’m not slapping you! Cliffhangers on some chapters then if it is really annoying.

  21. Lili is a total bimbo. I can see why Holly hates her.

    Speaking of which, what happened to Holly?!
    Just wondering. Anyway, another well written chappie. Good work!

    Holly is coming next chapter. I didn’t want to put to much stuff in. Thanks!

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