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Summary: Mud Men have discovered Haven! What will happen? Lame summary, I know, just read the fic. CHAPTER 10 ADDED!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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Thanks for the reviews my two readers ūüôā

Her mind was foggy. She tried sitting up. Ouch! She thought. She tried opening her mouth. Nothing. Once again, she tried sitting up. A horrible pain shot through her arm. She fought it and put her elbows behind her am pushed upward. She was now in a sitting position-what was that? A shout of pain-maybe an animal made it-ht her ears. She tried ignoring it by humming-or trying to-Counting Stars. The screaming grew louder whenever she hummed louder.
That’s it, she thought. She pushed her hands on the ground and stood, almost instantly collapsing. She stood again and slowly opened an eye. Immediately, she shut it. There appeared to be a humongous elephant with these giant tusks with these weird demented hybrids-nothing natural can be that ugly. Slowly, she opened them both. Her eyes were seeing it but her brain refused to believe it. Look again! Her brain was saying while her eyes were protesting, We are!
There was giant elephant like creatures, but something was different. Like they weren’t from here. A different dimension, she saw that on television before.
Another scream. “You don’t have any friends, nobody likes you.” Though at the same time, it was saying something different.
“Cold be heart and hand and bone. Cold be travelers far from home.”
There was a sound of rippling water.
A horrible voice was singing. “The rock and pool, is nice and cool, so juicy sweet. Our only wish,”
There was the sound of slapping something-a fish?-on an object, most likely a rock. ¬†“to catch a fish,”¬†Definitely a fish.¬†“so juicy sweet.”
There was the sound of teeth tearing apart something. She shuddered to think what it was. She then realized that she didn’t want to be noticed and stayed as still as possible.
“A bigger one! We will gets our revenge, we will!”
She turned around and nearly fainted.
It was bone-white, had pale skin, but wore dark clothes, thin, had only six teeth sharpened into points, small slimy creature, emaciated, and gaunt. This creature walked up to her on all fours.
It studied her for a second and grabbed her wrists. It possessed a vicious, wiry strength and his malice gives him a strength hardly to be imagined. Its soft, but horribly strong.
It gripped her tighter, cutting off her circulation. She gasped. The pain. She opened her mouth. Juliet screamed.
Lili Frond was always regarded as a bimbo that couldn’t find the way out if a paper bag and that was the way she liked it.
Lili let herself recover for a moment to fix herself. Hey, she wasn’t a bimbo but that doesn’t mean she wanted to be covered with blood. A few moments later, she was better. Still covered in blood, but better. She shielded and slipped inside Mort Mart while Artemis, Minerva, and that Mud Girl were trying to get in.
Quickly, she discovered the entrance to the secret cave.
A dark haired man and a man who dyed his hair green were talking.
“Alex, you can’t possibly allow them to get in.” The green haired man was looking at the other.
The dark haired man-Alex-was speaking. “Relax, Tobais, we will defeat them.”
Lili darted behind them.
Two figures entered the cave. The cave’s lights flickered out.
Lili caught a glance of the figures right before the lights went out. Artemis and Minerva.
“Holly?” Artemis asked.
Alex looked at them. “No.”
Lili unshielded and stepped closer.
They continued talking for a few minutes and Alex-or Rodrigo as he called himself-made a silent request for them to follow. More accurately, a challenge. Fail and you die.
Minerva trotted after him like a love sick puppy, then again, maybe she found him hot. Who would ever know?
Artemis hesitated and sat down to meditate. Lili was debating whether to approach him.
When she had decided, a human girl screamed.
Artemis’s eyes flew open. Their blue was so intense that Lili recoiled.
Lili regained her composure and walked over.
“Artemis,” she whispered.
Artemis glared. “Frond.”
Lili glared back. Seriously, being a ‘bimbo’ does not mean you have to call her by her last name or insult the elven king.
“Artemis, come on!” Lili continued glaring. “Alex is most likely going to kill her!”
“Alex, or otherwise known as Rodrigo, the one who had Minerva follow him, is probably going to kill her!” she screamed.
“Where is the proof of such a thing happening? He is a man, Minnie is a woman. They are on the same side.”
Oh my Frond. This Mud Boy was so stupid sometimes. Which made that pony stupider when the stupid Mud Boy could hack the pony’s so-called unhackable sites.
“Artemis.” Lili was trying really hard to remain calm. Or punch him in the face. “He already lied to you about his name. In his conversation with Tobais-” Artemis opened his mouth to comment.
“He was the man who Alex was talking to,” Lili explained.
Artemis ignored Lili’s explanation. “I wasn’t going to ask that. Tobais was the one who got Reyna’s house blown up!”
“Even more of a reason Minerva is in danger!” Lili slid to the wall.
Artemis tilted his head. “Are you actually looking for a light switch in a cave?”
Lili rolled her eyes. “You actually think that this place is always this dark?” Lili patted the wall. “Here!” A black button appeared.
“Frond, don’t!” Artemis shouted, grabbing her arm as she pressed the button.
Zane was wandering. “Foaly.”
“What? Do we need the Cleanshot?”
Zane sighed. “You haven’t even told me what the Cleanshot is. No, Foaly, it’s just that everyone in the room is looking at us.”
Foaly looked around. It was true, everyone was looking at them despite Foaly being covered in Camfoil and Zane shielding.
“D’arvit! You didn’t grab the right foil, I can see right through it!”
“Hey,” whined Foaly.
Zane shook his finger at Foaly playfully. “You never learn, do you, Pony Boy? ‘Hay’ is for horses.”
“Well then, why don’t you stop your little game?”
Zane smiled. “Lets play Sticks!”
Foaly cocked his head. “What?”
“You know, where you use your hands and when you hit the opponent’s hand with your hand, the amount of sticks you have go up? Pass 5 and you lose?” Zane feigned surprise.
“Challenge accepted,” Foaly declared and the intense game of Sticks began.
Meanwhile, everyone conscious in Mort Mart, where circling them. Well, not circling, more like, trapping them.
“I won!” declared Zane before he won when both him and Foaly had one stick on one hand remaining ad it was Foaly’s turn.
“We’ll see about that,” Foaly said as he hit Zane with his stick. Zane now had two sticks on one hand and zero on the other and he clapped and he had one on each hand.
“Go,” Zane told Foaly.
A young girl with wavy blonde hair stepped forward with a sword in her hand, along with a woman with wavy black hair with a bit braided in the back, only the woman had daggers in her hand. A man stepped forward. He was dressed in white and had a really weird white staff in his hand. Another man stepped forward. He had long black hair and his eyebrows were in the way brows were when someone was angry. He also had a sword. Then there was a king, clearly on a horse.
The group were right next to Zane and Foaly, literally one step forward and they would be touching.
“Hahaha, see, I’m going to win!” Zane had three sticks on one hand and nothing on the other while Foaly had one hand with one stick.
Foaly felt a sword at his throat. “W-wh-“
The young girl glared at him. “Stay quiet if you value having a tongue.”
Zane groaned and he felt a dagger on his throat.
“Pathetic excuse for an elf,” spat the man with black hair.
“If only we had Reyna here,” murmured Zane but the woman with black hair caught it.
“Who is this Reyna?” she asked as her eyes darted around the room and found the only girl unconscious.
“Look, papa!”
The man with the black hair rose his free hand. “Galadriel! Thrandriul! Get her!”
A woman with long wavy blonde hair stepped out of the crowd surrounding them and a man with straight long blonde hair stepped out and ran seemingly without breathing to Reyna, grabbed her by her armpits, and darted back to the man.
Another guy with straight long blonde hair stood. “Lord Elrond.” He addressed the man. “What are we going to do with these?”
“That calls for a council. Hopefully it won’t be like for Frodo,” Elrond responded. “Gandalf, what do we do with the girl?”
The young girl with wavy blonde hair stepped forward. “Lord Elrond, Lady Galadriel, Lord Thranduil, leave her with me. She is not old enough to be corrupted with their ways.”
Galadriel knelt down. “√Čowyn, are you sure of this? She may have been counseled by Saruman.”
Eowyn glared. “You all think there is no good in the world!” she shouted, grabbed Reyna, and left.
“The Council of Elrond is now in session,” Elrond announced. “We are here to decide what to do with the elf and-” Elrond glanced at Foaly. “-centaur.”
The man on a horse studied him. “A pathetic excuse. This horse will be no use for he is already merged with a man.”
An elf with straight, long blonde hair stood. “Save the elf. He is one of us. I care not for what happens to the horse.”
“And I suppose you think that everyone likes the elves, Erestor?” a small, beaded man said. “But I do think Theoden is right.” The small man said, looking at the man on a horse.
A dwarf and an elf, Zane realized. But not the ones Haven has, more like Legolas.
“Anyone disagree with Legolas’s suggestion?” Elrond questioned.
“I do, and I’m sure my kin would to,” the dwarf said.
“Gimli, son of Gloin, your kin are dead, which you and the Fellowship discovered in the Mines of Moria,” snapped Thranduil.
“Anyone else?” Elrond questioned. No one objected. “Motion passed!” he announced and he moved his arm.
The blade cut into Foaly’s neck and blood splattered.
A black fog seeped out of the Council and they became unconscious.
√Čowyn leaned down to Reyna’s ear. “Wake up!” she whisper-shouted urgently.
Nothing happened. “Wake up!” she repeated, slapping Reyna across the face.
Reyna sat up. She out her hand to her nose. “Ugh, again?” she groaned. Then she noticed √Čowyn. “Huh?”
“Reyna, the elf and centaur are most likely dead.”
Reyna shook her head. “You can’t be √Čowyn. Even if I’ve seen Legolas defend us and be attacked by Gollum, you can’t be √Čowyn.”
“Because you are so frickin’ awesome,” Reyna replied. “A girl of Rohan, the woman who went into war, the one who killed the dark one.”
√Čowyn held her head. “I don’t remember much from that war except . . . Aragorn.”
“Well, help me save my friends and then I’ll help you with Aragorn,” Reyna suggested.
√Čowyn nodded. “There was something to do with a wall?”
Reyna’s eyes widened.
√Čowyn quickly said something. “I could be wrong, but that wall was the direction you were heading.”
“Come on!” Reyna shouted as they ran through the destruction to the wall.
There was an group in front if the wall.
“We will summon more,” a dwarf threatened.
“Summon what? A bunny?” scoffed √Čowyn.
A man with this weird staff stepped forward.
“Saruman,” whispered √Čowyn and Reyna.
“Shama dezama!” he chanted and the army that marched to Helms Deep appeared in front of them.
The Uruk Hai stepped forward and √Čowyn raised her sword while Reyna thrust the orb out in front of her.
It grew white and spun Saruman in circles. Then it turned blue and birds came swooping at Saruman. Reyna dropped the orb.
√Čowyn was decapitating a Uruk Hai and everyone froze.
“Isn’t that . . .” she trailed off. “Reyna, cast it into the fire!”
Reyna looked at her confused and Saruman raised his staff and Grima Wormtonugue came out.
“Destroy the girls,” he ordered.
“Fire? Where?” Reyna’s voice was slightly panicked.
“Sorry, grab-cast it into the fire!” √Čowyn grabbed her throat. “Gr-ca-rb-st it-no, you don’t have any-“
Reyna stood there in shock and Wormtongue went up to her with a raised knife.
Saruman’s army charged. The Uruk Hais swarmed them and √Čowyn was still being forced to say, “Cast it into the fire!”.
√Čowyn fought bravely, but eventually she was overwhelmed. An Uruk Hai slashed at √Čowyn which hit her stomach. She needed to be protected, Reyna thought. Reyna was inexperienced with fighting, but she took √Čowyn’s sword and swung it at the nearest Uruk Hai. It was surprisingly heavy and Reyna hit the Uruk Hai’s foot.
The workers were coming.
“Help!” Reyna pleaded. “We need medical attention!”
The workers ignored her. One turned to Saruman. “Summon the Ents. That should teach them not to interfere.”
Saruman nodded. He began chanting again and Ents appeared.
Reyna held up her sword and an Ent picked her up. She screamed,
“√Čowyn, get to the wall and warn the boy named Artemis about this!” Reyna commanded, forgetting about √Čowyn’s injury. √Čowyn tried walking but failed. She crawled to where Theoden was. √Čowyn entered the black fog and disappeared. Then the Ent holding Reyna marched through the wall.
Mauhahaha! Did I kill him? 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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