To Flee or to Fight?

Summary: Artemis volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games. But are the odds in his favor? And how will his troubled past affect his decisons?

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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*Obviously I am not Suzanne Collins or Eoin Colfer. But I want to be !*

*RED FLAG Rated pg-12 ish. If you could handle the hunger games you can handle this.*

*For those who dont know: The hunger games is when 24 children from 12 different districts enter a fight to the death where only 1 will emerge alive*

*This story isnt done yet~! Ill be working on it off and on, probably about 1-2 chapters every day or so. Please leave a response, Its always nice to know someone appreciates your work =) and any way to make it better is also great! Thank you!*

Prologue: The Waiting Area

Artemis swallowed, a single bead of sweat rolling down his forehead. Stay on your plate for 60 seconds… He thought, going over the rules for the millionth time. Stay on it for 60 seconds, then run for cover. 

Only a few weeks before, Artemis had been standing outside the justice building. Along with hundreds of other children, hoping. Hoping he would escape the reaping with his life.

Hoping he would not be sent to the Hunger Games.

But hope never helped, did it? No, the odds had NOT been in his favor when his life was turned upside down. When his brothers name had been called.

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! He could still hear the voice of Mulch, the crazy looking escort who always announced the Hunger Games. He had a long, knotted beard and was always pigging out on some other type of food. Those Capitol people, they always looked like dress up dolls compared to him. But then again, he looked like an overstuffed pinata in his rainbow sparkle shirt.

Ladies first, now who shall have the honor of representing district 12 in our hunger games?… Miss Juliet Butler! He remembered the girls expression, hard, but at the same time, afraid. She mounted the stage with confidence, her blonde hair glimmering in the sunlight.

Now for our gentleman! Would Mr… Beckett Fowl please come to the stage? Beckett Fowl, everyone!  Artemis hardly remembered anything after that. He only remembered one thought: Beckett will not go to the Hunger Games. He will not.  He remembered pushing in the crowd. Somehow falling on the stage, pushing Beckett away. He will not.

Everything felt like a daze, as if he would wake up. But he knew he wouldn’t ever wake up from this nightmare. He would, on the contrary, go to sleep forever.

But now he stood, underground. Waiting for the platform to take him up to the games. To his death. A single tear rolled down his cheek. He would never see his darling brother again. Would his mother be there for him? Or would she already be retreating, just as she did when Artemis Fowl the senior had died? Poor young Beckett, he was, in no way ready for this.

Artemiss only goal was to die in the least violent way possible, so his younger brother wouldn’t have to suffer.

Chapter 1: The Gong

The plate rose. It rose to the top. The cornucopia glimmered in the early morning sunlight. And underneath? Every weapon imaginable. Swords, knives, dart guns, bows, arrows! Artemis knew the plan though. His mentor, Domovoi Butler, had been sure to tell him.

DO NOT be tempted! The head gamemaker, Damon Kronski, he will try to lure you to the bloodbath with weapons and food. DO NOT GO IN THERE.

Artemis turned, ready to run away


More sweat, but this time the tears were gone.


The voice was so loud, announcing.


This was it.


This is where he was going to die.


He had no chance…


He only wished his mother would stay strong.


For his brother, the last of the Fowl family.


For Beckett Fowl.


He would do this for Beckett.


For Beckett.


The sound was so loud, echoing in his mind. Is this the last sound I will ever hear? But thoughts quickly dissipated, an instinct to survive taking over his whole body. His feet began to run, faster, faster, faster then they ever had before. But to where?

Ten feet away, a backpack lay glittering. It was golden, with a slight sparkle that suggested it was made of gold, or some other kind of strong material. Strong, meaning durable. Just what he needed.

His feet turned, and he sprinted hard. sweeping it off the hard ground, he looked down for only a second. But that was enough.

A small boy crashed into him. He must have been running for the woods, but Artemiss sudden change of direction had forced them to cross paths. For a moment, they both stood, facing each other. Neither spoke, seizing one another up with their eyes.

Artemis had sensed an agreement, just run from each other and move on. But before that could happen, a voice called out from the distance.

“Hey Turnball! CATCH!”

The boy turned around for just a second, just fast enough to see the firing dart gun aimed at his chest. Artemis turned, running, unable to watch what would happen next. He heard the younger boy fall, but not much else, as he disappeared into the forest.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. realy this is just like the hunger games but revised but still realy good !!!!!so far.:)

  2. I love your story!
    you must continue writing! If you haven’t read Mockingjay (last hunger games book) the next scentence is a spoiler:
    I think that Artemis Fowl is better than the hunger games, but I still cried when Finnick died in Mockingjay!!!!!!!!!! Imagime how much I would cry if Artemis dies!

  3. Unwanted, but not unuseful. Sadly, for some. October 14th, 2012 at 8:09 pm 3

    I command you to finish the book! Oh, and if you ship Holly and Artemis, I will not be happy. At all.

  4. Hmm. Not bad. Okay, actually really well-written. The only thing, though, is that:

    1.) Really similar to the Hunger Games. Plot twist or something, maybe?

    2.) But I wouldn’t know if you did, seeing as how I didn’t make it past the first chapter. Ahaha, er, sorry.

    3.) AANNNDD Artemis is a bit OOC. Like, he can’t run to save his life. Make it tie into his intellect, I guess. I dunno. See #2. *coughcoughIcan’thelpbutthinkhewouldhaveletBecketgocoughcough*

  5. shaadia the princess of weird April 9th, 2013 at 8:22 am 5

    Minerva is evil! yay! 😀
    and i swear, if i had attempted to write this myself,the plot would’ve been obvious and it would’ve sucked. wut u wrote is awesome!
    Puleeez update!! 🙂

  6. Yo!
    Before u get started, artemis is ACTUALLY my name! no questions. Kay?

    BTW, I think that there should be a twist. This is too parallel to the Hunger Games.
    I can imagine this in my head as a movie, and GOD. it is cool.
    Artemis Out.

  7. Aww, that was adorable. But they aren’t from the same district, are they?

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