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The Wings

Summary: "How do you know about the people?" It was funny how seven little words could turn someones life on its axsis.

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Jones household. Year, 1957

For the first time since finding out his mother had dissapeared, Mutt was nervous.

There really was no reason behind it. It was just another normal day after school coming back home. His mom was at a dig in Vietnam and his dad had been stuck in his office grading papers for who-knew-how-long. Normal. There had been that thing a couple weeks ago, when his mom went missing fr a few days at the site, but she’d been found without a scratch. There was the puzzling thing that she didn’t remember what happened, but he didn’t worry about it too much.

“Pops! I’m home!” He called. There was no answer, not that he expected one. The old man was probably asleep over exam papers. Again. Either that or completly immersed in research to find the next thing that probably shouldn’t exist. What would it be this time? Atlantis, Holy Grail, so many options! He really, really hoped it wasn’t the latter of the two. If it was they were basically going to commit suicide because Indy was getting too old for this and Mutt didn’t have the knowledge or experience to stop himself from getting killed.

Mutt crossed his fingers as he made his way to his father’s study. Please be asleep grading papers. Please be asleep grading papers! He thought desperately. Unfortunately for him, Fate despised the Jones family, and would take any opportunity to torture any one of them. Today was one of thoes times it found a chance to. A glorious, beautiful, horrible chance.

He stepped into the study, though wasn’t in the slightest surprised by what he saw. Looking for a gun, yes. Surprised, no.

Indiana Jones sat hunched over his desk, examining something or other that was obscured from Mutt’s vision. The occasional muttered curse could be heard, but other than that there was a heavy silence looming over the room. Mutt let out a small groan as he walked up behind Indy, looking at what seemed to be a mechanized backpack. “Jesus Chri-” Mutt never got to finish that curse.

Indy whipped around, giving his son a firm smack upside the head. “For blasphemy.” The archaeologists came over his eyes as he bowed his head, groaning. “Good Lord. I’ve become my father!” Mutt opened his mouth to question the odd statement, but thought better of it. He’d ask later, when there wasn’t another adventure just around the corner.

“So…” Mutt gently picked up the machine, examining it with a technical eye. “Where’d ya find it?” Possibilities ran through his mind. For all he knew it could have been found years ago and his father had been frustrated to no end by it, stuck it in the closet, and just brought it out to be frustrated again.

“I didn’t find it,” Indy swallowed his pride. “Your Mother came back with it when she went missing. Sent it here.” Mutt raised an inquisitive eyebrow. When she was missing? How?

The elder Jones sighed, taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. “You up to going to Vietnam with me, Junior?”

A smirk lit up Mutt’s face, his eyes shinning. An adventure wasn’t welcome until it was actually being talked about.

“When you we leave? And don’t call me Junior!”


Artemis seemed to get slightly nervous when Vietnam was mentioned, as though he knew where this was going, which Henry was more than a bit sure had to do with his own meeting of the People.

The teen cleared his throat. “Where, exactly, in Vietnam was your mother digging?” He questioned. Henry’s eyebrows furrowed slightly in confusion.

“Near Ho Chi Min city. Why?”

“No reason.” Was the quick reply. Too quick.

“I’ll ask later.”

A/N: Shorter than the last chapter. Sorry. And for all of you who have asked me to update my other stuff, please don’t. If you want an update of something else ask on the story you want updated. Whether or not it’s more than filler depends on how patient you are.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Wonderful, AK! I have no suggestions, and the spelling/grammar/punctuation was nearly perfect!
    Please update this! This is perfectly IC, and has a visible plot!!! YaY!!!


  2. Oh i love it! It’s great, and do i suspect a little bit of a cliffhanger? Update!

  3. I never fall asleep during your stories! But my only problem with you writing this is YOU DON’T UPDATE YOUR OTHER STORIES!!!! Though an update of this would be just as welcome. . .

  4. Love it
    IF THIS IS NOT UPDATED IN 24 HRS I SHALL BE VISITING IN MY TANK!!! *clears throat* sorry about that as I was saying excellent so far AK. I’d love it even more if you updated and yeah great so far.

  5. Beckett Simpleton February 26th, 2010 at 7:38 pm 5

    I didn’t fall asleep. It was brill! and very intreaguing. I really cant wait for an update.

    Oh and it’s very IC! and you said ‘a vicious cycle that contine non the less’ not gramatically correct. As I said, please update!

  6. The actual thing was ‘It was a vicious cycle, but one that continue none the less’. I’m pretty sure it’s correct.

    And guys, I will say this once, and only once, do not bug me to update my other stories. If you want a chapter that is horrible and pure garbage, then go ahead, but please ask on the story you want updated. If you want it to be good, well thought out, and more than just filler, be Patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are my updates.

    The update for this is being built now.

  7. Artiholi180 the epic person of epicness! February 28th, 2010 at 7:56 pm 7

    this is great! KUDGW! and…update? please?

  8. This is awesome! please update soon. This story is very catching and i can’t wait to see what happens next.

  9. *starts hyperventilating or however it’s really spelled* Eeeffkkkk… UPDATE! The tension is KILLING ME!!!!

  10. update peeeewwwwwssssse:-[ with a marshmellow on top(I ate the cherry so I stole a marsshmellow:«))

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