The Tower of Lost Dreams

Summary: Holly has recently had a dream which Foaly thinks could very well be a vision of Opal's future scheme to take over the world! To save Haven, and the rest of the world (above and below), Holly must travel to the Tower of Lost Dreams. As if that wasn't enough, Artemis is coming along too. In truth, he wants to find his dream of him and his future wife, but he won't tell anyone about that. Will they make it to the Tower in time? Read and find out.

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A/N: A continuation of hollys_evil_twin’s The Tower of Lost Dreams. She gave me permition to continue it, yay! So please remember: the first and second chapter are entirely her creation.  

Chapter 1: Sweet Dreams

Holly’s Apartment, Haven

Holly was lying on her bed. It was two A.M. Haven time, and she had been trying to sleep for hours, with no luck. Finally she closed her eyes one last time and drifted into a deep sleep.

In her dream, Holly saw herself on top of a flying plane next to Artemis, Opal coming towards them with a knife. “I have you now. After all these years, all the humiliation, I finally have you!” Opal sneered, then laughed in a disturbing sort of way. Opal drew closer, forcing Holly and Artemis to back up slowly, the wind still straining to blow them off the plane.

Finally they were at the edge of the plane. “Die, Artemis!” Opal screeched, and with the knife in her hands, she lunged toward him. He leapt out of the way just in time; unfortunately, this caused him to fall off the plane. He barely could keep hold of the side.

Artemis held on for dear life, trying to pull himself up. Holly reached over to help, but Opal pushed her aside. The elf landed quite hard.

Holly groaned and tried to get up, but found it had a side effect of increased pain. Opal laughed her evil laugh and one by one, stepped on Artemis’ fingers. When he had only one left, Opal whispered in his ears, “Goodbye, Mudboy.”

Holly screamed, “Artemis! No!”

Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as she heard the words: “Goodbye, Holly. I want you to know that….”

Holly woke up with a start. Panting, she checked to make sure she was in her room, and not one of Opal’s prisons. Being sure of that, she sighed in relief. Looking at her clock, she noticed it was now four A.M. She still had some time to sleep. Holly lay back down, knowing very well that she wasn’t getting much more sleep tonight.

Fowl Manor, Ireland

It was three A.M. Irish time, and Artemis was still awake, working on his laptop. The boy yawned and headed to bed, where he quickly fell asleep and began to dream….

In his dream, he was in a lovely garden, inside a gazebo to be exact. He found himself standing close to a priest and in the background, he heard wedding music playing. ‘Wedding music?’ Artemis thought. He looked down at his clothes, surprised to find them even fancier than his normal suits. They were made with white silk, with embroidered flowers up the pant legs and jacket. On his left breast pocket, there was a single rose bud. He also had on white, shiny shoes.

Soon he noticed a beautiful bride walking up the aisle. The veil was covering her face so he couldn’t quite make out what she looked like. She was still far away, so he couldn’t tell what her height was, either. Suddenly he heard a voice, like a ghost, “Artemis… Artemis….” The dream began to fade and the voice became louder. It sounded remarkably like Butler.

“Artemis. Artemis, wake up.” Artemis realized that Butler actually was trying to wake him. “Artemis, wake up! Don’t be lazy.”

Artemis groaned. “I was in the middle of a wedding….”

Butler looked puzzled. “Wedding?”

Artemis sat up slowly. “It’s nothing. Just a peculiar dream I had.”

Butler chuckled. “Well, if you don’t get up soon, you’ll have more than honeymoons to worry about.”

“The concert! Thank you for reminding me!” Artemis dressed into a suit, ready for his opera concert. He might miss it if he wasn’t there soon. ‘Oh well, guess I’ll just have to use the private jet today….’

Foaly’s House, Haven

Foaly hardly had had any time for sleep. He recently had a dream that he was going to get a call from his favorite inventor, and when he was woken up to the sound of a phone call, he was shocked to find his dream had come true!

‘How did that happen?’ Foaly thought. ‘How in the name of the Gods was I able to predict what was going to happen? In a dream, no less?’ Caballine stirred around, then woke up.

Well, half-woke up at least. “Foaly, dear, why are you up?”

Foaly managed to mumble, “Err, fixing my, uh… pillow! Now, go back to sleep.”

She obeyed, and was soon snoring again. Not very loudly, but it was still a snore. Foaly went back to his thinking. ‘What if I made a machine that could predict if your dream will come true?! Well, I haven’t failed yet… this month.’ And with that, he began working.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Yes!!! Continuation!!! Your portion is too short to comment on, but a paragraph was repeated. All I have to say! FCD

    Reply: Sorry bout that. Copying and pasting doesn’t always do the best ever. Oh well. 🙂 Thank you for reviewing.

  2. ArtemisfianceNo1 November 2nd, 2010 at 6:53 am 2

    This is so AWESOME!!!
    Pleasepleaseplease update!!!
    I’d like to see what will happen next !!

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Reply: I shall try to update as soon as I can! Thank ya.

  3. Hello Ann, I see you’ve continued my story. 🙂 Very nice, I’ll have to see how it goes the rest of the way.

  4. please upd8 soon! it’s so good! even if so far it’s extremly short right now.

  5. I liked this, although the grammer/flow could be improved on. Good work on continuing a previous story (and good work on the previous story). Foaly inventing a ‘dream machine’ – go figure. Interesting idea – Holly having a dream is a good way to start the plot!

    Reply: Yeah, flow is not my forte. 🙂 And, erm, you are talking about my 3rd chapter right? If you are, thanks!

  6. Yes, I was mainly talking about the third chapter. I re-read it to remember exactly what went on and I thought I should add that the suspense at the end is excellent. I do want you to update, btw. I will return! *at the same time tries not to look creepy*

    Reply: I will update as soon as I got the next chapter done, which could be in a week or two. This review has helped push me to keep working on it. So, thank you! 🙂

  7. Um… Has not been updated. I’ve liked this ever since hollys_evil_twin started it, and I’d really like to read some more, so please add material. It’s very interesing and intriguing. Those kinds of cliffhangers… needless to say, leave people hanging. I think this has been abandoned, so please please update.

    Reply: Don’t worry, this hasn’t been abondened. I’m just having trouble with the next chapter. Thankfully, re-reading the reviews pushed me to write some more down, so I’m half a page closer to finishing the next chapter! Thank you. :) 

  8. Longer now, though I was expecting more action. Ah well. I reread the third chapter, it has typothermia. Probably the site, messing up stuff again. Yes… still needs more. There’s practically nothing plot-wise.

    *waits for another OOPDEET*

  9. same as WE

    Reply: 🙂

  10. YES!! Updated!! A 5!!

    Reply: 🙂

  11. I LOVED this line: “To use a more modern term, every option sucked.”

    Anyway, the sudden appearance of the anamoly, dragon, desert, and forest were all very random… but I’m hoping this all has plot to it. Hopefully, it’ll be explained later, but there still isn’t much to the fic overall.

    Reply: I’ll explain soon, don’t worry! School’s gonna be out soon anyway, and that might give more time and less homework stress, so I’ll try to update as soon as I can. 🙂

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