The Last Chronicles of the Acacer Dome

Summary: Twenty years after Artemis is cured from the Atlantis Complex, Holly finds a file buried under hundreds of encryptions. (Continued in story)

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Twenty years after Artemis is cured from the Atlantis Complex, Holly finds a file buried under hundreds of encryptions. When she opens it, she discovers a secret that the council has been hiding for thousands of years….


While Holly is running from her longtime friends, Artemis is finding that the kind of attention he is getting from the girls in his new job, isn’t the kind that makes him comfortable, especially from a girl named Mae.


And to spin up Trouble’s world even more… interesting, one of his teams go missing, in the uncharted passages and tunnels under Haven. And to make it worse, they’re torn and bloody uniforms show up on Police Plaza’s steps, the people start asking questions. And with questions, come vague orders from the council. But secrets discovered have a way of getting out, and a secret out has a way of bringing new enemies and new dangers….




Holly was running.


Her feet were pumping against the packed, dry, soil of the tunnel, and her shoulder length auburn hair was flying behind her. If I had a LEP helmet…. She thought, annoyed now she had told someone. The now bright tunnels were caked in blood, holes, large enough for a troll, dotted the sides. LEP officers ran after her, their weapons being cocked, she hissed, and glanced at one of the tunnels at the side, but the trolls had come from their, if they caught her, it would be a long, greusome and painful death. The officers raised their weapons, and she made a choice.


Holly Short dashed into one of the tunnels on the side, the officers stopped at the enterance, looking at the black that the elf had dissapeared into. A sprite took off his helmet, with a sigh. “Captain, she’s gone. We can’t go in there.” The commanding offer turned to look at him, taking off his helmet. His amber eyes glowed with the light of determination. He shooked his head.


“She can’t get away, the girl could bring down all of fairy society.” The sprite sensed he wouldn’t let Holly live. Chix, for he was the sprite, stepped forward nervously.


He glanced at his team mates. “Sir, would she survive, if he caught her?” The captain’s eyes gleamed.


“No.” Was all he said. Then he started to walk away, leaving the officers cold.




Artemis looked at the new girls at Scotland Yard, and sighed. “They’re staring at you again,” his partner, Evan, said. Artemis rolled his eyes. The girls, Maedrea, Sarina, and Meagan had been promoted a few weeks ago, and had seemed to follow Artemis around since.


“They’ll stop eventually. They won’t be here forever.”


“And you will be?” Evan quipped. Artemis ignored him, Evan was one of the few people that could render Artemis speechless. Another genius.


He glanced at the girls again, trying to recall their names. Sarina, Maedria… and Meagan. That’s it. Artemis rolled his eyes at himself, and went back to his work. Then Evan got up, and went towards the washrooms. That’s when everything started. Maedria leaned on his desk, smiling at him. Artemis glanced at her once, and realized Sarina and Meagan were there too. “What do you want?” He asked.


Sarina grinned, Artemis saw a trouble-maker’s smile. “We want you to come with us.” Artemis frowned.


“No,” he said, and returned to his work. Maedria sighed quietly. Sarina looked odd, and then she sighed, grinning again at Maedria. Sarina seemed like someone who grinned a lot.


“Well, I guess Trouble will be dissapointed, oh well.”


Artemis looked at them now, surprised. Trouble? “As in Commander Kelp?” Sarina nodded cheeklily. “Your boyfriend?” Mae snorted.


“The boy I beat the ^#%$ out of in the Academy. It was fun.”


Artemis sighed, and grabbed his coat. If the Commander wanted him there, it wouldn’t take long until he brought in Holly.




Shots rang against the walls of Toronto. Mulch gulped, he didn’t want to get caught in a firefight. He emerged, and saw nobody, but burns from a Neutreno gun on the walls of a building… neutreno!? Mulch looked around in panic again, there were LEP Officers here, somewhere.


A sigh came out of nowhere, and a tall elf materialized. “Mulch Diggums. We need your help.” Mulch grinned silently, a barganing chip! “Former Captain Holly Short has gone rogue, we want you to catch her.” Mulch’s words died in his throat. Holly had gone rogue? If they caught her, she’d be imprisoned for life, or killed!


Mulch shook his head nervously. “Sir, I can’t do that….” The officer took his helmet off. It took Mulch a second to reconize Trouble Kelp. “Commander? You are the one chasing Holly?” The elf didn’t move.


“Come with me.”


Mulch decided to go with them, after all, that was the LEP Commander he was with. The truth was that we didn’t really have a choice, it just made him feel better to think he did.




Foaly whinnied nervously in one of the LEP’s grandest dining rooms, Mulch sat at the table, chewing nervously at a carrot. Artemis sat across from him, and Trouble sat coldly at the head. Three LEP officers Foaly didn’t know very well leaned on the wall, Captain Song, Captain Black, and Captain Sherling. At last, the council entered. The Captains leaning on the wall stood to attention nervously.


Trouble stood until the council was seated, he sat again, then started. “Fowl, Diggums, Foaly. Have we briefed Artemis on the situation?” Song shook her head. “Captains, sit at the table.” The girls obliged. “Holly has gone rogue, and we need you to catch her, and bring her to justice.” Trouble didn’t look like he was happy with the situation.


Artemis looked surprised for a second, one second, then he smiled. “Captains Song, Black, and Sherling, what do you think about this?” The shortest one, who was Song, blushed deeply when Trouble grinned coldly.


“Trouble-” she started, but Vinyaya cut her off.


“If you two children could not bicker for five minutes, we have business to attend to.” Sarina looked gratefully at her.


Captain Sherling uttered a quiet phrase. “Why did Holly go rogue?” The Council was silent. Artemis guessed they had something to do with it, a secret, maybe, and Holly had found out. Vinyaya sighed.
“That is classified. Fowl, Mulch and Foaly have already agreed to help, will you?” Chairman Cahartez asked him, but Artemis got the vibe he didn’t really have a choice. He just wished he did.




Sarina sighed and slumped on the couch in the mansion where her, Mae, and Mae’s family lived. Matty sat next to her, her long time casual boyfriend and Mae’s older brother. “Sar?” He asked, poking the distant girl. She glanced at him. “You OK?”


Sarina sighed. “I’m confused.” Matty sensed he wouldn’t get anything more out of her, so he left without a word, Mae glanced at her, and got the same vibe. Sarina had the strage ability that she wouldn’t talk more then three words for days when she was confused or troubled. A knock on the door brought her out of the daze she was in. Mae rushed to the door.


“Alexia, you missed the meeting today,” Mae said to her old friend at the door. The girl shrugged, and glanced at Sarina. She sighed quietly.
“What’s wrong with Sar?”


Mae glanced at Sarina, and sighed. “I don’t know. It’s about Holly, I think.”


In fact, Sarina was thinking about Holly. She was thinking about how odd it was for her to dissapear, and abandon all her friends like that. “It doesn’t make sense,” she suddenly said, and Alexia grinned quietly, and entered, Mae closing the door after her.


“What doesn’t make sense?” She asked, sitting next to her. Sarian just grinned, and grabbed her jacket.


Ten minutes later, they were at Police Plaza, and Sarina was picking the lock to Holly’s office. The door clicked open, Sarina grinned. Picking locks had gotten harder when you actually couldn’t pick them, you had to break open the circiuts, and hotwire it.


“S-Sarina, w-what are w-we do-doing?” Alexia stuttered. She always stuttered when she was stressed. Sarina grinned again, following Mae inside.


“We’re getting to the truth. I’ll search the computer, Meagan, you get the stray file chips, Mae and Alexia, watch for officers.” Sarina turned on Holly’s computer, and started to read the document which was turned on. Her mouth fell open. Meagan glanced at her, and poked Sarina’s shoulder.


“Sar, you OK?” Sarina nodded.


A grin slowly broke over her face. “We found the truth.”


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  1. *jaw drops* Oh my god… Oh my god! Holly gone rougue? Sarina, Mae, Lexi, and I after her? I will not bring in Holly never! Still good plot Mir*nodds grinning*

  2. As a reviewer:

    Your story is quite good. You misspelled the character’s names twice, but beyond that, I don’t see any spelling/grammatical errors. The story was paced well, the only thing you lack is the ability to build suspense. You must have the reader itching for the the next update. Here, I am merely interested. I hope you have planned something great for this story, but everything aside, I see potential. Both in the story and your skills as a writer. Five stars for now for the intriguing plot and the IC’ness of the cannon characters. Overall, very nice.

    As your sister:

    OMG! That was so fricken awesome!!!!@!!!11!!@!!1@!2!!
    Great job! I can’t wait for more!

  3. Coolio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Shoulder length BROWN hair!!! But that’s not important!!! Great plot.

  5. *sigh* Must I threaten to commit cyber suicide to get you to write an update? -_-“

  6. I AM writing an update, Fowleh, right now XD

  7. Oh thank FROND! *puts dagger down* Speaking of updates….I have a story to tend to. 😀

  8. You’re on right now Mir? *looks around* but I can’t see you… Hurry up and update please sissy!

  9. eeee!! That was amazing! I really want to know what the truth is!!!! Kinda confusing, and it was weird how spaced out it was, but i thought it was great. Update!

  10. LEPreconGirl July 10th, 2011 at 3:33 pm 10

    Okay Mira, wow. Your writing keeps getting better!!! The secret, Holly rouge, wow. I want an update!
    I agree with FS. There isn’t a lot of suspense, and the pacing is acted awkward, but overall, a very good story.

    And 21bub21, in the books it says she has ‘cropped auburn hair’. Yes, I actually looked it up in the book! Shocking, I know 🙂

    Ummm…. 10th comment dance!

  11. Good writing. A few mistakes, some grammar mess-ups, but all in all, this is a fairly good fic. the plot is nice.

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