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The Interworld War

Summary: Crossover between Artemis Fowl and Gregor the Overlander. Please read and enjoy.

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This is made by me and Julyangel16. Please check out some of her work ~ <3 Dommie

Warning: Somethings in this story my not be suitable for all ages.

Chapter One

Artemis paced his study with his hands behind his back and glaring at the floor. Butler should have been back from his bodyguard convention a day ago. A soft knock on the door told him that his guest had arrived. Artemis turned, walking toward the door. His eyes softened slightly seeing the red headed recon elf. “You made it, Holly.”


“Well you said it was urgent,” she walked in, pushing herself up and sitting on the desk, one leg crossing over the other. “So what’s the emergency?”


“Butler left a week ago to go to a bodyguard convention and he should have been back yesterday,” Artemis sighed, running his fingers through his dark raven black hair.  Holly’s brow furrowed. Butler was never late.


“Alright. Where was it exactly?” she saw simultaneously dialing Foaly’s number on her communicator.


“It was somewhere in New York City.”


“That’s no help.” A sigh escaped her lips. The centaur’s face appeared on the screen. Before he could get in a sarcastic comment she said, “Butler’s gone. He was supposed to be back yesterday. Find him.”


Artemis sat down in his chair on the other side of the desk, slim fingers pecking at the keyboard as he scanned the computer screen. “Near Central park..”  Holly nodded, snapping the communicator shut.


“Then we’re going to Central Park.” A small beep was heard and her wings spread out on her back. There was a soft chuckle from the young genius.


“Guess I’m riding?”


“Or you can stay here,” she said with a smile.


“I rather not. It’s seemingly too boring here,” Artemis said standing up and shutting his computer off. Holly hooked him onto her moonbelt and threw a camo tarp over him then took off.


She touched down in Central Park, unsheilding and making her wings fold back in. It was very dark and empty. “Alright Foaly,” she said into her helmet mic. “Help us out.”


“Yes Centar Genius. Help us,” Artemis muttered, pushing the camo tarp off of himself. Holly shot him a glare. Artemis shrugged. “Can you unhook me from your belt now?”


“Why? It’s a great leash.” She tugged on it, which made him stumbled closer. Artemis groaned.


“Please?” he muttered. She laughed and unhooked him.


“Lighten up, genius boy.” She began to walk until she got to a large rock, which had been pushed away to reveal a dark tunnel. Artemis followed quietly, arms crossed against his chest as he peered into the hole.


“I wonder what made that..” he said to himself, glancing at the rock.


“No idea…” She leaned in slightly, then screamed as she felt something push her in. Her wings slammed against the wall now useless. Artemis then landed on top of her, face inches above hers and groaning slightly.


“Why’d you push me!” she demanded, shoving him off and sitting up.


“I didn’t lay a finger on you!” Artemis argued.


“Yeah right, I–” she trailed off, staring at the shining tip of a sword which was inches from her nose.


“Who are you?” the girl wielding the sword demanded. Her silver hair was fluttering in the soft wind and her violet eyes flashed from Artemis to Holly quickly.


“That is none of your business. Now. Who are you?” Artemis snapped.


“I don’t think it’s a good idea to argue with her right now…” Holly muttered, glancing at Artemis then returning to the tip of the sword.


“Artemis Fowl the Second. This is my friend Holly Short,” Artemis said with no amusement. The girl’s narrowed.


“You two need to come with me,” she pulled the sword back and whistled. A large autumn bat landed beside her.


Artemis glanced at Holly, slightly afraid. Holly shrugged. The girl mounted the bat. “Get on.” Artemis dusted himself off after standing up. He then got on behind the girl and Holly behind him.

“Hold on,” the girl said and the bat took off quickly.

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  1. You spelled centaur somewhere. Also, I can’t wait to see more. Update!

  2. This is awesome!!! The two subterranean species meet!!! Plz write more!

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