The Cross Species Battle(resumed from Union of Rivals4) Strengths,Weaknesses and…Sharks?(part 2)

Summary: Author’s Note: Soooo…DON’T HIT ME! WAARGH!! I am so sorry for the late update, please forgive me. Also, I noticed a […]

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Author’s Note: Soooo…DON’T HIT ME! WAARGH!!

I am so sorry for the late update, please forgive me. Also, I noticed a new story today…except It was spam, not a story. Please don’t tell me the spam thing’s gonna start again, because that is always one of the worst problems any site has to face. 

And this…this chapter I wrote in school, right after drawing the cover image of TCSB. I haven’t posted it yet. Piper and Holly turned out to look awesome, and Loken is shorter than Artemis (heehee…), Shaadia’s face looks just too serious and I got Silver all wrong. Actually, my friend’s fault. She was supposed to help me but ended up leaving messy eraser marks instead, and I want to draw the whole thing again. I’m sorry guys 🙁

Without further ado, TCSB PART–I have no idea. Just look at the name of it…


He groaned, screamed, squirmed and finally, fell to the floor unconscious. Holly grinned triumphantly, carefully stepping over the snoring guard. Giving Piper a brief smile, she jammed her omnitool into the keyhole of the cell. (Keyholes, really. Zidan was not much on the Tech side.)

The Junior officer stepped out, brushing some imaginary dust off her sleeve. “So,” she said, winking. “I bet Zidan’s butt is the first on our kicking list.”


Foaly crowed in delight. He had done it! Shut down every last one of those cheap cameras in the Mud Man Headquarters! Simple hacking, not to mention he knew the password before hand. Zidan was blissfully ignorant.

Chuckling, the centaur activated the feed from Holly’s iris cam, now certain that the Human technology wouldn’t find a way to hack into it.


“The Self Destruct thingy controls should be in the basement,” said Shaadia. “I’m assuming this ’cause–”

“Zidan is stupid, granted.” Loken frowned. “But not stupid enough to lock up his prisoners with access to the building’s self destruct panels. That is just…outright stupid.”

“Do you have any magic left?” asked Artemis, not bothering to comment on Loken’s brief description on their enemy’s stupidity.  “It would be a simple procedure mesmerizing one of the guards and asking.”

“–Or you could just ask me,” sighed an irritated, new voice. The source was standing right in front of them, three fairies beside her. Minerva Paradizo was looking reluctant and willing at the same time. Artemis looked only slightly surprised, while Shaadia showed a lot more excitement, running forward and hugging her comrade. (a/n do NOT comment on that. Sake of the story.) “Look who finally realized what a big jerk Zidan was and decided to stop working for him!” she laughed, then spotted the fairies. “Hi Sil, hi Piper!”

“As touching as this reunion is,” said Artemis, “We have a plan to execute.”

Nobody seemed to hear him, an obvious fact because nobody stopped asking each other what had happened. Holly hugged Loken tightly, then walked towards Artemis. She was smiling.

“Hey, Mud Boy.”

The Human sighed. “Holly, we can talk later, but…” He trailed off. Who could speak if they were wrapped in a bone crushing hug of this sort? The elf looked up at him, her mismatched eyes wide and grateful. “I’m so glad you came, Arty. I always knew you would. I–”

“As touching as this reunion is,” snickered a familiar voice. Annoyingly familiar.


The centaur’s sigh rattled through Holly’s helmet speakers. “Yep, I’m here. Don’t you two even think of kissing right now, because I would like to keep my lunch inside my stomach, thanks very much. And get on with the plan already. This is playing out like a deeply engrossing movie.”

Everyone glared at him.

“A life threatening movie,” Foaly corrected himself, gulping.


“It’s a lot more dangerous than the basement,” Minerva frowned. “Who in their right mind would lock up their prisoners with access to–”

“Get on with it,” snapped a very agitated Loken and Shaadia.

“Right. You see, Zidan built something with the design of a…drawbridge.”

“Drawbridge?” asked Silver. “Inside this building?”

“Yes. It’s made of glass, not wood. Underneath,” the Human shuddered. “Actual Sea water. But there’s one problem. You see, Zidan thought he’d never have to destroy the place from inside, but in case an enemy decided to, he’d have to dive through pressuring depths of cold salt water, and he wouldn’t make it to the controls which are built inside a hatch on the ground–similar to a sea bed, no colorful coral reefs though. Just rust. And…”

Minerva stopped there, chewing on her lip. “Tiger Sharks.”


Author’s Note: LIKE IT? *puppy eyes of doom* Please review! And as always, love you guys! 😀


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4 responses to “The Cross Species Battle(resumed from Union of Rivals4) Strengths,Weaknesses and…Sharks?(part 2).” Join in!

  1. So that’s where the sharks come in. This is good, I think you got Foaly exactly in character. An a lot of other characters. I’m really happy, I got a friend to read AF ad he’s on TLG now! I would love to see te drawing when you remake it. Keep it up! And I wasn’t around for te last spam thing, how bad was it? Update soon please*stares intently at the screen waiting for the next part to pop up*

  2. shaadiaTheWeird November 2nd, 2013 at 3:30 am 2

    my friends are weird. One of them read TLG first, then the 2nd book and found it utterly confusing. No wonder. And some of them are too lazy to read, so they’ve decided to wait till all the graphic novels and movies are out. Imagine that! The same applies to Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. “I’ve watched the movie what’s the point in reading the book?” that’s what they all say…Your friend must be really cool to read the books. Tell him that AF isn’t done yet: we have the comics and movies to look forward to!
    And I will update as soon as humanly posible!

  3. Totally! And thanks! You have a point, most people are lazy in this generation. Tell your friends that most movies are so different from the books and books are awesome. It’s what you do when you have time or when you like reading and feel like opening a book. *no longer for your friends* thanks again for trying to update as much as possible.

  4. Silver(who is considering updating. she's re-finding her mojo) November 16th, 2013 at 6:14 pm 4

    Tiger sharks? This is why I love it when kids write. Their imagination takes the reins and the story becomes wholly unpredictable.

    But it’s even better when those kids are good writers like you.;)

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