The Cross Species Battle: Strength Against Numbers (part2)

Summary: You'll enjoy this. I SWEAR ON MY WORD AS A PRINCESS!!

Chapters: 1 2

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The elevator’s door closed behind them, but there was a problem.
The dimly lit space was suddenly pitch black.
The lights on control panel buttons were off.
It wasn’t moving.

“Great,”muttered Minerva. “Power failure.”

Loken scowled. “No, it’s definitely more than that.”

“Impossible,” argued Artemis. “Foaly disconnected all cameras in this building.”

“Foaly went wrong somewhere. And Zidan can see us.”

“Damn it,” said Shaadia. “What now? We break this dumb door or something?”

Loken half scowled, half smirked. “There’s no better alternative.” With that, he pulled out his sword from its holster and aimed at the roof.


Piper gasped, stepping back. “W-We can’t go up against so many of them!”

Silver groaned. “No we can’t. I remember the last time.”

Strangely, Holly found herself smiling. Perhaps it was all the experience she’d had in the field.
“Think, girls. We have an army of our own.”

“Aren’t they waiting outside?”

“Later. There’s an easier way out.” The elf reached for something on her sleeve. “If they can’t see us, they’re defenseless.”


Loken was undeniably tall for an elf. Which was why he was able to rip open the roof of the lift and climb on top of it. “Hold on to something,” he advised, before drawing back his blade and slicing through the thick cable, causing the elevator to break free and fall.

As violent as the journey was, it worked. They soon found themselves  on the ground floor of the building. Loken jumped back in and pushed  the door aside, and the crew were now inside the basement.

They didn’t see the cells. Of course not, because this was not supposed to be anywhere in the vicinity of where prisoners were held captive.

The space ahead was…blank. Or so it seemed.

But it was only when Artemis looked at the floor did he realize, they were standing on the drawbridge. And there was water underneath, visible through the clear glass the bridge was made of.

He took out his communicator. “We found it.”


Shielded, Holly, Piper and Silver made their way through the crowd of assembled humans. It was tough, granted, but they finally managed to get out of it.

“Alright,” said Silver. “How do we keep them from finding the others?”

As if on cue, Holly’s communicator beeped. She wasted no time in getting it out of her belt. “Artemis?” she asked. “Oh Frond, please be okay.” Piper and Silver listened on in anticipation, waiting for the human on the other end to respond. There was a wave of static, before he said, “We found it.”

Relief instantly flooded Holly’s features. “Where?”

“Basement. Not in the section with the cells. I’d assume it is beyond that reach. The only way of accessing this area was the elevator shaft, but there were…complications. I don’t think you will be able to make it here.”

“There is a way,” cut in Minerva’s voice. “Eighth cell on the left. It’ll be locked, but surely nothing your ominitool couldn’t handle.”

“Thank you,” breathed Holly. “Thank you.”

“Holly,” said Artemis, tones sounding emotionless over the line. “Are you having any issues?”

The elf smiled. Well, that’s his way of asking, “Are you alright?”. “I love you too, Mud Boy. We’ll be there in a while.” Holly terminated the link, still smiling.

“This is going to be awesome,” said Piper, smirking.

“Agreed.” Silver grinned.


We’re getting there! Now, since Piper and Silver haven’t played such a huge role in the past few episodes, I’m going to give the two of you some awesome action scenes. Sil, you get to dive in. And fight sharks. Piper, you’ll be kicking the butts of so many evil mud men, single-handedly. Loken, you’re going to be a hero and save some lives. So keep reading! 😀 Please review, and check out my other fanfics too. There’s a very important notice in one. If you’re a Fowl fan, you’ll have to read it. And the soundtrack is coming! I’m leaving a link in the next update. Or better yet, as a review. Please check it out.

-Princess Shaadia.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I get to beat up a bunch of Mud Men? Cool! 😀

    Really good, Your Highness! Your writings are definitely improving, grammar, plot development and all. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    I await the update!

  2. Amazing. I loved it. The only thing I saw was you don’t put a space Shaadia,clearly. Instead of Shaadia, clearly.

    I am waiting. And waiting. Still waiting for the update.

    I’m going to check the fic on I can’t resist reading one of your stories.

  3. Um, thanks guys! But the one hasn’t been posted yet. Not the rewrite of this.
    Keep supporting me, Love you all!

  4. Hello, look at who’s not dead! I finally got this site to work on my phone again, and since school’s finally out, I THINK I can start updating stuff again.

    Y’know, once I have a computer.

    But yay, action! I’ll say more on the next part, since it’s already up.

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