The Cross Species Battle: Strength Against Numbers (part2)

Summary: You'll enjoy this. I SWEAR ON MY WORD AS A PRINCESS!!

Chapters: 1 2

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Okay, so my exams have just ended and I’m, like, top of the class. I’m really happy about that and I will hang around more with you guys 😀

Anyways, yeah. I’m making the soundtrack right after I write this, considering I still have time. Oh, and there’s a complete rewrite of this fic being made. It will contain a lot of blood and violence, graphic descriptions of death, more insane villains and serious romance stuff, though that’s not my strong point. The rewrite is gonna have some new scenes too, like more character history. There’s also a scene where Holly and Loken kiss. I wrote it just for the sake of torturing poor Arty. I’m hoping to post it on, because if I go to do that here all of you will anyway know the whole plot and everything. But you could still have a look if you want.

And without further ado………..



Zidan scowled. Blasted fairies. How could they just stroll in here and wreck all his plans at once?

Zidan was thinking. Literally fuming, actually. It would be a good idea to finally make use of those sharks, but he needed some kind of trait to get his enemies where he wanted.

Smiling to himself, the Hybrid called in his army.


“This stinks,” commented Shaadia,clearly upset about having to walk through a blank passageway without any action. Loken shot her a glare. “Quit it,kid,” he warned. “Don’t ask for trouble. We have more than enough of it on our hands already.”

The mud girl pouted. “No we don’t!”

They reached an elevator at the end of the passage. It looked like it hadn’t been used for centuries. The wall around it was yellow. Minerva pushed the ‘DOWN’ button and stepped back.

“Not impressive,”commented Artemis. “I was expecting Zidan’s technology to be a bit more…sophisticated.”

“You thought wrong,” said Minerva, frowning at the doors which hadn’t opened yet. “The self-destruct was the only good idea he had. And he never allowed his scientists to work on their own ideas, paranoid it was sabotage or something.”


“Sure. What can you expect from a guy who wants to keep the war going?” The French girl sighed, turning towards him. “Artemis, can I ask you something?”

“I see no reason to refuse.”

“It’s just…not my problem really, but I think you should give Holly a chance.”

His reply was interrupted when Shaadia called, “Aw man, the door finally decided to open! Anyone else shocked?” and skipped inside. The others followed.

It was a mistake.


“Couple of Mud Men approaching,”announced Piper. “Should I stun them or what?”

Holly nodded. “Don’t attract too much attention though. We don’t want reinforcements.”

Silver tapped her on the shoulder. “Too late, Captain.” She pointed towards the double doors, which were pulled open to reveal a lot more than “a couple of mud men”.

In fact, she could’ve sworn Zidan’s entire army was standing there, grinning maliciously.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I get to beat up a bunch of Mud Men? Cool! 😀

    Really good, Your Highness! Your writings are definitely improving, grammar, plot development and all. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    I await the update!

  2. Amazing. I loved it. The only thing I saw was you don’t put a space Shaadia,clearly. Instead of Shaadia, clearly.

    I am waiting. And waiting. Still waiting for the update.

    I’m going to check the fic on I can’t resist reading one of your stories.

  3. Um, thanks guys! But the one hasn’t been posted yet. Not the rewrite of this.
    Keep supporting me, Love you all!

  4. Hello, look at who’s not dead! I finally got this site to work on my phone again, and since school’s finally out, I THINK I can start updating stuff again.

    Y’know, once I have a computer.

    But yay, action! I’ll say more on the next part, since it’s already up.

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