The Cross Species Battle (resumed from Rescue Mission-1) Rescue Mission-2

Summary: OK, no guarantees this will be all laughs, cause a huge rainfall/slight storm just passed and now it’s still thundering. […]

Chapters: 1 2 3

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OK, no guarantees this will be all laughs, cause a huge rainfall/slight storm just passed and now it’s still thundering. Day’s gloomy but I like it.

“Ahem, Holly?” asked Piper, quietly. “I know we have weapons and stuff, but…do we have an actual PLAN?”

“Nope,” replied Holly. “But we still have to do something, right?”

“This is ridiclous,”muttered Loken. “Captain, if you really want something done, you should plan ahead of it.”

The elf elbowed him playfully. “You sound like Artemis.”  Loken scowled. “I am who I am.”

Artemis snorted to himself. Did that guy even care about Holly’s feelings for him? And moreover, didn’t Holly notice this?

“She probably hasn’t,Mud Boy,” chuckled Silver from behind. This startled the human slightly. “W-What are you saying?!”

“I can read your mind,” she replied. “No, don’t pop out your eyes in shock. I’ve known this whole time about your …ahem, issue, and my advice is forget it. Things will turn your way soon, don’t worry.”

From that point onwards, Artemis decided to stop running his thoughts so easily.

“Stop,” ordered Holly, fist raised. “Where can those people be?”

“Go on, mud girl, give us a lecture on this place,” said Piper. “Any prison cells? Any obvious place Zidan should’ve kept these fairies?”

“The basement,” said Shaadia. Cheeta leaned against her side,purring. “Number one obvious location.”

“Zidan is obvious,” muttered Loken. 

“Oh would you please stop that?” groaned Piper.

“He deserves to be underestimated.”

Artemis shook his head. Isn’t Loken the least bit worried about this? Is that why Holly likes him? Because he takes his opponents for idiots and wins at the end?

Silver laughed again. Luckily, only Artemis heard it. “Oh, honestly, mud boy. Isn’t that too obvious?”

“Silver, please stop doing that!”

“What? It’s fun. And can’t you stop being jealous of Loken and start thinking of a better plan? Eh? Is concentrating too hard for humans?”

Artemis didn’t answer. What plan? At a time like this?

“I’ve got a plan,” declared Piper. “Why not call Foaly and have him send some extra shuttles, so these fairies can go home?”

“Excellent,” grinned Holly. “Piper, remind me to give you a promotion later.”

She pulled out a communicator and started speaking. “Foaly,we’ve got a situation. No time to explain, but send some extra shuttles here immeadeately. Three should be fine…eh,I have no idea how to explain this…Shaadia, can you give Foaly the directions to get here?”

“Sure,” said the human. “From the South Fairy Metropolis, go ahead a few paces and turn left when you see that pine tree, and…Oh, wait, was that a palm tree? Or an alphine tree? Hmm…”

Poor Foaly was going to have his hands full.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Mastermind Excello May 3rd, 2013 at 1:08 pm 1

    The stories very good. I like it. Keep updating!

  2. SilverGoddess May 3rd, 2013 at 1:13 pm 2

    Okay, seriously, you’ve got to stop saying all this “kill you” stuff. It worries my a bit to hear that from someone your age.

    Wow, I sound motherly. Sorry about that…

    I love how you keep putting the palm tree in there! Or was it a pine tree…

    OH MY GAWD, I CAN READ MINDS?! You’re turning me into a total, superpowered Mary Sue… I like it *grins evily* I await your update *steps into shadow with weird hand-motion, but trips over own feet* *brushes self off at though the whole thing was planned*

  3. thanks for the encouragement booster! im actually suffering from writer’s block. deadly illness, that be.

  4. Definitely deadly. I hate writers block.
    I get a promotion! Whooho! And I thought of a plan before Artemis. I couldn’t do that again if I tried. Awesome. 🙂
    @Silvergoddess- that did kind of sound motherly.
    Update soon! I want to see how bad Holly flips on them. Er, except for the fact that I am with them, so I might get flipped on too. Oh well, it be worth it. 🙂
    And just so you know I did find a way to put you into Artemis Fowl and The Magic World.

  5. okay, i did see that! and holly’s totally gonna flip on us all, and loken will pay the price for it cause its his fault we got flipped on! i dunno, maybe she did over react? i mean, so what if he doesnt like hugs? anyway mastermind wanted to be evil so i had to put that there.

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