The Box, the Wolf, and the Fowl.

Summary: The things people will do for food-- shame they didn't know who he was. Please read!

Chapters: 1 2 3

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Knock, knock. Knock again, for good measure. I see a pair of eyes peek out of the mail slot.


“Is this necessary?” I ask.

“No,” replies the little girl on the other side. “Password?”

“OPEN UP!” I cry, and pound the door with my fists.

It opens, and Sashsa -the password girl- gasps when she sees the limp body of Fancy Pants in my arms. “I brought you something,” I say. “Got any rope?”

She scrambles to retrive a frayed peice of wire. I tie it around Fancy Pant’s neck, and then to a tree. I’m barely finished when five kids rush out to eximine the victim. They’re all between eight and ten, and- you guessed it- they’re all like me. Werewolves.

Meet my pack.

The first to come out is Nix. As in, zero. Don’t ask why he’s named that. He showed up one day and said, ‘My name’s Nix.’ He stayed that first night, a rarity, and we discovered that he is anything but a nothing. I bit him on his second night here.

I can’t tell which is out next, Chez (a she) or Cisco (a he). Again, don’t ask me about their names. They showed up together, and chose their own names. They’re like brother and sister. It took a while for them to be part of the pack. I distinctly remember how they didn’t even stir when I bit them, exactly a year after they came here.

And then Shasha- who spells her name like that on purpose- trails behind. I don’t know where she came from, as she was here when I came. I bit her as soon as I was accepted into the pack.

They search Fanct Pants over, exited. They check his pockets for cash. They play with his tie. They use him like a puppet. They try to wake him up.

Then I turn around, and out of the actuall Dumpster I live in, out crawls Alpha. My heart skips a beat. He was here when I first came, and he made sure you knew how he got his name. I never needed to bite him.

“Alpha,” I say, keeping cool. “I thought you were hunting.”

“I did,” is his reply, eyes twinkling. “And I actually found something.”

Apperently some family lefi their picnic basket unnattended, so we get a full meal tonight, more or less. Dinner procedes in the usuall pecking order, with Alpha and I picking out what may end up being next week’s dinner and put it in storage, then take our portion. We eat more than the others because we hunt. Nix usually gets to the pile next. Then Chez and Cisco, and Shasha get’s what’s left. What she doesn’t eat, we store. Like that ever happens.

Of course, there’s the nightly squabbling over dinner.  Chez and Cisco fight over a roll, and Nix takes it when they aren’t looking. They both watch in dismay as Nix devours it, slowly. “What?” he says. Alpha looks at me and rolls his eyes, and I stick out my tounge in agreement, as if we havn’t both done that thousands of times.

The evening passed in a sort of haze. Nothing to do, nowhere to be…

Actually, that’s kind of a lie. I could be making myself usefull, and snatch some lighters from the late-night, behind-the-bar drunkees. But I’ve been out for two nights already, and I want to be home in my Dumpster. With Alpha.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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23 responses to “The Box, the Wolf, and the Fowl..” Join in!

  1. OMG! IT IS QUIET! Which is exactly why I was working on a songfic. Quiet site=psychotic rant=songfic. Yup. Even though I should update my stories…
    Off topic now.

    Lotsa mistakes.
    Cannibalism is sketchy, but I’m not sure if even I spelled it right…

    Anyway. Interesting style of writing you’ve taken up, Fal. It’s nice. I like it.

    “You see, I’m not your average teenage she-stalker/hobo. I’m a werewolf teenage she-stalker/hobo.”




  2. I like this, though its not my style. I like the attitude of your writing [see excerpt above]. The site is to quiet, its driving me nuts. excuse me a moment:


    OK, I’m all better 🙂
    I’d like more details, like where we are, and what we are doing.
    Update, or fear my ninjas.

  3. Different writing style, sadly I don’t really enjoy reading 1st person in this kind of manner. Now if you changed it to a different POV (Point-Of-View) than it would added more interest.

    When you turn from story telling to directly addressing the reader you could be a little more discrepant about it.

    This has an interesting character and hope you will add more to this story.

    – Mr. B

  4. Wow- better reveiws than I thought. This is my experiment on a new style. It works well when I have a bad mood >:D

  5. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hah, teenage were wolf girls, I currently know 2.

  7. UPDATE!!!!!!!! Insert colorful words here.

  8. Hmmmmm. I’m not sure I like the other magical creature crossovers. Especially with the other magical creatures as the main charachters.

  9. Hey, does anyone have a better title?

  10. Um… Okay… All my stories are zombies anyways…

  11. Pretty good looking. Imma likin this style! Uh, could ya tell us she- were-wolf hobo/stalker’s name? Please?!

  12. LOL i havent thought of one yet.

  13. FantasyDevourer July 24th, 2011 at 2:59 am 13

    I found mistakes. Mostly typos, though. I kinda liked the style, but only because I like the short sentences kind of writing.

    I agree with Short: What’s her name????

    This is interesting, but ok.


  14. Yay ^^

    An honest person

  15. This is really interesting and good. I can’t wait for the next update!!

  16. Interesting. A bit confusing, but still. It kinda makes me think of Max Ride, I’m not sure why. Maybe cuz they remind me of Erasers. I like it. Um…5/s I guess.

  17. Interesting… I do wish for an update. Otherwise, there isn’t much to comment upon… let alone rate. 😉

  18. Update! I like it till now 😀

  19. ArtfullyInsane September 2nd, 2011 at 1:28 am 19

    I really like this, and the cliffy was good. Please update!

  20. Are you going to update any more? I think you should this is really good. I didn’t notice any mistakes and whats the she wolfs name? UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Of course I’m going to updaate more. We haven’t gotten to my marvelous ending yet >:D

  22. Absent_Minded_Professor January 29th, 2012 at 11:35 pm 22

    That’s IT?! WHAT HAPPENS AFTER?! I like the writing style, though. And werewolves. I do love my werewolves.

  23. He DIED?! *cry cry* If there’s no updates, I will keel you!

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