The Artemis Games:Part 2

Summary: Due to my extremely long document; I have decided to continue in a new part; it may seem like a […]

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Due to my extremely long document; I have decided to continue in a new part; it may seem like a good idea it may not,either way this won’t be as long since the story is so near the end.

“Man this stuff gets weirder and weirder each day I work for Artemis,” Butler muttered ducking another blast from Bobo’s chocolate bar.
“You die now!” Bobo screamed sending another bolt after Butler. Butler dived towards Trouble, using the fallen soldier as a shield while he formed a plan. I’m becoming more and more like Master Artemis Butler thought.
Butler looked towards the cornucopia, and nearly jumped for joy; right at the entrance was a frag grenade. If I could get that grenade, I could easily get that kid. Butler gauged the distance between him and the cornucopia; he reasoned that he would make it.
“Yah!” he yelled, springing from his hiding spot; as always, his prey was scared; right as Bobo pulled his chocolate bar around to blast Butler, Butler reached the grenade. In one fluid motion; Butler pulled the pin, threw it, and dived as gracefully as a dolphin.
Sorry it’s so short, I’ll make it longer, but there is a big chance it won’t be for a while; I have Writers Block
Butler picked himself up; surveying the scattered remains of Bobo Pardizo.
“That’s one step closer to Artemis,” Butler said aloud.

“Did you find anything?” Artemis asked Holly; who was returning from a scouting trip.
“No, I think I saw a bear though,” she stopped talking while she popped a blueberry in her mouth, “But it was so big it could’ve been Butler!” she joked.
“Ah, wouldn’t that be nice,” Artemis replied, grinning.
“Yeah,” Holly agreed; leaning in for a kiss, Artemis doing the same.
Butler walked up, and cracked a grin; Holly and Artemis were making out.
“Hello,” Butler said, still grinning.
Holly and Artemis broke apart.
“How is it that every time I find you, you’re kissing?”
“I don’t know. Why are you in your underwear?”

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  1. Fowlfan4ever June 7th, 2011 at 2:34 am 1

    K. Glad u took my idea!!!! Update!!!

  2. No prob, it seemed like a good idea

  3. Yah!!!!!!!! *rans Around room and does a crazy dance*

  4. U should butler walk in on Arty and Holly kissing!!

  5. Yay, an idea, now I can update :D:

  6. FantasyDevourer June 8th, 2011 at 4:34 am 7

    “I don’t know. Why are you in your underwear?”

    Wowwww….. 🙂

    I’m watching each update…..

  7. Update!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AFisawesome24689 June 8th, 2011 at 8:01 pm 9

    and if not Daz nek reikus gvain which is barbarian for: may a thousand reindeer fleas nest in your genetails just kidding though that is what it means

  9. NFD (New Fan Dance, or at least I think it’s a new fan) I don’t know, I kinda have Writers Block

  10. Hey peeps; I am on a 6 day long hiatus, meaning I’m at my mom’s house while the word document for this is at my dad’s house. :(:

  11. Ohmygosh! I’m Bobo! I died! :O That. That was epic. ^^

    Ahahaha, I liked the ending. Why was Butler in his underwear? xD

    Well, I really hope you’ll continue. :3 I enjoyed reading this, yes. 😀


  12. You should read the first part if you dont get it

  13. Haha that was funny xD I love yhur fanfic 😀 please update id love to read more x) four stars.

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