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The Artemis Games

Summary: Artemis and Holly are at it again, what heartstopping adventure must they endure this time?

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Disclaimer: Don’t own Artemis, the other characters in this story, or the Hunger Games, just the Idea
Warning:Blood, Gore, Cursing, and whatever else ends up in the story
This story is a time when Holly and Artemis are together, time travel isn’t dangerous, and there is such a thing as a chocolate bar of doom, and Artemis knows how to fight and shoot.

Artemis awoke to the sound of his window opening, he bolted up grabbing his vintage LeMat revolver, aiming it at the window.
“Artemis calm down, it’s me”
“Oh, hello Holly, I’m sorry it’s just you scared me, that’s all” he responded,lowering the revolver.
“Sorry, I just wanted to see you” the elf stated”After the blood bond all I can think about is you, and the wedding of course”(A/N they did it because love knows no bounds)
” Ah yes, the wedding, I meant to tell you sooner” he started “The wedding is going to be postponed”
“Wha… wha- What!”Artemis was having regrets about it, but he continued anyway.
“There’s not enough time to finish planning by Thursday”
“Oh, well that’s O.K. I guess” the fairy tried to sound alright, but she looked heartbroken.(A/N It’s Tuesday)
“Well, still great to see you” reaching up to kiss him, it was only a quick kiss, and only on the cheek, but a kiss from Holly always brought joy to Artemis’s face. He looked down at Holly smiling them Butler busted in.
“What’s happening?” the bodyguard demanded.
“Uh, nothing, Holly was just visiting”
“Oh” the manservant’s face softened a little” Good, my bodyguard senses were tingling, I thought some one was attacking”
Artemis cursed himself for not telling Butler of his relationship with Holly. Meanwhile Holly was cursing herself for not telling anyone, not even Foaly.
Holly looked at Artemis, looking at him with look that she hope said We should tell him, Artemis nodded and said.
“Butler, forgive me for not telling sooner, but” and he moved his hair behind his ears exposing his slightly pointed ears” ,”And” he gripped Holly’s hand in his own, and brought them up showing the engagement ring on her ring finger.
“Congrats, I guess, but I wish I had known sooner. When is the wedding and who already knows?”
Holly responded first” Everyone except for Foaly, Mulch, Trouble, and pretty much whoever else is not in our families”
“Well, not exactly, I told Foaly and Mulch just this morning, and as for the wedding, Friday”
Holly turned to the genius” But you said-”
“Correction I didn’t say how much longer, just that it wasn’t Thursday”
“You and your tricks”she said leaning for another kiss this one longer until Butler interrupted.
“Remember me, still in the room”
“Sorry” Artemis and Holly said in unison, then looked at each other. Each a shade of red to match the Commander.
“Well, I’ll leave you two to resume what you were doing”
“Thanks”they said together, and resumed kissing, oblivious to everything, it was eternal bliss. Until the couple heard laughing, they turned so quickly that they barely saw the demon utter the fateful words that enable time travel.

When they reappeared, they immediately surveyed their surroundings. They were in a barren place, with an electrical fence to their right, in front of them was a barred gate, occupied by two armed guards, and behind them was a small town. They chose the town.
They soon reached a crossroads, it said the left was the Stitch, and to the right was Loser’s Lounge, but up the road in front of them, a large crowd was gathered in front of a stage with what looked like two giant bingo rollers (A/N it’s a spherical cage with balls in it, when you crank the lever it pops out a ball)
“Let’s go see whats going on”
“Good idea” Artemis agreed
Once they got close enough they realized that they were just in time to listen.
“Welcome citizens of the Stitch, welcome to the drawing of the fifty-first annual Artemis Games, a tribute to our wonderful savior, Artemis Fowl II” the women paused for the groan emitting from the crowd, then continued.
“We will draw shortly, but first let me say this. No matter how much we detest the games, they are what keep the Capitol from sending soldiers to kill us all” the lady sounded happy enough, but the cheery voice was out of place with all the angst. Then Artemis and Holly watched as two men came and cranked the bingo rollers, but their was a problem, one of the rollers jammed, causing it to spit two balls out instead of one.
“I wonder who it will be” Holly wondered. But before Artemis could respond, the announcer called out the names of the three balls.
“Katniss Everdeen, and Holly Short”if Holly and Artemis weren’t surprised then, they definitely were when the lady called the third name.
“Artemis Fowl”


They were shoved on a train, the shove giver’s not giving a $#%@ about if it hurt the shove receiver’s.
The ride was a long one, they made six more stops, each time picking up two people, except the last one, that one brought a five year old, with chocolate on his face and guts on his hands.
Once the train ride was over they were shoved off the train into a shuttle, this time the ride five minutes. Next they were shoved off the shuttle, which to the occupant’s dismay, hadn’t landed, luckily parachutes were tossed off after them. Everyone managed to grab a parachute and deploy it except for two of them, both from the same area, Area 4 to be exact. They were greeted by a peculiar man, he had a tall pink hat with a matching suit, green skin, and long flowing purple hair.
“Hello there, I’m Mr. Ferinton, and it looks like we lost two contestant’s already, giddy”
“You are all contestants on the Artemis Games, a desperate fight for survival, all a tribute to the wonderful Artemis Fowl II, savior of all the Fairy Families”
Both Holly and Artemis’s jaw dropped in amazement making perfect circles.
“I will leave you to get acquainted, and when it’s time to sleep I suggest you do, we have a long day of training to do” and with on that happy note he left, the door sealed itself.
Having nothing to do they examined the other contestant’s.Area 1 revealed Onyx, a girl with long jet-black hair, black looking eyes, and all black clothes. Artemis noted how she kept away from the others excluding the other Area one person, another girl, color-changing eyes, long(In Artemis’s opinion)beautiful hair, with blue highlight’s and it was curling slightly, was wearing denim jeans, and a t-shirt that said Apollo on it. Said the name was Crazy, and crazy indeed she was trying to sneak a grenade into the young boy’s pocket, illegal no doubt.
Area 2 beheld a joker, when Artemis tried to introduce himself this is what happened.
“Hello, my name is Artemis Fowl” he said extending his hand.
“Shut it!” she said, then snapped her finger’s causing a strung bow to appear in her hands.
She pointed it at him and commanded.
“Step back or I’ll shoot an arrow through your gut”
Artemis slowly started backing away until he heard laughter.
It was the girl.
“Hahahahaha, I gotcha good. I was just messing with ya, I’m Crazy” she said snapping her finger’s causing the bow to disappear.
“Yes you are” Artemis said under his breath.
She was wearing slightly ripped skinny jeans, a tank top, both a mix of black-and-silver, and brown hair in a french braid.The other person was an insane girl named Short, she wore an olive green camo tank top, ripped up skinny jeans, and had what looked like a wooden spoon tucked into the waistband of her jeans, barely noticeable. Artemis walked back over to his allies, for now.
“Does everyone sneak something in here?”he whispered to Kitnass.
“Yes, and so did I” she answered pulling out a knife and a small metallic sphere, tucking the knife into the pocket of Artemis’s suit, and slipped the sphere into Holly’s pocket as well.

~~~~~~~~~~***********~~~~~~~~~~~~~To be continued(DUH)

Fowl Manor-past (The time when Artemis and Holly were sent back in time)

Warning:Slight chance of confusion
Do Not give me entries for my story anymore, please I beg you

Butler groaned, Mrs. Fowl asked for help on everything, from helping on dishes to helping make dinner. So when she called he didn’t rush to get to her, instead taking it long and slow.
“Butler!” this time her voice urgent, so Butler hauled his !#@ up the stairs. Bursting into Artemis’s room he nearly screamed ‘What!’, but he answered his own question by looking around.
The room was almost exactly the same as it was when he was in it moments ago, but there was a burnt spot on the floor, and Artemis’s vintage pistol on the floor, completely out of place with the rest of the clean room.
“He’s… he’s gone, I’ve searched the whole Manor, but I couldn’t find him. Do you know where he is?”
“Well, Holly could have taken him on a nighttime flight or down to her house for some more privacy” then he looked at Angeline Fowl, “Uh, I sorta walked in on them making out” and catching the surprised look on her face, he added “Because you know, they’re engaged and everything”
“Ah, yes” she paused, “Do you have a way to talk to Foaly?”
“Of course, but he already knows”
“He has surveillance, naturally, seeing as Artemis has done a lot with the fairies over the year’s” then “Foaly, you can brighten the screen now, we know you’re watching. And you might as well tell us whats on the video feed”
The centaur was surprised that the Man Mountain knew he was there, but listened nevertheless.
The feed showed Artemis sleeping then the window opening, then Artemis rolling out of bed taking the gun as he went, aiming it at Holly, then lowering it, next Holly stood on her tiptoes and kissed Artemis on the cheek, then Butler busted in as big and menacing as ever. Some more talking, Holly and Artemis kissing again, more talking, and Butler left. Finally what they waited for happened, a warlock appeared on the screen and muttered some words, then the couple disappeared into thin air.


Artemis Games Dorms (Future)

Artemis and Holly turned in for the night after learning about the others, along with Kitnass. Since you weren’t there when the others met, I’ll tell you:
Area three-Arty and Co.
Area four-Dead
Area five-Fowlfan4ever, a random girl, who out of anything she could have sneaked in, she chose Romeo and Juliet. She had brown eyes and matching ratty hair, she was wearing skinny jeans, and, although Artemis wouldn’t say it with Holly around, a cute top. The outfit was completed with a denim jacket. The other was Eragon Fowl, he had to explain ti, but he looked nearly identical to the Eragon that Christopher Paolini wrote about.
Area six- This group consisted of Torry, she wore all black, except for her red tank top, and the other was Short, or as she preferred Shorty. She was covered with an olive green camo shirt, slightly ripped skinny jeans, and had a wooden spoon tucked into a strap on her pants.
Area seven- Bobo Paradizo, the young five year old, he kept asking for chocolate, and on the twelfth time he asked for chocolate, and got no for an answer, he threatened to rip Holly’s gut’s. No one doubted that, considering the state he arrived in.

The wake up bugle sounded, the training had begun.


“This is training, you will be given a variety of weapons to use, you will be rated on a scale of one to ten, that way you know if it’s a good weapon to use.
(I suggest you find training montage music for this)
They spent several days training, throwing knives, practicing their archery, slicing and dicing, threw ninja stars, and smacked with Nun-chucks. Area one specialized in knives, area two in swords, area five was superb at all, Area six was all archery, and seven was just Bobo, with a chocolate bar.


Everyone was arranged into a perfect circle, a cornucopia in the middle, overflowing with goodies. There was swords, knives and all other kinds of weapons. They got worse and worse as they got closer to the contestants, such as if Artemis bent over there was a small pebble, probably for the sling shot a little more than half-way to the cornucopia. Past the cornucopia was a lake, to the left was a quarry, and to the right and behind Artemis was a forest.
Artemis, Holly and Katniss had agreed on a plan the night before, they were to run for the woods directly behind Artemis, but he saw a set of knives, about half a dozen tied together with a string. Artemis may have failed the throwing knife training, but Holly scored a nine, only missing the last one. He thought about it, the knives could help hunt, or defend against other competitors. He finally decided if he could get to the knives before someone else could get a weapon, he had a fair chance to run away in time.
While he pondered the starting horn blew setting Artemis’s legs into overdrive making his way towards the knives as he was running he thought I started to late, I won’t make it behind him he heard Holly screaming, but he didn’t bother to decipher what she was yelling. he made it to the knives right as someone reached a bow. It was Fowlie (Fowlfan4ever), she was the only one with a perfect archery score, and she had her sights set on Artemis. She was pulling back on the bowstring about to fire, when a brown blast came from her right. Artemis started running to the woods, as he ran he looked back, it was Bobo with his Chocolate bar of doom, and it didn’t seem like the only one he hit, Fowlie, was still alive.
He reached the edge of the woods, where he silently handed Holly the knives and started walking to the agreed rendezvous.


The time where Artemis and Holly were sent into the future

“So where is my principal?” Butler demanded.
“Well, we don’t know, we have Qwan and No.1 on the case, they expect results within the hour” then on Foaly’s end there was ring, which the centaur answered.
“Foaly, Foaly are you there?”
“Yes Qwan, I hear you loud and clear” the centaur cleared his throat before continuing, “Do you have the results we asked for?”
“Yes, we’ve figured out that the couple was sent some fifty years in the future”
Angeline spoke up.
“Fifty years!”
“My Arty is fifty years in the future!”


The Artemis Games Arena, Forest, exact whereabouts unknown

“Here, I found some blueberries,” Katniss whispered, pouring the aforementioned berries on the ground.
They had went around the forest all day yesterday looking for a good spot, and in the process Holly killed a contestant, they didn’t see who, and took his sword. They had settled on a couple of trees grown close enough together to form a roof. The remainder of the day they spent looking out for other contestants. And at the end of the day *Artemis walks in on me typing and starts to lecture me about not starting a sentence with a conjunction* a plane flew overhead with banners, on which were the faces of the dead. It was only Eragon Fowl, and FF4E
“We should get some sleep, we’ve got hunting to do tomorrow,” Artemis said, a gleam in his eyes, a vampiric smile decorating his lips.

The Next Day

Holly shot up, here soldier senses tingling.
“Everyone up, NOW!” Katniss practically flew out of the trees, but Holly had to yank Artemis out of the way of a barrage of arrows. They jumped up and started running for cover, arrow after arrow flew at the trio.
“#^$#!” Katniss yelled, an arrow piercing her guts. She acted like it was fine, but her eyes said otherwise, when she caught Artemis staring she growled.
Holly looked back, they were being chased by Torry and Short, the only other ones to master the bow, no scratch that the remaining achievers of a perfect archery score.
They were dead.
Eventually the trio that made up the Area 3 dived behind a tree, an arrow grazing Artemis’s arm.
“Am I really the only person that hasn’t been hit already?” Holly asked, and with Katniss being in to much pain Artemis answered.
“Yes, now I suggest you make use of those knives I gave you” he said through clenched teeth.
“Fine, fine, I’ll do it!” she leaned out a little , then popped right back, an arrow narrowly missing her.
“O.K, new plan, Katniss are you well enough to run?”the elf asked hopefully.
Katniss attempted to get up, but could not.
Holly sighed, then put her hands on Katniss, much to her protest, and said ‘heal’ and stood back as sparks flooded Katniss, causing the arrow to disappear, and push her guts back to their rightful positions.
“Better?” Katniss responded by standing up.
“Good, now this depends on our survival. Artemis, you and Katniss will run to the left, and I will go to the right, we’ll see if they will focus on you, allowing me a clear shot, am I clear?” the other two nodded, “O.K, now!”
Artemis and Katniss ran their direction, then a moment after, Holly ran her’s. Luckily the archers took the bait so Holly settled into a good spot, she readied her knives. When she looked up, ready to throw knives she gasped. Artemis was running fine, but Katniss was falling behind, an arrow in her leg. Holly through her knives, and both hit their mark, but she was to late. That night the dead showed, all of Area 6.
The third person, Katniss.
(A/N I’m just updating because I updated the other story to fast and no one commented, if it doesn’t show, don’t blame me, blame my computer, I am trying a new way to type)


“What do we do now?” Artemis asked.
“Honestly Arty, I don’t know,” Holly answered, “I guess we should go find the other contestants and kill them off, or we could hide and wait, but that will probably end with us dead”
“I had deducted the same thing, but it’s better with an opinion from a soldier,” Holly slugged him in the arm.
“Then lets go Mud Boy,” she said, getting up.
“Correction, I’m a half-breed too, remember,” he corrected, pulling his hair back to show his slightly pointed ears.
“Right, well we still need to go,” she reminded, pulling him up. They seemed to fade from existence as the shadows enveloped them.


Fowl Manor (50 years ago {when they were sent into time})

“How do we get them back?” Butler asked defensively.
“I could tell you, but you wouldn’t like it,”Qwan told the furious Mud Mountain, afraid he would reach in and yank him out.
“We would send a fairy to the same time that they were sent to, but the problem is, you may not be able to find them in time to be brought back to our time”
“Well either way I’m going, whether I’ll get back or not, my principal must be protected,” Butler stated as simply as if he was going to get milk.
Sensing Butler’s firmness, Qwan reluctantly agreed, “Fine, but under one circumstance,” Qwan paused while Butler nodded, then continued, “You must not change the future, even if Artemis’s life depends on it, we don’t want a paradox of that kind,” Qwan disappeared for a moment while he went to get the fairy to go with Butler. When he appeared again he said, “I sent him on a pod, he should be there in about five minutes”

Five minutes later

“I’m here,” someone said, reaching up to tap on butler shoulder.
Butler twirled around, “This is gonna be trouble” he groaned.
“Affirmative,my name is indeed Trouble”
“Shut up”
Qwan grinned, “Well if you two are done, I can send you back in time now”
Butler, for once in his life, was amazed, “you can do a time travel spell from the Magi-lab!”
“No, I’m behind you”
Both Butler and Trouble swirled around guns drawn, only to lower them.
“Your fast,”Butler commented.


“So, do we need to strip down or something like that?” Trouble asked, “I recall something like or something messes up.”
“You’re correct, you will need to strip down to your underwear, and Trouble, you need to take any electronics of your one-piece.”
Both males looked at him like he was crazy, but did it anyway.
“Okay, now hold hands.”
“What!?!” both men yelled in unison.
“You heard me, hold hands,” Qwan repeated, a grin on his face. Butler crouched so that Trouble could reach his hand. It ended up pretty awkward, with Trouble practically hugging Butler’s hand so he could stay on.
Then Mrs. Fowl walked in, screamed, dropped a plate of sandwiches and fainted, then Trouble, startled, fell off of Butler’s hand, and Qwan was sitting there throughout the whole ordeal laughing.
“I think we forgot to tell her about demons,” Butler realized.


Artemis Games, The Lake

“Look,” Artemis pointed at a lone figure getting water, “Another contestant.”
“You’re right, wait a second,” Holly studied the person for a moment, then snapped her fingers, “That’s Onyx!”
Artemis realized what she was getting at, “If we take her out of the equation, we will have a 60% chance of winning.”
“Shut up, this isn’t one of your math problems, this is about survival,” she paused a moment, then continued, “That, and I still want to get married.”
They crawled out of there hiding spot, a patch of cattails, and did there best to silently make their way to Onyx. Knife in hand Holly tiptoed to Onyx, while Artemis struggled to keep Torry’s bow pointed at Onyx. Right as Holly was about to bring the knife down into Onyx’s neck, Onyx did a back-flip over Holly, pulling out duel machetes, each one singing as it went towards Holly’s head. Artemis was thinking when he came to a point, and let go of the bowstring, sending an arrow flying at Onyx’s machetes. Some divine force must have been watching Artemis, because his aim was true, the arrow hit the machetes, knocking Onyx off balance, causing him to miss Holly.
Holly brought the knife around and managed to stick it into Onyx’s temple, instantly killing him.
The games were nearly over, and the couple was ready, Bobo and Crazy had better watch out, because they had some serious stuff coming their way.

* * *

Once they calmed Mrs.Fowl down, they informed her of the plan to get Artemis back.
“Well, if it’ll get my Arty back, then I agree,” still eying Qwan nervously.
“Okay I will now send you into time,” he got into his position, and began to chant the same lines over and over again, until there was a flash of light.
Once their eyes adjusted to the light Butler and Trouble looked around, both wishing that they could have brought their guns with them into the time stream.
They had landed in the outskirts of the forest; further investigation revealed the cornucopia about thirty yards away.
“Look over there,” Trouble pointed out, “That look like a Mud Child.”
“You’re right,” Butler studied the kid for a little bit, “He looks about five years old.”
They began to approach the kid; when the child turned around, a chocolate bar in his hands.
“Don’t move!” he commanded, “or I’ll blast you with my Chocolate Bar of Doom!”
“Yeah right,” Trouble replied, and then began to walk forward; only to be stopped by a brown beam that seemed to emit from the chocolate bar. Trouble wasn’t getting up.

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