Super Jerks Assemble- Crossover with cartoons Lol!

Summary: AdventureTime,Gumball,Ben10,And AF. Theehee...SUPER JERKS ASSEMBLE!!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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AUTHORS NOTE: This is not some sloppy story rated pg13 because i’m nowhere near 13 myself. I thought it would be cool to have an AF/DBZ crossover. You know DBZ,right? Greatest japaneese anime of all time? Dragon ball Z? But since most of you probably aren’t tomboys like me, I have also used VERY famous ones.

The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, Ben Ten Omniverse( heehee).

Plus I am not Eion Colfer nor Akira Toriyama, or Cartoon network studios director. If I were, I’d be better at these things than I already am. THIS LEGALLY BELONGS TO THEM!and I am NOT taking any credit for it.

Special thanks to my friend Nuha for the help. She’s not on FG, but one of my BFFs at school.




Chapter one

Artemis had,believe it or not, lost his sarcastic touch which was the first thing most people noticed about him. It wasn’t completely his fault: the memory loss had caused him to forget who he really was. Neither one of his family nor friends liked that. Foaly tried annoying him daily,hoping for a snappy retort to come,but got nothing but :’It’s alright Foaly, I can see that you are right.’  Holly tried too, but none of their attempts worked.

She had come to a decision that this would be the final time she tried.

‘Artemis? There’s something going on below ground you can help me with…’

Instead of, ‘AT 5’O CLOCK IN THE MORNING??’  all he said was, ‘Be right there, Holly.’

Artemis left his study,laptop screen still on. Holly studied the mud boy’s face. All signs of drowsiness had vanished. To be honest, she actually missed his snappy retorts and sarcastic comments.

“Um, Arty?”she called. “Can I ask you something?”


“I-It can wait. Later. Anyway, I’m sorry for disturbing you at this time of the day-”

“Not a problem,Holly. I’m coming.”

Holly secretly felt her heart sink. He was different.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. SilverGoddess May 17th, 2013 at 2:31 pm 1

    … um…?

    Well, this is… different. Not that I don’t like it, even though there isn’t much of a plot yet.

    At least I know who most of the people are. I LOVE Adventure Time. (I memorized most of Marcaline’s songs and Marshall Lee, I have a Finn hat *is this show where you got your nickname, Finn?*, SHMOWZOW!)
    I have seen a few episodes of Ben 10 Omniverse, but the characters lack of having pupils bothered me. I have seen every episode of the original Ben 10 and Ben 10 Alien Force, however. I used to watch Amazing World of Gumball, so I’m pretty familiar with the characters on there.

    Still haven’t watched DBZ…

    Well, it seems like this is a hilarious story in the making, and, since I will actually know the characters, I can’t wait to see how it progresses!

  2. aw,i smiled at every single wotd you just said! you’re a marcalialine fan as well? i love her singing! it is absolutely awesome. hm….no dbz?! you should watch it! there is a lot of violence and killing, and i love it so that i have POSTERS which drew all over my walls! agh! how does toriyama draw those characters? it took me,like, half an hour to get vegetas freaking hair right! well anyways. remember,a friend of mine helped a bit,she is the one who suggested granny jojo. originally opal was supposed to blast the ice king and chuck him outta the window,but….yeah, thanks a lot!

  3. Um, okay you DO realize you posted her name in the first chapter, right?

  4. Mmmmmm???????
    Sorry sorry for npt getting on sooner.
    Life sucks when people ask you to do everything and you want to die.

  5. Your not te only tomboy here. I LOVE the amazing world of gumball and adventure time. Sadly I was banned from watching adventure time. I also like Star Wars. Anyway, you r story was totally awesome(like all your other stroies)!

  6. i saw the review only now. I shall update soon!

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