Strange…The Sequel!

Summary: This is basically a sequel to my 1st story,Strange...

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Artemis:*asleep* *sleep talking*Wha…dat awl..’bout…olly..ooh…kay?

Strange girl in a green tunic:*whisper-shouting*Hey!WAKE!UP!

Arty:What the…WHO ARE YOU?!

Strange girl in a gold tunic:Wow…1st intrabang of the story.


Girl in green:I’m Short!

Arty:I see that!

Short:No idiot my name is Short!

Girl in gold:I’m Falcon!

wolf:*transforms into a girl*I’m SilverSong!

cat:*transforms into a girl*I’m Ivy!

Blue puff of smoke:*disappears,& in place is a girl*Hey,I’m Yoshi!

Artemis:W-well why are you here?!

Yoshi:We need you and Holly to come with us!

Arty:Well then,where do we need to go?

All except Arty:*singing*OOOOhhhh,to the land of mystic creatures & dreams,land of the wolfen savior,Shadow, & where we shall beeeeeee!DREAMINYAAAAAA!



Artemis:You said something about Holly…

Falcon:Speaking of which,we should go get her.

SilverSong:Alright Artemis, get dressed.


Short:Don’t worry, we won’t look!

5 Minutes Later

Short:O.K. Arty,ready?

Arty:Don’t call me Arty.

Falcon:*looks at Arty’s suit*I hope you brought more comfortable clothes!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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    *first comment marshmellow*


    There’s not much to go on is there…so…er…update?

  2. *Sting glows blue* Could you possibly wait until you have some actual substance to post this?

  3. YAY ME! Go half vampires! please continiue to write. I really want to se the actual story.

  4. *smiles sheepishly*Sorry AA. If u read the HELP ME story you’d know why I’m stuck.

  5. GAAAAH!
    The Chapter button doesn’t work!
    BTW i shall work on this tomorrow!

  6. Hermione Fowl June 4th, 2010 at 5:53 am 6

    What if you made longer chapters?? I agree with AA. Also, UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!

  7. Well. That was preety cool! But, could you post more? Then I’ll log in and rate it. 😉


  8. Come on people! READ MY STORY PLEASE!

  9. I read it. I thought it was pretty cool. Then again, i’m in it. Pleeeeeeeeese update, or i send hot pink bunnies. }:)

  10. oh, and it’s introbang. with an O.

  11. shadowsnake451 June 7th, 2010 at 9:07 am 11

    Can I be in it? CanIcanIcanI?
    Pleeease? This is great! A little slow in the way of diolouge, but brilliant nonetheless!
    Love it! Me want to be in it! And then update!!

  12. Ok Shadow, can u leave a descrpition some where? I sorta lost the ones I had.*smiles sheepishly*

  13. Uh, one-shots don’t have chapters. wOw, i need to stop commenting on this story…

  14. Fal, SHUT YOUR MOUTH OR I SHALL BRING UP FOWL WARS!oh,uh sorry… I’ll go fix that…

  15. Updat(e)

  16. shadowsnake451 September 1st, 2010 at 1:00 pm 16

    Typical. You scream at me for a descript AND YOU DON’T EVEN UPDATE!
    Please, rectify this.

  17. sorry shadow. I update soon

  18. You added two senteces, and a BLANK chapter.

  19. shadowsnake451 March 5th, 2011 at 3:24 pm 19

    Agreed. When we say update, we do mean significantly. And you said I could be in it!

  20. SORRY!!!!!!!
    I AM WORKIN ON IT!!!!!
    So sorry!

  21. Ahh, the rotting smell of a dead fic that hopeless fan’s keep trying to revive. i’m giving this fic 5 days before I proclaim this fic dead. Yes, that is my new job. i sift through old fics and proclaim them dead.

  22. uh… i dont get it.

  23. You can’t just call a fic dead, Orion. Short was grounded for several months in a row, and couldn’t update. But she’s back, and trying to update. Most of these comments were before we knew she was grounded…

  24. And I just read this thing and realized it’s crap…. Sheesh,,,,,

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