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Summary: The AF cast has a new enemy.. And they've got little chance of survival. Will they live?

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Warning: This fic includes bloodshed and people getting murdered. You have been warned.


She ran, frantically, her curly blonde hair bouncing up and down like springs. She was breathing heavily, her lungs felt like they were about to pop. The girl glanced around in a panic. There! In the trees there was a dark silhouette. It leaped at her. She gasped. Her foot became caught upon something. She tripped and fell, hitting the ground with a thud. She let out a yelp of pain. The figure landed in front of the girl with the grace of a cat. She looked up at it with horror. She whimpered, “No.. No.. ┬áPlease! I beg you! Spare me!”

“Heh, looks like the queen has fallen. Oh Madam Minerva, it looks like your reign is over~” ┬áThe voice of the figure was clearly female, and full of malice at that.

“Please! Please no! Don’t kill me!” The blonde began sobbing.

The unknown female grinned and kicked the girl. She flew through the air and landed on her back with a sickening crunch. The girl let out a strangled yelp of pain. “No! Please stop!”

“I’ll stop when you’re dead!” With that, the figure raised her weapon over her head. It looked to be a large hammer of sorts. She brought it down on Minerva’s chest. There was a loud, sickening crunch, and the blonde screamed in pain

“N-no.. Please no..!” She coughed up blood, crying in pain.

“Too late for that, m’lady!” The figure cackled, swinging around the hammer, and slashed the end of it across Minerva’s face. The hammer had been modified with a railroad spike. Said spike made a deep cut across the blonde’s face, spraying blood everywhere. She screamed in pain, blinded by her own blood. The attacker cackled with glee. “Ohoho, oh dear, looks like your pretty face has been ruined! Time to die, my dear!”

The last thing the blonde girl saw was the hammer coming down on her face. The was a loud, sickening crunch. Her skull had been crushed. Her blood stained the dark green grass. The killer knelt, sticking her fingers in the blood then licking it, letting out an insane laugh. She stood, finished with her victim. What she said was carried on the breeze.

“Minerva Paradizo is no more.”


[A/N: Sorry it’s so short ^^;;; Keep watching though, I plan on updating soon!]

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  1. boo yah! min is dead! its your chance holly! good beginning keep it up

  2. wow so minerva dies!pls continue story:i love stories withou minerva unless in it she’s a villain with an eyepatch!i hate her because of the same reasons you people hate her…and she’s just a boring nerd!pls dont ever mention her name in stories again unless its for something far i love this fanfic.

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