Silver Glayde: A Story of a Mutt With Something More To Offer

Summary: A bit of insight to out mysterious half-breed...

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Heller. My my, I wonder who this could be. Is it…Silver? No no, that’s impossible, she’s dead.

Yes, I’m aware of my status as a horrible person. But I’ve got writers block for the last parts of the chapters for LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE CHAPTERED STORY I HAVE, POSTED OR NOT.

So, I had the brilliant idea to just start another one!

This is more or less the backstory of Silver from The Cross Species Battle written by out lovely shaadia, whom is half elf, half sprite. She told me I could write this a long time ago, and the guilt has been eating at me for a while now, since I haven’t been posting anything except Rise of the Guardians stuff(which by the way, I finished that story, and the sequel is under heavy construction.) This in particular happened after Shorty(CaptainS10) PMed me asking when I would start writing again.

It seems I have forgotten my fanfiction writing roots, because this is where I started, this is where I had many a-failure and this is where I discovered my style and my secondary passion. I got homesick, so I thought I should post something. Frankly, this isn’t even the whole first chapter, because I do have more I want to add(I jotted it on a PostIt), but it’s one in the morning and I have to get up early tomorrow(On a Saturday, what the frick).

T for language and suggestive themes(not too bad, but I think a warning couldn’t hurt)


Outcast. Misfit. Half-breed. Monster.

None uncommon to the slim brunette, but the poisonous words merely rolled off of her back now. They judged the iridescent wings folded beneath her jacket, nestled against her fair skin.

Half elf, half sprite. Quite literally the only of her kind, as the species’ compatibility was near zero. Not that her mother loved, liked, or even tolerated the man who…

“Glayde! Are you deaf?! Get your tail in gear, or we’ll gonna be a Mutt short!” her Commanding Officer barked, snapping the grotesque sausages on his hand of front of her face.

“Sir yes sir!” she responding aloud, but was thinking You prick, don’t call me a Mutt.

“For your feeble little daydreams, you’ve got latrine duty and three extra laps!” he hissed, the putrid stench of his breath causing her eyes to water and damn near killed every blade of grass in the surrounding ten feet.

“Sir yes sir!” she said with significantly less volume.

“Don’t you sass me little girl, or you’ve got them latrines for the rest of the week.” he spat, before sauntering away as if he had just apprehended a bull troll with a ball of twine.

No problem. I just hope you like maggots crawling all over you when you sleep.


The dense flak fell to the ground with a muted thud, Silver’s detached melancholy stripping away with it. Her wings unfolded and stretched to their full span, her shoulders a bit cramped from the reflective membrane being squished under the vest all day. A plethora of dragofly hues danced around her body like a halo as she shot into the sky, deep indigo and sultry crimson flashing in the wake of the setting sun.

As one of the rarer halflings, she was sent to an aboveground facility where she would be trained as a mercenary and work for the Haven Council once her training was finished. The Council would generally employ the halflings, or Mutts as they were more commonly called as it held more offense, because they were considered expendable. Should they be killed, captured or injured, they could leave them to die with very little remorse and pick out a shiny new one to take their place. Not the most glamorous way to live life, not is any dimension, but it was just how things were. The Mutts generally ended up making the better merc’s anyhow, because they had one thing in common.

Something to prove.

They were all determined to be that fairy who changed The People’s opinion of Mutts, to be the one who showed them all that they were just as good as any other fairy, and maybe even better. That they were still one of The People, and they even had a double bloodline to show for it.

That they belonged.

Of course, that wasn’t anything new centuries ago, and here they were, still dying in place of fairies who clearly deserved to live instead of them. After all, this was just the Councils way of weeding out the runts of the litter, they just gave them a fancy building so they felt important.

Her chronic depression and blatant hatred for any form of socializing definitely reflected how well that was working out.

But there was an upside to being separated. They didn’t have to hide what they were. Once they had finished for the day, whatever time was left was theirs.

Which meant Silver got to fly.

No matter how much she seethed, fought and resented those who mocked her wings, she wouldn’t give them up for the world. Flying was quite literally her only true joy. There were those who could argue that reading might be, but the library that was her room only served to amuse her when the weather was poor. Which, considering their base was set up at the very tip of Northern Russia, was rather frequent, icy rain and sheets of sleet making her vulnerable to the Hypothermeic Flu.

Oh right, did she forget to mention that this amazing facility was put in one of the most harsh climates possible, without making it so cold they would drop like flies? Yeah, there’s also that.

So, she was also quite intelligent, as the only books they were allowed to have were the old University textbooks that were going to be thrown away. There weren’t many copies to go around, since most of the students used electronic copies, but a petition made by a group of centaurs rebelling the system had a few paper copies made every year. The old ones were either recycled or sent to the Mutts.

But today, she soared amongst the splattered canvas of the dusk horizon. The air was still quite cold the brisk chill striking at her face and throwing her long waves behind her, the soft locks freed from the tight bun they spent most of their time in.

The spread her arms wide, relishing the sharp buffet of the icy gales as the air stung her skin. She flipped into a tight, elegant barrel roll, then dropped into a dive so steep, someone who didn’t know any better would think she was free falling. Seeming merely feet from impending doom, her lean body rolled into another dramatic flip and she was back in the sky once more.

“Silver!” she heard a voice call, what was obviously a shout sounding about as loud as a whisper.

She turned and squinted through the thick mess of dark hair that blew into her face and saw a stout dot on the ground. Rolling her eyes, she looped around an flew towards them, her slow speed making it very clear she was not going to let them walk away uninjured for interrupting her flying time. She needed a moment to plot what would happen to them.

“Birch, you’d better have a damn good reason for calling me.” she hissed, glaring at a half dwarf, half gnome acolyte.

“Jeez Sil, I was just gonna ask of you’d help me with my training. I suck at close quarter and you’re top of the class.” he said defensively. Truthfully, she was top of the class in pretty much everything, ut that was because she actually preferred the Mutt facility over living in the city.

“Good Frond, Oliver, this would make how many times you’ve asked?” she grumbled. “And don’t cal me ‘Sil’, unless you’d like to lose a couple more inches.”

“Uh, eight, if you don’t count those two times Husk made you do it anyways.” the male Mutt answered automatically.

Silver gave a sour look at the mention of the forced tutoring. The second time, it had been raining, but the water was warm and she loved the feel of the lightly heated drops on her skin. “Right now? Can’t you wait until after sundown?”

Oliver shook his head. “You know Kernel will make a grease spot outta me if I keep K-Oing first round. I gotta do better with my spars.”

Her teeth gritted over the halfling’s grammar. “If you’re not in that training room fully suited out in five minutes, you will show up to an empty gym.”


Silver’s foot slammed into the other halfling’s gut with a resounding thub, and the dwarf/gnome skidded across the ring once again.

“What did I tell you about blocking! You have to be faster than that!” she said, exasperated. They had been sparring for an hour now, and the small male acolyte had landed exactly one hit on her. Well, more of a graze, which barely skimmed her ribs.

“If you’d slow down I could!” he protested, wheezing for the air that had been knocked out of him.

“Do you think someone who’s genuinely trying to hurt you will slow down for you, because you can’t keep up? No, they’ll kill you.” she said bluntly, hauling the stout mutt to his feet. “If you gat used to blocking slow hits, you’ll be just as useless for it as you are now.”

She stepped back into position.



Finally back in the peaceful solitude of her room, Silver peeled the sim-leather training shoes from her feet. The shoes weren’t really shoes at all, but a strong plastic beneath the leather that supported the arch of her foot, and a strap that secured it around her ankle. Otherwise, her skin was bare.

The training jumpsuit was also removed, the thin fabric retaining almost no sweat from the “workout”. She sat crosslegged on her bed, wearing only the leggins and half shirt she wore beneath the jumpsuit.

The walls were originally a dismal off-white, but upon discovering she could, they had slowely become covered in hand drawn graffitti. She was no master artist, but she wasn’t too bad, either. Many of the doodles displayed what she though Haven and Atlantis to look like, having never seen them for herself. Otheres were scenes from her flight, of vivid orange skies and arial views of a snow-encrusted place of magic.

Her fingers ran lightly over an image of several water elves laughing, their arms entwined into a ring. She hadn’t let anyone into her room in three years, because she did not want them to see the murals. She was certain she would be ridiculed for her irrational dreams, and one of her superiors might even be so bold as to paint over it all when she was away.

So she made sure no one saw it.

She sighed loudly and flopped back against the pillow, her thick braid flopping lazily over her shoulder. She stared up at the night sky she had painted on the ceiling, imaginary constelations of other fairies and creatures highlighted with glowig dots, a homemade paint of white and a broen fairy glowstick.

She drifted to sleep gazing at the images that were so far out of reach.


Okay, so I posted this forever ago, and sort of forgot I didn’t finish it? Oops.

But, I did now! I’m not planning for this to be all that long, maybe six or seven chapters at best, but I know what I’m going to do with it, so(theoretially) it shouldn’t take me all that long.

I also want to dedicate the entierty of this story to out Shaddia. I think she’s pretty much my biggest supporter, the best pen pal antone could ever ask for, and she’s been here with me ever since I started writing fanfiction over a year ago. She’s seen me grow as an author, and I’ve seen her grow as an author, and I hope we stay friends for a very long time.

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  1. Didn’t feel like logging in… Anyhow, yay! New story! This place is so barren lately… It rather sucks. I have to say, though, I haven’t been getting on much either… Ugh, off topic. Soo…. Are you gonna be back now, like here, with some AF stories? I’ve been looking forward to some updates, and I’m sure others have too… Though I understand if not – you mentioned writer’s block, and I know how annoying that is. I’ve been pulling through that recently too. Anyways, great story so far, good to see you posting at least a little again, and update soon if possible! 😀

  2. Good job with this story! Keep it up!

  3. Wow. First, I’ll give you a hug. Second, I’ll congratulate you because the story is incredible. The start was very touching, and I love your title! Keep it up!
    Oh, and still friends 🙂

  4. ThunderSpirit April 24th, 2014 at 1:29 pm 4

    I haven’t been here in forever and I just realized that there was way more recent things then when I last checked, sorry. Anyway, this is amazing. I would like an update but I can’t promise that I’ll be there to read so just keep up with the good work!

  5. Oh my gosh…it’s been so long…
    Keep updating, Sil!

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