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Rebellion (part 1)

Summary: Hey! Sorry for my long absences, think now I’ve kinda left you all hanging for a while. Sorry!  Anyways, new […]

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Hey! Sorry for my long absences, think now I’ve kinda left you all hanging for a while. Sorry! 

Anyways, new story! A friend of mine kinda helped me with this, so I can’t take full credit for the story idea or chapter one, but I have permission from her to post it so don’t freak. Though you might once you read the story… 😉


Chapter 1


“It isn’t fair.” Trouble started. “It isn’t fair that humans can take control of air, water, and sunlight just because they are bigger than us. While we are stuck down miles beneath the surface, trying to fend off trolls, and goblins!”

The council shook their heads and murmured in agreement. They knew he had a point.

Right now Trouble was standing before the council, expressing an idea to them. Along with Trouble, Holly, commander Root, Foaly, Grub, Chix and Lili Frond were in attendance to this meeting. They were asked to be silent from the beginning of the meeting, but Holly couldn’t hold it in after what Trouble had said.

“Its too late now Trouble, what do you expect all of us to do? Wipe out all the humans?” She laughed at the thought, but Trouble turned back to the council.

“In fact, yes. That would be the only logical solution.”

Foaly, and Root stood up to join Holly then, at once the three of them exclaimed simultaneously, “what?!”

That was when commander Root came into charge, “it is illogical. The goblin revolution was stopped by the help of not one, but two humans!” You could practically see steam coming out of the commanders ears when he finished.

Council man Hilder was the main council representative. He spoke for all of the council. Hilder thought for a moment and cleared his throat to stop the rampage that was starting to take place. “Both points of view have been enlightening for the council. But in conclusion, we have to allow Trouble Kelps exchange without a second thought.”

“That is unfair!” cried Holly.

“And how is it, Captain Short? We have the technology to defeat them. Let th suffer for all the pain they have caused us over the decades and decades of dirt and the torture of not being able to see sunlight!”

“What about the mud people that helped us with the goblin rebellion? Don’t they at least get to live?”

“Artemis Fowl? You, of all people, want Artemis Fowl to live?”

“He isn’t the same monster he was a year ago!”

“Still, to complete this task we have to write out all humans, Artemis Fowl included.”

Foaly, and Holly just stood, gaping at Hilder. Roots face was just getting redder by the second. Then Foaly spoke, “can we at least get a vote?”

It wasn’t what the council usually did, but in this case, Hilder agreed. “Raise your hand if you are willing to go with Trouble Kelps exchange at hand.

Everyone but Holly, Root, and Foaly rose their hands.

“Splendid, now commander, you are in charge with Kelp as your second in command. Meeting adjourned.”

With that Holly stormed out of the room, planning on going to the only person she knew could help, visa or not.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. yay! *huggies and lollipops* i love this. its okay if artys evil cause its,like, after the first two books. i can see a bit of A/H from holly’s part though! awesome! keep it goin, pal!

  2. No problem. I’ll post the next part as soon as I get time, cause I’ve already got some more written. 😉

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