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Summary: Author’s Note: As you all know, I recently made a comeback to Fanfiction. Now, I am also going to be […]

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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Author’s Note:

As you all know, I recently made a comeback to Fanfiction. Now, I am also going to be participating in the JulNoWriMo. This is going to be one of the fics which will contribute to the word count. Another thing… I started this fic when I was a less experienced writer so the first three chapters have been revised. Please do not get confused if the story is a bit changed.

Anyway, enjoy!


WARNING: Might contain extremely suggestive flirting in the future, as well as inappropriate language and suggestive situations (possibly…). Younger readers beware.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. ArtemisfianceNo1 September 21st, 2010 at 8:13 pm 1

    UpDaTe PlEaSe!!!!!

  2. I will attempt to be less spammy. Great writing, I like it a lot so far. It reminds me a bit of me… kinda. Not really. I’d really like to know what happened, how it relates to AF and whatnot. Anyway, excellent start, now go sit down and follow it up!

  3. i like it… now update!

  4. Thanks Foaly! 😀 I am still working on the second third and fourth chappies. I am gonna check out your stories just beause your OCD (You have it, trust me.) makes you comment on everyone of my stories. 😀 I gave my character my name, but the last name is a pseudonym. 😀

  5. are you sure? because, i pretty sure i dont have OCD. i comment on everything not only yours!

  6. Hmm, how interesting. Usually everyone here has OCD. Hmm. It’s become fashionable to have the Atlantis Complex. 😛 Well, it’s good you comment on everyone’s stories. I always love new comments! 😀 By the way, i’m 12, how old are you? 😀 Oh, and do you have an account on the main website? 😀


    Updated! Woot!


    See AA, I really am trying to control the OCD urge to comment multiple times! Yay me! 😀

  7. I’m 12 too. What’s OCD? Keep forgetting, but I prob don’t have it. I’m crazy and not crazy at the same time. Kinda like a multiple personality. Yay updates!!! I comment on just about everything too. I have a fanart account too and I’m planning to post a pic I drew… Anyway update!!! I got all mad when chapter three was empty, and right where AF came in!!! Gahhh

  8. Then you must have Multiple Personality disorder, which is kind of like OCD, but you change personalities instead of weird habits. I’m twelve! Yay! 😀


    I love it! That’s how I wish I was. *sigh*

  10. Awesome Fowlie! Sorry if I spell anything wrong because I’m typing with one hand and have chocolate melting on my other arm. Please update soon! I saw no mistakes as far as stuff I know…

    Fowlie Says:

    Tanks….I felt too sleepy to continue it last night… *cough*fellasleeponmehkeyboardagain…*cough* *blushes* so I just updated a little tiny part. 😀 I’ll go finish it now. This is officially my third project, after Fowlie’s Complex, and Switched at Birth. I’m so excited! 😀

  11. @WE: OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and basically, you feel the need to organize things, or keep things clean, ect. It depends on the person, really.
    See, mom? Some of your therapist-ism has rubbed off on me! XD
    Anyway, I can’t exactly tell where this is going to go, which only makes it that much more interesting. So, Fowleh, when are you going to update? 😀

    Fowlie Says:

    Holly! *huggles* Yes, I’m writing the chapter now! 😀

  12. This was awesome! Update, please 🙂

    Fowlie Says:

    Okay. *goes to keyboard again* *sigh* *mutter* Bottomless hordes….fanfiction devouring…..evilness……lollipops…..get to relax….. XD

  13. Fowlfan4ever July 3rd, 2011 at 4:14 pm 13

    I think our little Arty has a crush!!! <3 update!!!!!

    Fowlie Says:

    No comment. XD

  14. XD Evie! Anyways awesome Fowlie! I wish I could copy what I had in your umm.. Complexe… No misspellings here either… Don’t update when people are screamming at you to like me and Evie are doing we aren’t letting the people who are yelling at us to update get to us.

    Fowlie Says:

    Aww, thanks. I was just joking. 😀

  15. Hermione Fowl August 17th, 2011 at 4:10 am 15

    WELL, I noticed quite a few mistakes, mainly in the first two chaps.
    The good girl gone bad, wild and young Maedria Black recently vandalized a luxurious apartment complex in which some of her Father’s most important employees and high ranking officials reside. – (1st chap) He was mad at her, and I think this sounds too professional, it should be more angry.
    What is wrong with you. – (1st chap) Should have an ! or a comma.
    She bounded down the stairs and glided-(2nd chap) Was this an incomplete sentence, or do you just need to change the world ‘glided’??
    Butler-(2nd chap) I think he would introduce himself as Mr Butler. Maybe.
    The boy-(3rd chap) Call him Artemis, he did introduce himself.
    That’s all that I noticed. It’s really original, congrats. 🙂

    Fowlie Says:

    I can always count on a good review from you, Hermy. :3 I’ll fix them as soon as possible.

  16. FantasyDevourer August 17th, 2011 at 4:18 am 16

    This is so cool!!! Like you said, the writing’s kinda weird in the beginning, but the story gets smoother as it goes on.

    No mistakes, except could you separate the paragraphs a bit more so it’s easier to read?



  17. Um, I love your style of writing, and this is definitely one of the best fics so far. Mae’s attitude is perfect, but I thought for that attitude, the floor length red dress doesn’t seem right. I thought it should be maybe knee-length or just past mid thigh to keep up the rebel attitude.

    All of the spelling/grammar mistakes were already pointed out by Hermione, sooo…

    This is awesome! Love it, 5/s.

  18. Some mistakes — random sentences that peter into nothing, typos like “teh” instead of “the”. I presume you know what I’m talking about.

    Ah, back in the ol’ days (when there were no such thing as favorites), this was one my favorites. Definitely. You never cease to amaze me, Fowlie. Great writing, great… great…
    *brain turns to mush from Quasimodo*

    Great description. Ah, yes, that’s the word. You certainly UNPACKED YOUR ADJECTIVES! AHAHHA — no.

    I’m sorry, I’m not making sense. Please wait several moments whilst WE tries to compose thyself. Herself. *cough*

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