Sicarius’s Blade- (previously Realize: Part One)

Summary: A story of discovery..... the faireis aren't the only ones with magic now, but they might have it for long....

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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Foaly came back then, brandishing wires, computers, omni-sensors and the like.

“All right, Artemis. Let’s see what we can do here. Please stand over there.”

Foaly pointed to a large metallic blue circle in the corner of the room. Surrounding it along the edges were thick metal rods, each about an inch in diameter. Driven through the rods were small holes only large enough to insert small sensors inside.  As Artemis walked over and stood in the center of the circle, Foaly attached the sensors to those holes, humming as he worked.

Each sensor was attached somewhere different- one on each hand, two on his neck, and one on each temple. Holly and Artemis both looked rather confused.

“Ehh, Foaly, would you care to explain any of this? I’m not a scientist here,” Holly said, motioning her hand at the contraption.

Foaly looked surprised that anyone would not understand his toys. Frond forbid.

“Oh. All right. This circle, here, is a large omni-sensor. The poles just hold my ‘contraptions’ upright. These are highly sensitive power sensors. They measure the amount of power a fairy has, and shows the powers they are likely to get. Quite a handy little bugger. They were originally used on warlocks and pixies, but we don’t need them anymore, really. Except for now.”

He walked over to his computer, turning on his “little buggers,” then instructed Holly to shut down all the lights in the lab. Then the large omni-sensor glowed, casting a brilliant light over the room.

Artemis winced, and then curtly addressed Foaly, “I would appreciate my vision to be kept whole, thank you.”

“Sorry, Artemis. This next sensor might tingle a little.”

The smaller of the sensors blinked, its little blue light pulsating brightly. Then, a visible electrical pulse sped along the wires to Artemis’s hands. He yelped, jerking his hand back, and almost dislodged the sensor.

“Crap, Foaly! What was that for?”

Holly raised her eyebrows in mock horror to Foaly.”Crap, Foaly! Crap! Artemis has declared crap!” He glared at her.

Foaly smiled. “I don’t believe I have ever heard you say that, Artemis. That shock was to jump start your magic. You see, people who aren’t accustomed to magic all the time usually need a small jump start; a.k.a., electricity, neuroshock therapy and –“

“I’ve got it pretty well on my own, Foaly. I have no need of electrocution,” Artemis interrupted, smiling dangerously.

Foaly watched in fascination as something akin to blue smoke faded into existence near Artemis’s neck. It rolled upwards, eventually lighting his eyes in an iridescent blue. He looked positively evil.

“Whoa, Artemis…. That is seriously creepy. Oh Frond….” Holly said, tilting her head and looking at him.

Artemis chuckled. “I know it is creepy. This had even Butler staring. Now, what do you want me to do?”

“Ehh…, right. Let’s see here. First, I want you to close your eyes. They’re creeping me out. Second, I want you to open your power to my sensors.”

Artemis closed his eyes, and became deathly still. Which matched the room at the moment, too. Holly was staring at Artemis, worried about him. Foaly also stared, but more with scientific curiosity; a look that seemed to occupy his face often. Suddenly, Artemis’s head snapped over to his left, staring intently at the computer monitors. His power-filled eyes were open, but he looked as if he were in a trance. The computers abruptly turned on, and confidential information scrolled down the screen as if it were being downloaded.

Foaly ran over to his darling computers, scrambling to figure this phenomenon out.

“Emergency shut down! Code 34790! C’mon, baby…” His fingers scrambled over the keyboard.

Then Artemis’s head drooped down, and all the information ceased to flow. Artemis panted, sweat misting his forehead. His eyes lost their trance, power-filled look, and he glanced up at Holly.

“Well, that was unique. I assume that was one of my powers. I know all that information that was on the computer now. Handy.”

Holly tentatively stepped over. “ Wow. Holy Frond that’s weird. What will we do with you now?”

( from author- check out my fanart for this… by the huntress to, it’s under the artemis fowl tab) 🙂

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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  1. Ha! i have figured out my technical difficulties… i sometimes edit this from my kindle ereader, but apparently all the spelling erros on this WHICH I JUST FIXED aren’t saved. So please know I did try. stupid technology…. 🙂 I have learned my lesson.

  2. Con critic me: No mistakes so far…….

    Real me: Hi, you can call me either Krissy, Krackle, or Queenie. And I love this idea! I’ll see you around in the forum.

  3. This is really good and I didn’t notice any mistakes. I think you should add A/H like you said. This is very good and UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hai! Does anyone remember me? I haven’t been on since… when was it… July? I dunno. But hey, you can call me Trubs, Trubbie, and also I am called Tubby and Twinkles, but those are Amy’s and Fowlie’s nicknames. ^^

    Okay, so down to the fic.

    This is awesome! I’m wondering how long you’ve been writing… cuz I started writing about a year ago, and my writing is just about getting to this point now. Besides the great vocabulary part. You did an awesome job with that. :3

    On the A/H subject, I say maybe. I would definitely not make it the main focus of it. I’ve seen so many fics(including my own) be overwhelmed by adding ships. So if you do decide to add a ship,(since it is entirely up to you) I would just make a few tiny little cute romance scenes, and not make that the center of attention.

    I didn’t see any mistakes as far as spelling/grammar/spacing/etc.

    Great job, and keep up the good work! I’ll be watching for the next chapter. :3

  5. The next chapter! Great job, the whole thing where Artemis’s eyes were glowing kinda freaked me out, though. (I visualize everything as if it’s a movie when I read.) So yeah. It was freaky. And amazing.

    Alright, concrit… I have none. No mistakes. ^_^ Awesome!

  6. Why such the small update? Anyway, the part where Opal says “I come”, it needs a period.

    I’m getting used to this con crit stuff now.

  7. Sorry… didn’t have time to type much else, and i haven’t figured out how to save the new changes without “updating” it for everyone to see. Anyone know how?
    …..fixed the period…. 🙂

  8. Now I see. 🙂 And thanks for fixing that period.
    I think all you have to do is click “edit” on top of the story. Look and you’ll find out what I’m talking about, test it first, no typing until your sure.

    Special Abilities: Magical barriors? Ability to conjure up or change air into a weapon for combat? To read peoples’ minds? You could try those.

  9. Ah ha! thank ye…I will try that at another time.(I’mon a kindle right now… kinda hard to do from here…) ooo… i like the air idea…(thinking of a plot idea) yes, moi thinks that will do nicely..thank you! and HA!first time replying to a comment… didn’tknow how to do that.. he he..:)

  10. Okay… *guilty look*

    I haven’t exactly read it before today, and now I’m really kicking myself. This.

    It’s nicely written, and I’m liking the tone you used. It’s quite different from the Colfer that I like, but that’s not a bad thing. You describe things in a simple, straightforward way, and I find that I like that. It’s more… Hmm, K A Applegate, or Emily Rodda, than the James Patterson crime fic that I’ve been chasing after lately.

    Your sentences flow pretty smoothly, and are fairly natural. What surprised me(pleasantly, I might add) was how in character Artemis, Holly, and especially Foaly were. I’m not sure why, but lately, I had read(and sorta despaired) over incredibly OOC fics. Yours is a very pleasant change.

    The plot is extremely imaginative. You’ve taken advantage of the little thread that Colfer had left in The Lost Colony, when Artemis deduces that humans must have had magic at one point, which I admire.

    The only thing that bothered me(slightly) about this fic is your title.

    ‘Realize: part 1’, in my possibly inaccurate, slightly biased, but hopefully still valid opinion, should have a capital P and ‘1’ as ‘One'(note the capital O).

    Also, I’d just like to advice you to not go overboard with the powers- it seems Gary Tsu(male equivalent to Mary Sue, just on the off-chance that you don’t understand the fanfic lingo yet). It already looks as though he’s got everything now- genius intellect, magic, telekinesis, and now, WINGS? That’s the thing that put me off Maximum Ride(Note, there are spoilers here)- First, you have bird kids with wings, and increased strength and stamina. Then they start developing superpowers throughout the series. It’s like Angel, you know? She can fly, can read minds, control minds, breath underwater, shape shift… It’s too Mary Sue.

    Okay. Ending my ramble now. You’ll(hopefully) get to know me better as I leave more(sadly, rare) rants on your fics… or if you’re on the forums.

  11. the huntress (or tress) January 6th, 2012 at 12:24 am 11

    Thanks for the compliments! I was really trying hard to keep them in character- it annoys me when they’re not. And for the advice. I have yet to think of a better name…. (if anybody thinks of one, let me know.) I lack inspiration for that at the moment.but for now, i will fix the capitalization. 🙂 I don’t plan on adding anything else (powers, I mean). I don’t want him to be all-powerful, so I will be adding limitations in an update…whenever that is. ( and I DON’T understand all the lingo yet… tips are appreciated) ALL ADVICE WELCOME!!!!!! 🙂 thanks again!

    ….. 3 minutes later…..
    WAIT!!! angel can shape shift? man, i have really got to keep up with developing series… I haven’t read those in like…. ehhh… three years? must go find the new ones…..

    Ugh, I can’t quite recall that particular quality of Angel’s, but yeah, Angel gets WAY too many powers. I stopped reading Maximum Ride because it was too plotless and thriller’y. You know — all action or all gooshy teenage drama? Bleh. I hated it.

    Glancing at the above comment, though, this seems interesting enough, so I’ll give it a read later. To be honest, your title put me off. It might seem more appealing if you change it ^^ ~WE

  12. Whoop, I didn’t find any mistakes, but please update!

  13. I can’t believe i missed this! TOTALLY AWESOME! Why are you so much better than me??*sigh*Really appreciate this fic! i’m adding it 2 my favourites!

  14. the huntress (or tress) January 27th, 2013 at 3:15 pm 14

    Ehhh… You like this? This was moi first… I kinda thought I abandoned it…. It scares me…
    Seriously though… It’s bad. Do you want me to continue this story???

  15. I read this a long time ago, before I actially registered, but I found it again. I really love this plot! I like how you used the magic tidbit from The Lost Colony and you have good foreshadowing for this to be one of your first fics! I’m with Shaadia, please, please, FREAKING PLEEEASE keep this one going! You are pretty much my favorite writer and I like this VEWY MUCH!

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