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Rainbow 8

Summary: Rated PG-13 because of the usual~

Chapters: 1 2

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Ch. 2: Teleportation is a B*tch


The sounds of fighting filled the mostly metal dome. The lights flashed off, and the walls of the dome reflected the glowing colors of the fighter’s gear.

“Come on Immortal!” The voice came from the direction of the green glow, which moved fluently.

“AHG!” A second voice, coming from the pink glow, yelped. The yelp was followed by the sound of hot air hissing through a vent and a thud.

The lights flickered on. Laying on the ground was Immortal, near one of the vents that shot hot air when someone neared. “Ouch.”

His friend came over to help him up, wearing a smirk on his face.

“Don’t make me wipe that smirk off your face, TM,” Immortal remarked, accepting the other boy’s help.

TM just nodded, pretending to quiver in fear. He helped Immortal up when, out of nowhere, a barrage of blue and indigo darts few at them. The boys whipped their heads towards the source of the darts to see two girls racing for them.

“WE, you go right, I’ll go left!” The girl in indigo yelled to her comrade. WE nodded.

“Alright Iris!”

TM jumped back, ready to defend from the girls, and Immortal followed. They were about to launch an attack when a shrill whistle sounded. The whistle echoed off of the walls, giving everyone an ear ache. The training teens/tweens (A/N: I don’t know how old Iris is, sorry ^^; ) stopped and looked up to see the source of the sound. Standing on an elevated platform, Short, Falcon, and Fowlie were covering their ears as well. Mira, who had smartly put on earplugs before whistling, stood at the base of the stairs leading to the 3 teen girls who were in charge, well most of the time anyway.

“Well then!” Short remarked, uncovering her ears. Her teammates did the same.

“Shorty here is holding a meeting in 5 minutes~” Fowlie smiled, although she still had a slight look of pain on her face from the still echoing whistle. The members on the training field nodded and started heading for the stairs. Mira nodded, taking out her earplugs.

“Sooooo,” TM started,”you found this outside?”

The 8 kids had gathered in the meeting room.
“Yea.” Short nodded. Her orange headset rested around her neck.

“What’s it do?” Immortal picked up the rectangular device, the glow of his pink wristband reflecting on the metallic surface.
Falcon shrugged.”We just need someone to be dumb enough to test it.” All eyes landed on Short.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaat???” Short whined.

WE and Fowlie snickered, and Iris looked away. Mira pretended to fiddle her fingers.
Short glared at the others. “FFFFFFFFFFFine!” She took the device from Immortal, and inspected the controls. “Hmm… What’s this do?” Short muttered as she studied a bright green button. Her teammates watched. TM had one hand on his headset, where he could easily set his gear into battle mode. Falcon watched coolly. Fowlie and Mira glanced at each other. WE was reading something, and Immortal kept his distance.
“Here goes nothing.” Short pressed the button. For a moment, nothing seemed to happen. The group relaxed. Then, a flash of light erupted from the device. Short dropped the object to the floor. Someone screamed, and there was a loud thump.


The 8 members looked at what the device had deposited at the foot of the able.

Sitting, in his pajamas, was Artemis Fowl II.

(A/N: THERE! Geez, you people need to learn some patience! Anywayyyyyy…. There’s chappie 2! 😀 And also, those of you who wanna join, I already have the 8 members in the Rainbow 8 group. If you wanna be villains, then sure! But the group is already full, sorry ^^; ALSO! No hating on me for not letting you join! I made the Rainbow 8 group out of trusted friends. Soooo, get over it!~ :3 Also, here’s some reference to colors if you need it ^^

Until next time~))

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Great! I like how you used Fowlie and Mir and Falcon’s forum names. But…how does this connect to the series?It’s not a fanfic if you don’t connect it somehow.

    Anyway, no other concrit than that. Can’t wait for next chapter!

  2. This is pretty good. I agree with captain Short though wheres Artemis? Besides that its really good and no mistakes. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can I be in it please? I have long black hair and dark hazel eyes. My favorite color is red, and that’s what I usually wear. This is amazing! Update. 5/roses. Oh and I swear a lot.

  4. Can I be in it too? Please? But how does this connect to Arty? Anyway, I have brown eyes, nice but really dangerous at times, my favourite color is aquamarine. This is really good,update!!!!!!

  5. I love this. So much it’s not even funny. Infinity/5

    No con crit, I didn’t see any spelling mistakes. Everyone was in character. This is just delicious. Wonderful! 😀

  6. Can I be in it? I’m fine with villain. I have black hair and dark brown eyes.It was really good and I didn’t notice any mistakes. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was my idea -.- Thanks for blowing up AFCoL

    That was my sad idea of a joke

    …ANd this is getting interesting.

  8. Oh, that seems to be a slightly overused plot, but the way you put it…. FUNNY!

    Lovely, and keep up teh great work! This is a favourite for sure.

    Btw, I’d like to join if it turns out Iris is the other Iris. See, there’s me, and her. So, most of the time, I call myself I_C to avoid confusion…. after all, it is kinda, um, confusing.

    And I like to be evil! I don’t mind. In fact, I’ll relish being evil…..

  9. It was very funny. No cement (con crit), sorry, and could I please be one of the villains? I am a boy in my pre-teens (12), have very dark brown small-of-my-back hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile much like Artemis’s vampire grin.

  10. …Now we just need someone dumb enough to test it. Very in-character XD

    Explain the setting a bit more. I was ever so slightly confused. And yellow? …Well, I can’t criticize you there. I like yellow ^^

    …Well, it was easier to read here than on your phone…?

  11. I love it! Update please.

  12. I love it! Plz update!

  13. …TO be perfectly honest, this is getting a little stereotypical.

    Come on, you derp, I only have, like five minutes!! Go back to Pretty Colors!

  14. hey! that was great!
    but… how is it stereotypical? & please update or I’ll freeze ur underpants & slap you with a smelly fish

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