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Rainbow 8

Summary: Rated PG-13 because of the usual~

Chapters: 1 2

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Ch. 1: The Device

“Fowlie! Falcon! Hey!!!” A girl, wearing a red wristband, a glowing headset, and a glowing red dog tag necklace with her name and rank, came running up to two other girls.

“What’s up, Mira?” Said the first girl with similar gear, only purple. The dog tag read “Fowlie”.

Mira stopped and took a deep breath. “Short wants you guys to meet her on the roof for some reason.”

The girl in yellow,also equipped with the same gear, sighed. “Alright. Mira, you’re in charge of training today.”

Mira nodded. “Okay, Falcon.”

Fowlie and Falcon said their good byes, and speed-walked down the hall to the door that led to stair, which led to the roof. When they had opened  the door to the roof, they were greeted by a cold gust of wind. Dark clouds covered the sky, so the girls were thankful for the glowing gear.

“Hey yo, Short!” Falcon shouted. Immediately, an orange glow came closer and closer, then it seemed to grow wings and tackle Falcon and Fowlie.

“Finally you guys got here!” A girl in a green tunic got off of the other two. The orange glow had been coming from her gear.

“Holy Frond, Short!” Fowlie stood, rubbing the back of her head.

“Heh, sorry,” Short chuckled nervously. She helped up Falcon. “I called you guys up here to show you this.” She handed a strange device, about the size of a Wii remote, to Falcon.

Falcon studied it, turning it over in her hands.”Do you know what it’s for?” She handed it to Fowlie.

“I don’t know, but I found it outside the base.”

After studying the device, Fowlie handed it back to Short. “We should hold a meeting and tell the others.”

Short nodded. “Alright.” With that, the three girls headed back inside.


Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Great! I like how you used Fowlie and Mir and Falcon’s forum names. But…how does this connect to the series?It’s not a fanfic if you don’t connect it somehow.

    Anyway, no other concrit than that. Can’t wait for next chapter!

  2. This is pretty good. I agree with captain Short though wheres Artemis? Besides that its really good and no mistakes. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Can I be in it please? I have long black hair and dark hazel eyes. My favorite color is red, and that’s what I usually wear. This is amazing! Update. 5/roses. Oh and I swear a lot.

  4. Can I be in it too? Please? But how does this connect to Arty? Anyway, I have brown eyes, nice but really dangerous at times, my favourite color is aquamarine. This is really good,update!!!!!!

  5. I love this. So much it’s not even funny. Infinity/5

    No con crit, I didn’t see any spelling mistakes. Everyone was in character. This is just delicious. Wonderful! 😀

  6. Can I be in it? I’m fine with villain. I have black hair and dark brown eyes.It was really good and I didn’t notice any mistakes. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was my idea -.- Thanks for blowing up AFCoL

    That was my sad idea of a joke

    …ANd this is getting interesting.

  8. Oh, that seems to be a slightly overused plot, but the way you put it…. FUNNY!

    Lovely, and keep up teh great work! This is a favourite for sure.

    Btw, I’d like to join if it turns out Iris is the other Iris. See, there’s me, and her. So, most of the time, I call myself I_C to avoid confusion…. after all, it is kinda, um, confusing.

    And I like to be evil! I don’t mind. In fact, I’ll relish being evil…..

  9. It was very funny. No cement (con crit), sorry, and could I please be one of the villains? I am a boy in my pre-teens (12), have very dark brown small-of-my-back hair, dark brown eyes, and a smile much like Artemis’s vampire grin.

  10. …Now we just need someone dumb enough to test it. Very in-character XD

    Explain the setting a bit more. I was ever so slightly confused. And yellow? …Well, I can’t criticize you there. I like yellow ^^

    …Well, it was easier to read here than on your phone…?

  11. I love it! Update please.

  12. I love it! Plz update!

  13. …TO be perfectly honest, this is getting a little stereotypical.

    Come on, you derp, I only have, like five minutes!! Go back to Pretty Colors!

  14. hey! that was great!
    but… how is it stereotypical? & please update or I’ll freeze ur underpants & slap you with a smelly fish

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