Perhaps his Last Criminal Venture

Summary: Hi I'm new here and this is my first fanfiction. Artemis promised to go straight after the C-Cube scenario, perhaps he lied?

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Disclaimer: We all wish we could own Artemis Fowl, sadly some dreams can’t come true.  *sniffle*


Artemis Fowl tapped his expertly manicured nails in an agitated fashion. The world  seemed blunt without any gobolin rebellions to foil or a company to steer to the road of bankruptcy.

I savor the sence of adventure and adrenalin no matter wich side I am on. Good or bad mused Artemis. I wonder if this is how it feels to not experience life and death situations a couple rounds a year.

I need adventure thought the irishboy. At the proceeding millisecond something snapped in Artemis’s devious mind. His lips twisted into his signature vampire-like grin. Perhaps one more plot could be accomplished which was more of a scheme to quench his desire of adventure and the sweet embrace of victory and less on what money he would snatch up along the way.

This plot included revenge to a little man which had a little accomplice whom shot Butler, one of Artemis’s only friends,directly at the chest. That memory was not in Artemis’s jar of fond times.

Of course Artemis would need allies for this mission. Not to help, perhaps they help a bit, but it consisted more of the fact that there was someone else other then the victim to view this victory. There is only one person, if you could call him that, on and under Earth that would agree. If he is pushed by notion to agree to the alliance which comes with a lifetime supply of turnip soup.

Artemis pulled out a similar looking ring that he had used to contact Holly. He voice controlled the ring to call the only person that he contacted with using this ring. He could not take the chances of Holly finding out about this ring.

The contact picked up on the second ring.

“Fowl, what can I do for the Mud-Boy?”

“Mulch, I am calling you to inform you that I am in need of your assistance to perform one last illegal act.”

Once the lifetime supply of turnip was mentioned in the conversation, Mulch hastily approved.

“I have one more favor to ask from you,” continued Artemis “I need some gadgetry that I do not have. My options are limited when it comes to making a scheme that requires advanced technology . I need you bring a few toys.”

A plan was brewing and the bubbles were sizzling, Artemis thought for a moment that with more ingredients expertly piling into this concoction this scheme might taste absolutely sublime.


Sooo… Should I continue this fic. Read and review please! 🙂

This was my first chappy of my very first fanfiction! :).  Hope you enjoyed!


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