Mysteria Part One-Disappear

Summary: This story takes place after The Last Guardian, so don’t read this until you read that. Chapter One He was […]

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This story takes place after The Last Guardian, so don’t read this until you read that.

Chapter One

He was back. Artemis Fowl was alive again… Without a spell. He had come to a body without being called into it. This fact puzzled the most renowned fairy scientists alive. This is impossible, they all thought. This hasn’t happened since the necromancers became extinct.

Artemis was alive-that much was true. He was slowly regaining his memories,and the boy Holly had known came back. But he couldn’t go home, as Argon and other fairy scientists wanted to, er… study him.



Foaly winced as Holly shouted several more things, none of them pleasant.

“If you’re sending him away, why not just send him home?”

Foaly sighed. “Because everyone in Ireland knows he died. And there’s someone at Hathaway who can help Artemis.”

Holly glared at him. “There’s also someone who will kill him.”

“Several people have tried to kill me.”

Foaly and Holly both started at the sound of Artemis’s voice.

“How long have you been standing there?” Foaly asked.

“Long enough to know that you’re sending me away without consulting me first. Not that I mind that much,” Artemis added, a wry smile on his face. “I’m pretty much sick of the good doctor and his inkblots.”

Holly frowned. “How did you get here? Your room is on the other side of the clinic!” Then, right in front of her very eyes, Artemis literally disappeared into the shadows.


Chapter Two

Once he was back in “his” room, Artemis walked over to his bed and laid down, falling asleep almost instantly.

It was always the same dream.

There would be a strangely familiar girl smiling sadly at him. I’m glad you’re alive. Promise you’ll remember me?

I promise, Artemis would reply. Then there would be a flash, and he saw the same girl sitting defeatedly on the floor, holding a knife with her arms covered in blood. She screamed, and Artemis woke up.


Chapter Three


“So if you knew where Trinity was and that she was alive, why didn’t you turn her in?” Foaly watched his friend carefully, waiting for a reply.

“Because… because she doesn’t deserve that,” Holly sighed. “She only did what everyone told her to. Even when she escaped, she was only doing what that boy told her would be best.” She glared at Foaly. “She doesn’t. So if I get a memo from Trouble telling me to kill a little girl, I’ll know who to blame. Got it, centaur?”

Foaly held up his hands defensively. “Hey, I’m on your side. Besides, she’s sixteen now. Hardly a child by human standards.”

Holly looked up at Foaly. “Really?” Then she remembered what had happened barely half an hour before. “How did he do that?” she murmured, almost to herself.

Foaly shook his head, understanding what Holly meant. “I don’t know. But it’s even more reason for Artemis to go to Hathaway. Trinity might be dangerous, but she’ll help Fowl. Probably.”

Well that’s promising,” a familiar voice said sarcastically.

Holly spun around in shock. “Artemis?! What the hell-”

The boy paled. “Er… bye!” And he disappeared, again.

Holly facepalmed.

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  1. Don’t worry, Trinity’s coming back. But she’s as insane as ever. Oh, and a certain ghost will get her revenge. MWAHAHA!!!

  2. Cool story so far. The only problem I really see is a plot hole. Artemis was cloned, he didn’t come back to life. Other than that, very awesome!

  3. He was dead, now he’s not. I call that coming back to life. Thanks for pointing it out though. Should be fixed by the time you read this.

  4. A couple things:

    Foaly and Holly both started at the sound of Artemis’s voice.
    -When you say ‘started’ I don’t get it. Do you mean startled?
    Foaly and Holly were both startled at the sound of Artemis’s voice.
    -Is how it should be if you mean startled. It makes makes it more clearer to understand.

    -You need more description in your writing. It seems as if youare skipping time or so. With the lack of decription I keep dassing off, then having to go back and reread. It’s not keeping my mind hooked. Try more decription on how the surroundings look. What the characters are dressed in. You know, more decription.

    -The chapters are very short. Maybe merging some? Adding more description will make them larger than they are.

    -I have not a single clue to how Artemis can go into the shadows. Is he being sneeking off, teleportation? That’s one of the reasons to why I want to keep reading on.

    -The whole dream scene with Trinity was good. Please add more too it. I need more, I loved that part. More please! I’m going crazy with the need of more bloody dreaming!

    -The plot seems very good. Three stars. :3

  5. I’ll have more about the shadows as the story progresses. And how the heck did you know it was Trinity?! But yes,I’ll add more about the bloody dreams.

    I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but the Master of Insanity and The Queen of Egos are back. Just to warn you. *laughs evilly*

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