Minerva or Holly(chapter 8 added on)

Summary: Foaly gets amnesia! Or whatever it's called where you lose part of your memory. Oh, and he also gets a little bit of ADHD. (:And a lot more!

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Just so everyone knows, I do not own the first five chapters of this. They were written by Amber Root, so credit for those should go to her.

This is chapter six now.

Foaly and Trouble woke at almost the exact same time in Holly’s basement.

“Where are we?” Foaly said, confused.

Trouble put his hands on his head where he had been whacked, and mumbled, “What are you talking about? We’re in Holly’s basement.”

Foaly said, “Huh?” and then, “Why are you holding your head?”

“I happen to be holding my head because a certain criminal who is apparently Holly Short’s aunt found a new joy. Hitting people over the head with hammers.”

Foaly got a confused look for barely a second, then cleared it. He didn’t remember any of this. The last he remembered, Trouble had been screaming at him to get into his office now. He couldn’t even remember why.

“Hold on a minute. You’re saying that Artemis is Holly’s aunt?”

“What? No, you crazy centaur! Koboi! Opal Koboi?”

“Opal Koboi? Who’s that?” Foaly asked, genuinely confused.

Finally, Trouble realized there was something wrong with Foaly. Maybe he would be better off not knowing about her, though, he thought. I have no idea what happened to him or what’s wrong, but he probably doesn’t want to remember who Opal is.

“Oh, nobody. Just Holly’s aunt. I was, um, kidding about the criminal part.”

“Oh! Okay!” Foaly exclaimed happily. Then, he said. “Now that that’s done, who are you? I forget who I am, but it would be nice to know who you are,” he said, as if asking for an ice cream cone.

Trouble took a step back, removing his hands from his eyes where he had been pushing on them to relieve some of the headache. He took one look at Foaly’s face, completely free of any lines whatsoever, and knew that he wasn’t playing a joke on him. Foaly truly had no idea who he was.

“Um, I’m Trouble. Don’t you remember me? Trouble Kelp. LEP commander?”

Foaly’s brow furrowed, and he stepped back to the opposite wall.

“You’re trouble? I don’t want anything to do with trouble. I’m a good little boy. Mommy said so.”

Everything was getting stranger and stranger by the second. First, Foaly doesn’t remember his name. Now, he was babbling about his mommy.

“Um, yeah, Trouble is kind of my name, so you don’t have to worry about, em, mommy.”

“Oh! Okay!” Foaly exclaimed happily, as a child who had just recieved a lolly-pop would.

Trouble sat up against the door, and leaned his head back. Foaly was already starting to drive him crazy, and it hadn’t even been five minutes. He had hoped the door somehow might swing open, but nothing happened. He banged his head again, but only reduced himself into a crazy, out-grown, childhood habit to throw temper tantrums. He banged his head several more times, to no avail. He rubbed the back of his head and sighed. He would be just as insane as Foaly by the time they got rescued. That’s when he heard the pounding from behind the ceiling panels.



A centaur sat up, and looked around him. He was in a small, one room basement, and the door looked to be locked. He glanced to the corner, and saw a male elf who also seemed to be just waking up. He didn’t know how he got there, or even what his name was. The only thing he remembered was some guy named Artemis who was a criminal.  The elf looked almost as helpless as he was himself, so he decided to risk a question.

“Where are we?”

The elf rubbed his head, and said, “Huh? What are you talking about? We’re in Holly’s basement.”

The centaur was totally confused, so he changed the subject. “Why are you holding your head?”

The elf spouted something about criminals being this Holly girl’s aunt, so the centaur spouted back, “Hold on a minute. You’re saying that Artemis is Holly’s aunt?” He still had no idea who Holly was, but might as well talk as if he did.

Just then, the centaur saw something shiny protruding from the ceiling. He only half focused on the conversation then, shouting out whatever sounded appropriate. Only when the elf said he was trouble, did he start paying attention.

“You’re trouble? I don’t want anything to do with trouble. I’m a good little boy. Mommy said so.”

“Um, yeah, Trouble is kind of my name, so you don’t have to worry about, em, mommy,” the elf replied.

“Oh! Okay!” the centaur exclaimed, completely happy now that he knew he wouldn’t be staying with trouble. Just then, the ceiling fell through, as the shiny little bit that had been sticking out was extracted, and thumped inside of the hole. A rope was lowered through a few seconds later.


Trouble gazed in bewilderment as a hairy little dwarf bottom lowered itself through the freshly cut hole in the ceiling. He couldn’t believe it. Mulch was going to rescue them! He rushed to the bottom of the rope to help the dwarf to the floor, but stopped when he realized that this wasn’t Mulch. For some reason, this dwarf didn’t smell bad at all. In fact, he smelled faintly of honey peppermint tea.

The dwarf dropped to the floor. There was no doubt about it. It was Mulch. Only he was…clean. To say the least. He actually looked like someone had mistaken him for a dog, and entered him in a dog grooming contest. There wasn’t a speck of dirt on him, his hair and beard were combed, his trousers had been washed, dried, and ironed, his finger and toenails were intact, and buffed, and to top it all off, a little floppy red cap sat atop his hairy head.

Trouble could barely conceal a snicker. It just wasn’t right.

“Well? Are you coming?” Mulch asked unhappily. Looking like this, he could very well pass as Grumpy from Snow White. Complete with the angry face.

“Well, it’s just…well, you…” Trouble trailed off chuckling.

“Yeah, yeah, laugh all you like, but you’ll be next. Wait until you see what Minerva is doing to every fairy here! She’s made Corporal Frond Snow White, has people for the evil mother, the butterflies, and other animals, and has all seven dwarves. Guess which I am.” He crossed his arms, and put on the trademark Grumpy frown. So he was supposed to look like that. That just made it funnier.

“What do you mean, ‘I’ll be next’?” Trouble asked, laughing.

“She’s still looking for the Prince Charming. Said you’d be perfect.” Mulch grinned.

Trouble’s eyes widened. It had been funny before, but then realized that Minerva had done bad things, and that she probably wasn’t doing this for no reason. Unless she had become a five year old again, this wasn’t just play pretend. Then something struck him.

“Me? Prince Charming? Frond? What? No! She can’t… no!”

Mulch smirked a knowing grin. “That’s what I thought. So are you comin’ or stayin’? We’re gettin’ together the rest of our friends. Gonna get as far from this as possible.”

Trouble leaped onto the bottom of the rope, and started climbing. “Oh, I’m comin’ alright.”

“Hey, wait!” a voice whinnied. “I’m coming wherever untroublesome Trouble goes!”

“Oh, fine then,” Mulch told Foaly, either ignoring, or oblivious to the strange comment. Come on.”

Mulch clambered into the ceiling with Trouble, where he helped him pull Foaly up. Trouble breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe he wouldn’t go crazy after all.

Once again, the first five parts to this belong to Amber Root, not me. I hope you enjoyed this part, though. Please R&R, and I’ll try to update soon!

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Yay me likey! 🙂 Finally someone figured out that Minerva turned five years old! One thing at the begging where you swich it from Trouble to Foaly. I think you should say like Foaly’s P.O.V. or something.


    Sorry, I’m blanking. What is POV again?

  2. in love with Arty 6302 July 30th, 2011 at 4:08 pm 2

    Thats reaaly kool. Update soon

    Hey, please leave actual con crit. Thanks! 😉 ~Fowlie

  3. FantasyDevourer August 4th, 2011 at 2:43 am 3

    Crit first: The part where you describe how Opal and Minerva are going to ‘kill’ Frond is really confusing. Also, it could make the story easier to read if you divide the paragraphs a little more (the beginning ones in chap. 7 are really big)

    Other than that, it’s really good and kinda funny.

    4/s, Update!!

    P.O.V.—> Point of View.

    Okay, thanks. I fixed it and I think it’s a bit less confusing now. It explains that it’s a type of coma.~<3Trouble<3

  4. Um…. I found a mistake. When she was counting the number of dwarves you skipped seven. Also I thought it was seven of them not eight. I agree with FD it would be better if you divied the paragrphs. Why would they want to kill Lili Frond?!? What did she ever do to them?!?

    I really liked the yelling part alot. So…. 4/L(lollipops)

    Well, yeah she skipped seven, because Mulch was gone, so she couldn’t count up to seven. There were only six there because Mulch had left to rescue Trouble and Foaly. Get it?Oh, and I accidently put eight. I fixed that now.~<3Trouble<3

  5. FantasyDevourer August 4th, 2011 at 7:23 pm 5

    Thanks for fixing the confusing death thing, but can you fix the big paragraphs???

  6. oh, yeah I’m gonna start that in the next one. It would be kind of hard to go in and split it up now that it’s already written etc.

  7. Yay they almost go out!!! What happend to Arty? Hmmm… I saw a mistake, you put:
    “Well? I thought *youwanted* to be a deer?”

    When you forgot to put a space between *you* *wanted*. So it should be:
    “Well? I thought *you* *wanted* to be a deer?”

    I put the * to show the words to put a space at. That was all, I think. I love this story!!! Still whats going to happen to Arty and Holly?!?

    So I give it 5/T(tacos), it was only a small common mistake. 😀 UPDATE PLEASE I’M RUNNING OUT OF THINGS TO READ ON HERE!! Sorry that I yelled…

    Okay, thanks! I’ll fix that. I’m trying to update faster now, but sometimes I just can’t write. The words won’t come to me. They just happened to today. ~<3Trouble<3

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