Looking For A Dead Man’s Secrets

Summary: Looking For A Dead Man’s Secrets By: Finn *censored*(thought you could get me?) Deamon and Whosasking (dea and who helped […]

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Looking For A Dead Man’s Secrets
By: Finn *censored*(thought you could get me?) Deamon and Whosasking (dea and who helped with wording and grammar)

Holly was milling around Fowl Manor, savoring the memories. Artemis Fowl died two years ago when he was 83. He hadn’t told anyone when he was dying; nobody knew why, but he did.
‘I still wonder, just why?’ Holly thought, by now walking by the large mantle, seeing the old dusty cane. Artemis had started using it when he was 68 years old; it was made of black wood and had a carved glass head. It had some sort of sentimental value to Artemis. Another secret.
Foaly took his laptop and tried hacking the password to his diaries, to see if he left anything, but to no avail. Only because he never found the password. Holly had an idea: it was something he would never do, like ‘I love my fairy friends’, so Foaly would never find out. Holly decided to try something; she went to Artemis’s room and picked up his laptop. She slowly typed in ‘The Book’. Rejected. She tried ‘Faeries’. Rejected. Holly tried ‘Foaly is a simpleton’. Yet again, rejected. If she tried it too many times, the laptop would shut down and lock itself forever. She closed her amber eyes, and with an air of finality typed in ‘Holly’. The laptop whirred to life, clicking and making other similar sounds. It unlocked, displaying all of his secrets to the world from where they had once been locked away within. She drew a sharp intake of breath, tears springing to her eyes. Holly clicked on a file marked ‘video diaries’, took a deep breath in anticipation, and clicked on the newest one. Awestruck, she watched.
Artemis popped on the screen, small coughing fit in session for a few moments, but swiftly recovering. Artemis looked at the screen and started: “My name is Artemis Fowl, if you do not already know, and these are my last confessions:” He let out another hacking cough. “I have killed many people because of my rash actions, and I deserve to die. But this is something only my dearest friend could ever see; I know because only she would figure out the password, which, in fact, is her name: Holly.” Holly’s mismatched eyes glimmering with tears beginning to stream down her cherubic cheeks. “Back to the topic. This is my secret that I never would be able to say to anyone in person. Especially you, Holly. This is the biggest secret I have ever kept in my many years.” Artemis let out a wheeze and began.

I sat down next to my brothers, who were watching some weird TV show called ‘Spongebob Squarepants.’ Getting a call on the phone, I frowned. I didn’t get many calls from the outside world. What I heard on that call changed me forever. I dropped the phone and ran to the car calling for butler.

I opened the door, jumped out the Bentley, and ran towards the crowd of people looking at the Rolls Royce, dashing under the barrier despite the policeman’s warnings. I looked at the car, tears running down my face.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. i noticed that all the fics ive read lately are based on sad events. yeah what the frond,who cares,this was good anyway. planning on updating,i hope 🙂 😀

  2. imfowltothebone January 29th, 2013 at 10:22 pm 2

    ya, just leaving you guys hanging XD, and if the italics gives you a headache i can change it

  3. I approve 😀
    A few holes here and there, like the crash would have been more loosely guarded, but you’re getting much better.

  4. I love stories like this! My favorite type of story is a good heartwrenchingly tragic romance. If its not already blaringly obvious from my songfics…

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