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Fowlie’s Complex

Summary: What if Fowlie has the Atlantis Complex? She's not sure how she got it, but she knows it's time to get rid of it. And she has no idea how.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Chapter Three: Rhunön


Rhunön’s P.O.V.

Rhunön was on her feet in an instant. She scanned her surroundings for danger, and saw a girl crouching on the floor, her delicate face a mask of shock. Her memory quickly supplied a name: Mira.

“Are you okay… Mira?” Rhunön asked her uncertainly.

Mira nodded, “Fowlie?” she asked hopefully.

Rhunön shook her head sadly, “No. I am Rhunön. She, Fowlie, is calling for you, counting manically at the time until she regains control of this body,” she said as she helped Mira up from the floor. She dried her tears on her shirt and looked once more at the window that showed Domvoia on the operating table.


Mira’s P.O.V.

I followed her gaze, sighing quietly. My heart shattered at her words. Fowlie was in pain, Dommy was in pain and there was nothing I could do about it.

Rhunön’s black eyes took on a strange silvery glow, “She is in a tremendous amount of pain. She is begging for mercy from the demons her mind has created to plague her and torture her, to tear her apart,” she whispered hoarsely, swaying back and forth slightly. “FowlStar says she’s sorry, yet they still persist. Repentance shall never be enough.”

“D-do you think Dom will be o-okay though?” I asked worriedly, looking at this new…strangely quiet and dark personality. “I know Fowlie had dealt with depression in the past, I knew she was dark, but not this distant and unattached,” Mira thought as Rhunön began speaking once again after a silence of some minutes.

“I know not,” Rhunön responded darkly, “take me to Domvoia at once.”

I started at her unusual request, but despite the unpredictability of FowlStar’s consciousness at this moment, I lead her to a door by the operating window and let her inside. I watched as she said something to the warlocks and surgeon fairies and they all moved aside, revealing an almost normal looking Domvoia again. There was a faint scar on her stomach, and a bruise here and there, but nothing too serious.

Rhunön looked agitated as soon as she put her hand on Dommy’s forehead. She moved away, seemingly growling and muttering under her breath. She moved back to Dommy and back away again, plainly disturbed.


Rhunön’s P.O.V.

Mira let me into the operating room. I immediately asked for the surgeon in charge and requested that he pull his team back, away from Domvoia. I knew there was something wrong. Her injuries weren’t just physical. Her aura was faint and greyish, not that of one who has just underwent a massive healing and magical transfusion.

To test my theory, I tried reading her thoughts by placing my hand on her head to establish a physical link. I found nothing, just a murky film over millions of words and phrases and pictures floating just out of her reach. Suddenly, I hit a barrier, and a sharp pang of mental energy forced its way through my mind. I backed away, muttering curses angrily under my breath.

I moved forward and tried again, this time seeking clues buried deeper within her mind. That was where I found painful memories of the attack. Therein was her mental trauma. It would not allow her to wake up. She would remain in a coma until her body decided it was out of danger. Again with that mental dagger of energy pushing me back. It was her brain’s response to danger. I moved away, trying to remain calm.

And again, I placed my hand on her head and dug as deep as I could, to emerge in a peaceful meadow where Domvoia was huddled among the shadowy gnarled roots of a thousand year old Oak tree, her back turned to me. I moved forward, making a choked sound. I wasn’t sure it was entirely me who managed a weak “Dommy,” before the apparition I was about to comfort turned around, and all I saw were hollow eyes and a thin pale lifeless face. I moved back, retreating from her mind, afraid, so very afraid. I knew what I had to do, even if I would ultimately have to hand the body over to the next personality.

I quickly put one hand over her heart, my other hand still covering her head, and began chanting. I know not how I knew the very healing words to speak to bring her back, but I spoke them nonetheless. I began swaying as I transferred my energy to hers, raw silver energy transforming and blossoming into pink thriving vital energy as soon as it came into contact with Domvoia’s aura. I could feel, almost see her aura slowly being vitalized, her memories removed, the trauma being withdrawn from her mind.

And then, I collapsed, fading to darkness.


*Thank you to Domvoia for helping to co-write this chapter.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. Woot woot! GO AC! XD update! FCD! It was a little short, though… oh well! *hands cheese string*

    Fowlie Says:

    Forge thanks you for the cheese. 😀 And, I don’t usually prolong my prologues. I promise the next update will be longer.

  2. Okay, you kind of confused me. It says Fowlie’s complex, so do you have the complex or not? it isn’t exactly mentioned, and it’s just kind of confusing. Otherwise it was good! UPDATE!

    Fowlie Says:

    Thanks for reading it. 😀 I thought it was clear that I have the Complex, because I am yelling at my alternate personalities: Veronica (the hopeless romantic lip gloss addicted flirt) and Forge (the crazy string cheese addicted ax-brandishing quick-to-anger girl). I hope you understand now. 😀 Thanks for the review. 😀

  3. Bobo Paradizo June 24th, 2011 at 4:46 am 3

    Cheese? Wow! I luv it…
    I’m a little confused over whos who, but its pretty good, anyways

    Fowlie Says:

    Hey Bobo. 😀 Thanks for the comment. Forge and Veronica are my personalities, but I will treat them as different people with different POV’s. It’s definitely less confusing this way. Okay? 😀 Really, we’re all the same person though. Right now, it’s in my POV, because I am the one thinking about the others. I know it’s confusing, but it’s going to be a fun story. Keep reading! 😀

  4. I apologize, but my chapter divider option thingy is currently not working. If one of the mods or someone could please help me out, it would be appreciated. 😀 The story will be one big post until this is fixed.

    /EDIT:/ The chapter divider thingy is now working! Enjoy the story! 😀

  5. I’m… I’m… wow…*is Domvia people!* I’m hurt and actually I am eleven… But still wow….

    Fowlie Says:

    Dommeh! Thank you for reviewing! 😀 I take it you like the story?

  6. Niiiiiiice! I nearly cried when I heard about Dommy. Awesome! An hour of sparring, sounds like me XD

    Fowlie Says:

    Yay! 😀 You guys will love the next chappie. 😀

  7. Ah, very good. Falcon approves ^^
    It wasn’t confusing to me at all…


    Fowlie Says:

    Glad you liked it. I can’t believe you want an update already! Fine. *mutters* Always slaving away on a hot keyboard for you bottomless pits of fan fiction reading zombies all day…I’ll try to get one more chapter in, maybe….

  8. That’s very good! I like the way you describe things. It really paints the images well in my mind. *sigh* Poor Dom…. 🙁

    On another note, you’re a fan of Hetalia?? Woot!! I love that show!! 🙂

    Update soon, please? 🙂

    Fowlie Says:

    Aww Ann! Thanks! 😀 Yes, I love Prussia! I thought I was overdoing it with the descriptions, thanks! 😀

  9. *SPOILER ALERT! Yes Fowlie it is awesome but not the part where I’m almost dead… Where’s Grub when I need him! *don’t ask…*

    Fowlie Says:

    Dommy, you said you wouldn’t tell! Sigh….oh well. Anyway *evil grin* your wittle Grubbles is on his way! A wittle chapter fwuffyness just for yew! 😀 Hahahahaah! Muhahahaha!

  10. I take it everyone likes the story so far? XD Chapter four coming up soon. 😀

  11. Okay thats awesome and not… He he update! and Really? Wittle Grubbles?

    Fowlie Says:

    I’m a sucker for reviews. Seriously. And yes, really. Grubbie might might make an appearance in the next chapter.

  12. You guys are so lucky I’m in a good mood. Two chapters in one day? Maybe another one coming. 😀

  13. Oy! Me and Dom wrote a LOT of that! *grrr*

    Fowlie Says:

    *sniffles* You wrote a lot of chapter five, I did chapter four, six and seven. We’ve all written a lot…. *sniffles* I gave you guys credit! Dom helped a little on Four…yeah…

  14. That’s so true Mira that’s so true…

    Fowlie Says:


  15. This is AWESOME! poor Fowlie, please update soon!!!

    Fowlie Says:

    Okay. Chapter six is just for Torry! 😛 Coming right up!

  16. Hermione Fowl July 6th, 2011 at 2:35 am 16

    That was pretty confusing, but maybe I’m just stupid. I liked the prologue, apart from the first line:’All the girl wanted was some string cheese! All she wanted was string cheese!’ No matter what primary school teachers tell you, repetition is NOT COOL.

    Fowlie Says:

    *fixes first line/update (soon as I wake up tomorrow XD)* Man, it’s been such a long time since I’ve read that. I missed your threatening and commanding yet loving presence at FF. *huggles*

  17. Oh god Mary Sue alert.

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