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Fowlie’s Complex

Summary: What if Fowlie has the Atlantis Complex? She's not sure how she got it, but she knows it's time to get rid of it. And she has no idea how.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Chapter One: Destruction

Fowlie cracked an eye open and her heart soared. She was finally in control! Having awoken in her own bed, her mood instantly changed to blissfully happy… though she still wondered what damage Forge had caused this time.  Forge was the one who was in control of FowlStar’s body last time around. She gazed at the ceiling, plastered with posters of Prussia, England, America, and a whole other host of characters from Hetalia. Her lullaby, Mama by My Chemical Romance was playing softly from her purple Bose sound system. It was a gift from Artemis on her birthday. She sighed, appreciating the soft purple curtains, the purple rugs and white lamps, the beautiful embroidered white duvet that was ruffled from her movements. She was nestled among countless purple and white pillows.

She saw someone had put Tamerion on its stand. She grinned. Probably Mira. Mira knew how Fowlie loved to take care of that sword. It was a gift of goodwill by the xTerrian Council that helped her to govern the planet xTerra from Earth.

She threw the covers off, and slipped into her satin bedroom slippers. How good it felt to feel the soft folds of cloth that was her bed. She had to savor these types of things, for they were seldom felt. Fowlie carefully made her bed, arranging the pillows and sheets just right. Then, she padded off to her purple-and-white flowered bathroom to shower and get ready for the day.

Out of the bathroom, garbed in a purple silk robe and a fluffy white towel for her wet hair, she threw open the doors to her walk-in closet. She grinned. Time to accessorize. Out of the selection of designer clothes, colorful clothes and her signature black-and-purple outfits, she threw on her signature distressed black jeans, her combat boots, and a loose purple tee-shirt that simply said ‘MCRmy’. She also chose a black jean jacket and strapped on her sheath for Tamerion. On her calf she strapped on another sheath for a small dagger. She went to her sword stand for Tamerion and neatly slid it into the black sheath. She ignored her black bow, Triller (named for the sound it made when Fowlie fired her arrows). The dark energy running through the bow that gave it its black color with the eerie purple tendrils of magic was a little excessive and draining for her day to day activities. Unless she was practicing her archery. Lastly, she slid her purple armband on her arm. Fowlie gingerly picked up her *StarBoard.

There. Now she was ready to tackle the day. Fowlie went outside into the hallway. She placed her StarBoard on the floor and whispered: Activate. It immediately uncoiled and solidified, floating a foot above the floor. She stepped on it, and decided she would fly above the training grounds and see if anyone wanted to practice before breakfast.

Fowlie winced as Forge and Veronica began arguing in her mind again, and she subconsciously began counting to five. She needed to stop that. Needed to stop counting. Now. Before she went crazy with fear. She would never count to four. Four has always meant death. She shook these thoughts from her mind as she saw Mira down below.

Luckily Mira was up, training. She was practicing her sword skills.

“Hey,” Fowlie said, as she descended.

“Hey, it’s Fowlie this time, right?” Mira asked, still practicing her complex sword strokes,

“Yeah, it’s me,” I said, going to hug her, “Mind if I practice with you?”

She stopped in the middle of a sword stroke, “Oh thank the Gods,” she squealed as we hugged. “You’re here! Sure, lets spar for a bit.”

I giggled and pulled out Tamerion, moving into my fighter’s stance. My legs were spread apart, left foot slightly ahead of the right one. I held Tamerion up and looked at Mira. Our bodies and swords mirrored each other in position. I grinned and nodded. She charged, her graceful strokes against my heavier ones. We danced, striking and pulling back like determined vipers, switching between offense and defense. Sweat dripped from our heads, slowly drenching our bodies of the proof of our labor to better our selves in combat. After an hour, we both agreed to stop and head for breakfast.

Mira seemed reclusive. She didn’t respond well to my efforts to start a conversation. I simply waited for her to tell me. She would come around in time. I had my doubts that Forge might have gone too far this time. We sat down and loaded our plates. I began eating my cocoa puffs silently, responding to the occasional greetings by the rest of my family. Beside me, Mira silently finished her eggs and toast and downed a cup of coffee.

She turned around to look at me. I was silently sitting there, waiting for her to finish her food and say something.

“We need to talk,” she said gravely.

I nodded, “You’re acting different.”

“Let’s go to the infirmary. You need to see something. Yesterday, Forge, she… well….she hurt someone,” Mira finished worriedly.

My face paled in shock, “Wha-” I managed, before Mira pulled me from the dinning hall and took me to the infirmary.

“Forge has gone too far. We had to sedate her before she hurt anyone else.” Mira explained, worried.

I was in shock. Forge... I,  had hurt someone. This was bad. I didn’t… couldn’t stand to see anyone in my family being hurt by another person, let alone myself.

Mira opened the doors to the infirmary and led me to the Intensive Care Unit, reserved for the most horrendous of injuries. She lead me to one of the operating rooms. Through a glass window, you could see everything that was going on. A little girl, barely eleven, was spread out on the operating table, with seven magical warlocks and fairies working to heal her. Her left leg and both arms were being healed, and so was a massively long but shallow cut to her stomach. Various bruises and cuts peppered her body. Fowlie gasped in horror as she realized who that little girl was.

She gasped, hot tears of denial flooding her pale weary face. She would kill Forge. She needed to kill her! She slid to the floor, dragging Mira down with her, who was trying in vain to comfort her.

How could she have let Forge hurt her own little sister?



That was Fowlie’s last thought as she blacked out, giving into her fighting subconscious.


*Fowlie’s StarBoard is another gift from the xTerrian council. xTerra is the planet in deep space that she grew up on when the xTerrian people abducted her. The Starboard is a small black CD sized disk that sits on a stand next to Tamerion in Fowlie’s bedroom at the FG HQ. It spirals outward and becomes a disk on which Fowlie can fly, by either sitting or standing. It is made of tempered black star metal that was forged with dark magic and the energy of thought (much like Eragon’s sword, Brisingr) and responds to Fowlie’s thoughts and feelings.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. Woot woot! GO AC! XD update! FCD! It was a little short, though… oh well! *hands cheese string*

    Fowlie Says:

    Forge thanks you for the cheese. 😀 And, I don’t usually prolong my prologues. I promise the next update will be longer.

  2. Okay, you kind of confused me. It says Fowlie’s complex, so do you have the complex or not? it isn’t exactly mentioned, and it’s just kind of confusing. Otherwise it was good! UPDATE!

    Fowlie Says:

    Thanks for reading it. 😀 I thought it was clear that I have the Complex, because I am yelling at my alternate personalities: Veronica (the hopeless romantic lip gloss addicted flirt) and Forge (the crazy string cheese addicted ax-brandishing quick-to-anger girl). I hope you understand now. 😀 Thanks for the review. 😀

  3. Bobo Paradizo June 24th, 2011 at 4:46 am 3

    Cheese? Wow! I luv it…
    I’m a little confused over whos who, but its pretty good, anyways

    Fowlie Says:

    Hey Bobo. 😀 Thanks for the comment. Forge and Veronica are my personalities, but I will treat them as different people with different POV’s. It’s definitely less confusing this way. Okay? 😀 Really, we’re all the same person though. Right now, it’s in my POV, because I am the one thinking about the others. I know it’s confusing, but it’s going to be a fun story. Keep reading! 😀

  4. I apologize, but my chapter divider option thingy is currently not working. If one of the mods or someone could please help me out, it would be appreciated. 😀 The story will be one big post until this is fixed.

    /EDIT:/ The chapter divider thingy is now working! Enjoy the story! 😀

  5. I’m… I’m… wow…*is Domvia people!* I’m hurt and actually I am eleven… But still wow….

    Fowlie Says:

    Dommeh! Thank you for reviewing! 😀 I take it you like the story?

  6. Niiiiiiice! I nearly cried when I heard about Dommy. Awesome! An hour of sparring, sounds like me XD

    Fowlie Says:

    Yay! 😀 You guys will love the next chappie. 😀

  7. Ah, very good. Falcon approves ^^
    It wasn’t confusing to me at all…


    Fowlie Says:

    Glad you liked it. I can’t believe you want an update already! Fine. *mutters* Always slaving away on a hot keyboard for you bottomless pits of fan fiction reading zombies all day…I’ll try to get one more chapter in, maybe….

  8. That’s very good! I like the way you describe things. It really paints the images well in my mind. *sigh* Poor Dom…. 🙁

    On another note, you’re a fan of Hetalia?? Woot!! I love that show!! 🙂

    Update soon, please? 🙂

    Fowlie Says:

    Aww Ann! Thanks! 😀 Yes, I love Prussia! I thought I was overdoing it with the descriptions, thanks! 😀

  9. *SPOILER ALERT! Yes Fowlie it is awesome but not the part where I’m almost dead… Where’s Grub when I need him! *don’t ask…*

    Fowlie Says:

    Dommy, you said you wouldn’t tell! Sigh….oh well. Anyway *evil grin* your wittle Grubbles is on his way! A wittle chapter fwuffyness just for yew! 😀 Hahahahaah! Muhahahaha!

  10. I take it everyone likes the story so far? XD Chapter four coming up soon. 😀

  11. Okay thats awesome and not… He he update! and Really? Wittle Grubbles?

    Fowlie Says:

    I’m a sucker for reviews. Seriously. And yes, really. Grubbie might might make an appearance in the next chapter.

  12. You guys are so lucky I’m in a good mood. Two chapters in one day? Maybe another one coming. 😀

  13. Oy! Me and Dom wrote a LOT of that! *grrr*

    Fowlie Says:

    *sniffles* You wrote a lot of chapter five, I did chapter four, six and seven. We’ve all written a lot…. *sniffles* I gave you guys credit! Dom helped a little on Four…yeah…

  14. That’s so true Mira that’s so true…

    Fowlie Says:


  15. This is AWESOME! poor Fowlie, please update soon!!!

    Fowlie Says:

    Okay. Chapter six is just for Torry! 😛 Coming right up!

  16. Hermione Fowl July 6th, 2011 at 2:35 am 16

    That was pretty confusing, but maybe I’m just stupid. I liked the prologue, apart from the first line:’All the girl wanted was some string cheese! All she wanted was string cheese!’ No matter what primary school teachers tell you, repetition is NOT COOL.

    Fowlie Says:

    *fixes first line/update (soon as I wake up tomorrow XD)* Man, it’s been such a long time since I’ve read that. I missed your threatening and commanding yet loving presence at FF. *huggles*

  17. Oh god Mary Sue alert.

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