Diana: The Aftermath

Summary: Many things happen for a reason. Many people die for a reason. Many are born for a reason, a core […]

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Many things happen for a reason. Many people die for a reason. Many are born for a reason, a core purpose already predetermined for their life. Some might end world hunger, and some might discover a new way to treat a previously incurable ailment. But some people, some very special people die for what they believe in. They die to save a life, or a cause. They die for love.

Some people die to salvage an entire civilization. Well, only one person. And you know full well who that person was, and what civilization. Diana. Diana was her name, and she saved us all. The entire fairy civilization and the topsoil dwellers they call Mud Men.

I write this to you, the fairy people, every child, every woman, and every man; that all Mud Men are not cruel and unjust as some might have you think. I am cruel, greedy and cold. But, Diana…Diana was the essence of beauty, in its deepest meaning. I mean this not in the superficial way of mind, but rather the fact that Diana was kind, true, faithful and trusting. And that to me was the true beauty of her. That is true beauty. After her death, I realized how much I had and how much my beloved twin had taught me.

I intend to put this knowledge to use. I intend to build a monument to her honor in this new society.

I am many things, those among a liar, a thief (albeit the first cross-species thief), but I always keep my word.

Diana, when I join you, buried deep inside the earth, paying my debt to the soil from which I metaphorically reaped my keep, I shall come with my promises.


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  1. This is really cool! Artemis is IC, if it took place after book 7. Did you know that my Mom’s birthday is the same day as her’s?
    And a happy Thanksgiving!


    Fowlie’s Response:

    Thanks for the comment Elfie! 😀 Your Mom ‘s birthday is the same as who’s birthday? 😀 😀 😀 You have a happy Thanksgiving to! I’ll update every time a comment is posted. So, another chapter. 😀

  2. This is good and very interesting! It’s a little short right now, so I can’t give a masterful comment, but I would appreciate it if you updated. 🙂

  3. A/Other ship, eh? Well, update! Sheez, I need more for this one.

    (Very short comment dance)

  4. ‘Tis very good. ‘Tis very short. Artemis ’tis very IC.

  5. Ehh…wha? Forgive my stupidity, but are you talking about the Diana-car-crash Diana? ‘Cuz I’m a tad confused. I like the beginning bit though.

    Fowlie Says:

    Nuuuuuuu! You’re a dummeh! XD No, Diana is….well I can’t tell you nao…..it would ruin the plot. But it is not Princess Diana, R.I.P. Nuu, that wouldn’t make any sense.

  6. Cool 😀 No, not cool… Awesome!!! …Or… Beautiful. And… every good comment. Yay!!! 😀

    Fowlie Says:

    Thanks Cap’n Kitty! 😀

  7. FantasyDevourer August 13th, 2011 at 3:36 am 7

    Took me a while to realize it wasn’t Princess Diana. ;P I was kinda confused until I saw the narrator was Artemis. Then I went, ooohhhh! It’s someone else.

    No mistakes, but it’s very short! Is it supposed to be this short? Or is it longer, but my ipad messed it up for me?

    Fowlie Says:
    This is basically the prologue, I’m working on a HUGE plot right now, busy typing things up. 😀 But it isn’t Princess Diana.

  8. Okay, I’m kind of confused. It is really pretty, but I don’t really understand it. I’m sorry if I seem extremely stupid, but I just don’t understand. You are an amazing writer.

    Fowlie Says:
    What’s so confusing? This is a prologue, it’s not making any sense because obviously, there is no plot. 😉

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