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Das Futur Zwei

Summary: As some of you may have wisely concluded, that means, “The Future two.” So, yes, this is a sequel to […]

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As some of you may have wisely concluded, that means, “The Future two.”

So, yes, this is a sequel to “Das Futur.”

So, no, this will not really be a romance like the other was, little different.

I am a little wary of even naming this as a sequel of Das Futur, simply because it had a good ending.

Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Stephen King, please do not read any further.

Well, Steven, George, don’t read Chapter 1.

Stephen King? Only read Chapter 1.

Good day.More...

Twenty years after Das Futur…

Holly swung a fist at Butler. He stumbled back, surprised at the strength of the diminutive elf, but then, as Spatz Antonelli said, “There’s nothing more dangerous than a short guy with something to prove.” Not that she had anything to prove, merely just a determination.

This was not the same Butler that had heroically played his part in goblin revolutions, or stopped power mad pixies, or chased down demon hunters, this was the son of Domovoi Butler. This was Julius Butler. Nearly nineteen years ago, Domovoi Butler had quit his job for Artemis Fowl the Second for two reasons: he was getting old, thanks to the corrupt bodyguard, Arno Blunt, and his bullet. Though, Artemis Fowl does have fault in that…

Butler had also retired when he saw his charge, once a noble boy, had…turned into someone he vowed he never would be….

So, he retired to France with his wife, Minerva Paradizo, and the next generation of Butlers was born. Julius was the youngest of their children, his brothers were currently at Madame Ko’s, attempting to beat their father’s record of youngest graduate. Their sister was also there, but had taken up her aunt’s liking of wrestling.

This Butler, Julius, had been the namesake of Commander Julius Root, though his name disrespected everything the Commander had represented…

He jumped over Holly, as she charged him down, and landed behind. He wrapped her arms in a full Nelson. The elf gritted her teeth, going over methods of escape. Her gun had been thrown off the boat they were on, and landed in the depths of the stormy sea. Her helmet had been hit with the EMP so no help there…

She heard a clanging noise from the stairs she saw earlier. A wave shook the boat fiercely, Holly and her opponent stumbled forward and Holly caught a glimpse of her arch foe. No, not just her foe but all of the People’s foe as well. His face was lit up by a strike of lightning Holly saw he sill hadn’t gotten a tan, despite all his time spent outside.

“Small world, Commander Short?” Artemis Fowl commented, looking perfectly at ease during the midst of a raging storm in the middle of the ocean.

“Too small for the two of us,” Holly agreed, fighting against the bodyguard to wring Fowl’s neck. She proved unsuccessful, much to her annoyance.

The Irish man reached for a bag Holly had strapped on her shoulder, a small burlap sack. He extracted a small silver cast goblet. Artemis sighed, a smile forming across his face.

“I’m sorry, Commander Short,” he said. “But I happen to require your fairy artifact.”

Holly scowled at the evil man who had once been what she would call a friend, maybe more. “That belongs in our museum!” She said this with much dignity, as much as she could muster while aboard the ship of the People’s greatest threat.

Artemis smiled, though it didn’t reach his eyes. “So do you!” he retorted. “Throw her over the side!” he commanded Butler.

He didn’t reply, but he picked Holly up as though she were an ant, and hefted her to the boat’s edge. Holly flailed her limbs, trying with all her might to escape, her mood would have greatly improved had she seen her curled up fist connect with the side of Fowl’s face.

She did get another lucky hit in. She clipped the bodyguard’s front with her foot in a place that will effectively make any man fall to the ground in pure agony. Butler dropped the commanding officer, howling in pain, Holly took advantage of this to deliver a breath shattering blow to his windpipe.

She made her way wildly for Fowl, but the storm badly shook the boat, a final wave fell over it, and swept Holly overboard.

The fall from the boat to the water’s surface was barely three feet, though Holly did get the wind broken out of her. She managed to swim a few laps away, fully intending to circle around and reboard from the back of the ship.

She got, perhaps, ten feet from the boat when a wave collapsed over the boat, knocking a smokestack over, the boat exploded in a billion pieces insantly.

Holly grimly smiled, at she could report to Fowl’s death, the People would probably have a party or a celebration of sort; Artemis Fowl II once the People’s greatest ally, now their greatest foe, dead.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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  1. OMGosh! What happened?!?!? What went wrong!?!?! (cool story by the way)

  2. FCD 4 K12.
    OOOH, Spiro stuff! Nice!!!

  3. I have no idea what happpened here but it was still a great story!

    Will it help if i actually read Das Futur?

    You are a great writer and your comments for other stories are hilarious, keep up the good work!

  4. No, this has NO relation to das futer! I dont get it, so Artymon you better explain! 👿 😆 :mrgreen:

  5. Well, I got the idea for Das Futur one and two at the same time, only they were VERY different.
    I had been thinking of Earth Angel when I wrote Das Futur, and I had been thinking of the epilogue to Artemis Fowl for this, it says that there is a “fight” against Artemis over decades to follow, so I expanded on it. The reason for his reversion to evil will be explained in chapter two, which I will load now…

  6. hitsugaya toushiro November 26th, 2008 at 9:30 pm 6

    i get it she rejected him in Dus Futur so he’s kinda gone back to his old ways.

  7. EXACTLY! Yes! Toll! Super! Excelllllent!

  8. Artymon, why did you change your name to Bartymon? out of all your names I think I like the regular Artymon best.

    now, your story. I luved it! that mean ol Holly made Artemis go evil! TAWESOME! I always liked Artemis better evil anyway! :mrgreen: It ROX!!!! you should really become a professioanal author! you have the imagination for it!

    (have you read my latest chappy on never did he lie?)

    Artymon here, I changed my name because Randy Quid (THE VACATION MOVIES!!!) killed me. However, my brother, Bartymon, followed the instructions I left him and I was cloned, again, so yeah, for a couple days, Bartymon was managing my account, but I’m back.

    I shudder about a career as a writer, what if I get told, “Get outta here, ya got no talent?” I mean, I just don’t think I could take that kind of rejection.

    SHUT UP MARTY!  I do have a character in my head who is a VERY psychotic woman, more so than Artymon, so if I wrote a book, it would probably feature her…

    And, yes, I did read your new chappy, and I was severely hurt when you thought I didn’t like it! It TAWeSOME!  *Infringement police bust in and arrest Artymon for stealing phrases and plots*

    Artymon: NOT AGAIN! 

    Fill-In/me: YEAH!!!*does happy dance*

  9. GRR! I just checked on BabelFish and it’s come to my attention, should you look up what “Ich weis nicht, meinen freund” and “warum” mean, you would get a different message. Those phrases mean: “I don’t know, my friend” and “why?” Though, I’m sure you might have figured this out, just figured I’d say so….

  10. Cool updates, i luuuuuuuuv updates! Its good, but why dont you seperate the chapters? instead of putting it all on one page? i will assume you either forgot you could do that, or somethins wrong with ur compy. 😆

  11. No, this is NOT a double comment, he updated.

    TOO COOL! the mudman’s book….ooooh. what is in it?!?!?!?!!?! GAA! YOU MUST CONTINUE! pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! good job, good joB!

  12. To be honest? There’s not too much with the mudman book. It’s an item and thing mentioned earlier that are MORE interesting…

  13. Oooh!! So cool!! I luuuuuved it! 😀

    Cant wait for the new stories! (wanna PM me some info on that first one? I can keep secrets!)

  14. ha! T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T.
    Too sensitive thy tale is,
    Only VIP’s could ever know,
    Paws off, in layman’s terms.
    Suddenly, it dawned upon me
    Eternal entrapment,
    Cannot be allowed
    Royal ideas sprouted
    Exactly when it comes out,
    Too soon to know.

  15. OMGosh! you spelled top secret going down too!

    and hey! dont I count as a VIP??????

  16. So, how’d you like the rest? Did you catch JR’s cameo appearence?

  17. Kierisa Zwölf January 23rd, 2009 at 7:45 pm 17

    Mm Hmm! This is tawesome! I cant beleive I didnt read it! *shakes head*

    It was really good! I liked it, great work artymon!

  18. captain_artys_girlxx January 28th, 2009 at 7:41 am 18

    Dude, I saw Last Crusade there! And I sense some Indy planning in there! I recognise a lot of the Indy plans….
    very nice!

  19. captain_artys_girlxx January 28th, 2009 at 8:00 am 19

    Dude… IT?!?!

    THE “IT”?!?!?!

    GAAAAH!! Poor Myles and Beckett!!!

    Holy SHIZZ!! Nicely done… I wish I could write half as good as you.

  20. Bah… I am terrible. Thanks for ze Indy comment! I was even trying, that’s freakin’ awesome! Actually…oh wait…heh heh…yeeeah…that’s eh where the heh Pa’Chang comes from…
    —infringing all around you, /\rtymon

  21. The_Right_Girl April 15th, 2009 at 6:01 pm 21

    UPDATE, ARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (P.S. I am not what you think I am.)

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