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Crazy… or Genius?

Summary: Okay, so I found a way to include Holly. This is just stuff that’s kinda rewritten from the book I […]

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Okay, so I found a way to include Holly. This is just stuff that’s kinda rewritten from the book I guess, but pay attention because it brings the fairies in so its important to the plot even if it is boring! If it is, sorry….

Chapter 5
“Where is Captain Short?” Root demanded, storming into the Ops Booth. “I need to talk to her.”
“Holly?” the technician shrugged. “How am I supposed to know? I don’t think she came in yet.”
“But she’s late!”
Foaly sighed. “She’s barely a minute late. In fact, she won’t actually be late for another 30 seconds.”
“Forget the technicalities!” the commander growled. “She needs to get her butt in here right now!”
As if on cue, a shadow moved outside the door. Root spun around. “Captain Short!” he roared. The shadow froze. “Get in here, now!”
For a moment, nothing moved. Then, slowly but surely, she pivoted and opened the door, slowly entering the office. “Yes, Commander?” she asked.
“What time do you call this, Short?” he demanded.
The elf looked at the watch on her wrist briefly, then at her commanding officer. “Actually, sir, I’m right on time.”
“Well, you should have been here earlier! You’re supposed to be at least ten minutes early!”
She scowled, but nodded. “Okay, sir. I’ll keep that in mind next time.”
“No, Short. That’s the problem. There isn’t going to be a next time.” At her confused look, he sighed. “Come sit down, Captain. We need to talk.”
Holly nodded and took a seat in front of his desk. He sat opposite of her. “Look, Captain, this isn’t working. You were good, better than I thought you would be, but not good enough. There are plenty of others who could do it better. And that’s why….” He paused and sighed again before continuing. “That’s why you’re being downgraded. I’m moving you back to Traffic, Holly.”
“What?!” she exclaimed, jumping to her feet. “You’re joking!”
“I’m dead serious.” He glanced up at her. “Sorry, Short. You had your chance. You never gave it everything you had, either that or everything you had just wasn’t enough.” He sat back in his chair,. “Its over, Holly. You’ll start on Traffic again Monday.”
The elf frowned, crossing her arms. Chosing her words carefully, she said, “Commander, sir, I think I deserve another shot.”
He did not even look at her. “And why’s that?”
“Because of my record, sir. Apart from the Hamburg incident, its spotless. It speaks for itself. There’s been no mind wipes or times stops, apart from that…..” The commander just shrugged. Holly let out a frustrated growl, her hands fisting at her sides. “Oh, forget it. I’ll report for Traffic duty Monday, I suppose…”
Then, without being dismissed, she turned and headed for the door.
He probably would have just let her go, had she kept her mouth shut. But she didn’t, and as she walked away he heard her mutter, “should have known I wouldn’t even get a fair chance. He’s too sexist to even give me that. If I had been one of his precious male sprites, we wouldn’t have even had to have this discussion.”
Root’s head snapped up. “Now wait just a minute, Captain Short-“
It was too late. Holly was already walking out the door, and she slammed it shut behind her. She heard what the commander said, but ignored it as she exited the room. The last thing she heard before the door slammed shut behind her was the commander’s communicator ringing.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Mm, yes, I do remember this. I’m glad SOMEBODY is posting on here. This place has become pretty desolate.

  2. Keep it going!!

  3. Great story so far. And you are quite right. Chapter 5 included a LOT of the book. Keep writing.

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