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Blind As A Bat

Summary: Batman/AF crossover, i just finished Arkham city in a few hours and thought of this, enjoy!

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Blind As A Bat

(HUGE thanks to fal for helping me on this fic, she did a great job and she deserves a lot of credit, she didn’t know almost anything about batman and she learned in a few minutes just for this fic, lets all thank her.)~finn
So this is it. My life ends at the hands of a madman who wears makeup, every moment adding up to this flashed up in my eyes.

10 days ago

I walked around Fowl Manor, staring at the amazing architecture. No matter how many times I see it it never fails to amaze me. And suddenly I got an alert on my computer. I ran over to see a bug was searching my secure files “not on my good day no”


Bruce Wayne was sitting in his parlor eating lunch when the watch on his hand beeped. It was a message from the Batcomputer. It read as follows:
“Sir: it appears a large amount of the TITAN serum has been detected in the Gotham sewer system.”
The message finished.
“How much?” he asked.
“Enough to fill the Pacific Ocean, sir,” It replied
“Batcomputer: cross-reference all people with a high knowledge of bio-chemicals or TITAN itself,” he instructed.
“Two matches have come up sir: Bane and Artemis Fowl”
“Artemis Fowl?” he inquired of his watch.
“Artemis Fowl bio, sir: A boy genius in Ireland. Used to be a thief and then met the mysterious-” The message went static.
“What the…?” Bruce said out loud.
“Everything alright sir?” Alfred asked, walking into the parlor.
“Yes, everything is fine,” he replied, frowning.
Suddenly a live video of a boy popped up from his watch. It spoke: “I don’t know why you are hacking into my secure files or for that matter how, but I will find you if you try again, and maybe my bodygaurd can break a few bones,” he said as behind him a man appeared, almost as large as Bane, but without all the wires filled with venom. “Batcomputer: find out where he is and get me a flight to there immediately!”

The next day…

Bruce Wayne sat on a flight to Tara in his private jet. A few hours later he landed and took a cab to Fowl Manor. When he got there he noticed how large it was and the castle-like structure. He walked up and waved at the camera.

In Fowl Manor

“Butler, search him for weapons and if he’s clean let him in. ” I said, straightening my suit.
I started checking the worlds’ databases for his face. One match popped up: ‘Bruce Wayne’, eccentric American billionaire. “Hmm. Probably a business oppurtunity,” I thought as he walked in.
“Hello, Mr. Wayne, I have a question for you. I have noticed your watch has the capability to connect to a high tech computer, which makes me think it was you who hacked into my secure files. Am I wrong or right, Mr. Wayne?” I asked as Butler cracked his knuckles.
“Are you threatening me?” Bruce asked.
“Yes, I believe I am, Mr. Wayne.” I brought out my famous vampire smile.
“Well Mr. Fowl, I think it’s time you meet my bodyguard. Bane, you can come in now!” he said as a huge fist broke down the door.
The man was huge, and I mean larger than Butler huge; by close examination he was almost 10 feet tall. The wires running through his back were filled with a light green liquid, which made him even more menacing. Butler backed away a bit.
“Artemis, I need a bigger gun,” Butler said with a large amount of surprise in his voice.
“Now I need to talk to Artemis in private, you and Bane can get to know each other more outside the door, and Bane, try not to freak out if he asks about your wires.” Bruce said as I led him into a room.
“So I need to ask you about something I don’t know you’ll accept, but the fate of the world depends on it” Bruce asked me
“What do you mean ‘fate of the world’, and why am I the only qualifier?” I asked him “because of your knowledge on bioterrorism, and because these chemicals kill anyone they come in contact with within 24 hours” Bruce replied
“Ahh, ok, and is your uhh, bodyguard coming with us?” I asked, about the only thing in the world that unnerved me was him… And exercise.
“Of course he is, he was exposed to these chemicals himself” Bruce replied
“Of course…” I said ‘that must be what the wires in his back are’ I thought.
“Do you accept?” Bruce asked
“One condition, I get to bring my errr, ‘gadgets’ Artemis said, referring to all the stolen fairy designs such as a modified neutrino and wings, and also a device that replicates the fairy shielding process.
“Of course you can” bring anything helpful.

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  1. shaadia the princess (also a freak) July 22nd, 2013 at 1:38 pm 1

    I like it. Thanks both Fal and Finn for posting!

  2. meepfanmeepster August 11th, 2013 at 3:24 am 2

    hmmm interesting you must update

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