Bianca, The Evil Rabbit

Summary: Chapter 1: The Appearance Artemis woke up to lots of giggling and something furry on his left hand. Eyes bleary from sleep he […]

Chapters: 1 2 3

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Chapter 1: The Appearance

Artemis woke up to lots of giggling and something furry on his left hand. Eyes bleary from sleep he looked at his hand to see a rabbit with red eyes, and of course, Myles and Beckett. Artemis sat up to stare at the rabbit nibbling on his fingers,” Myles, Beckett, why is this… thing, on my bed?”

 “First of all, her name is Bianca, and second she is our new pet,” Myles replied.

“And how did she become your pet?”

“Well it’s simple really, we found her in the front of the Fowl Manor and mum said we could keep her,” Myles replied.

Beckett picked up Bianca and ran out the room, eager to show Artemis Senior their new pet.”Simple-toon! Don’t run!,” Myles screamed running after his twin. Artemis looked at his clock, 9:35, the clock said in red. Red, the color of Bianca’s eyes, slightly disturbing. But he shrugged off the idea, the idea that she was evil.

“I will not fall to such foolishness,”Artemis said to no one in particular.

He trudged down the stairs only to see his whole family’s reactions with Bianca. Mother had Bianca in her arms petting her fluffy ears. Artemis Senior seemed to be a little jealous of not having her attention. Beckett and Myles were also petting Bianca, but Bianca seemed annoyed. She turned and stared at Artemis with red pierceing eyes that seemed to stare into his very soul.

That is no ordinary rabbit, he thought.I have to tell Holly     

 Artemis walked back upstairs to call Holly, but when he opened his door to his study she was already there.

“Hello Artemis,” she smiled.

But he knew something was wrong,something was always wrong when Holly visited.She always needed his help.Then her voice shattered his thoughts,”Listen Artemis,I need your help to catch something.”

” To catch what?”

“You’ll think I’m crazy.”

“Try me.”

“I need your help to catch a rabbit,a white furred one with red eyes to be exact.”

Artemis was apalled,Could she mean Bianca?, he thought.Holly thought his silence was for her to go on.

“Her genetic DNA was altered by Opal, we caught Opal and managed to do some tests on that thing.With the few days we had it, the LEP  figured it craves meat.” she explained. “And-”

“It’s here.” Artemis interupted.

“What! It’s here!?,” she exclaimed.

“I thought you came here because it was here!,” he yelled.

“No! Only because I needed your help!”I’m calling Commander Kelp for backup!”

“What about my family?”

That pushed Holly over the edge, because she started to jump up and down yelling in different languages. With all the yelling her face eventually turned red.

“Ahhhhhhhh!,” came scream after scream.

This caught Holly’s attention, she looked at me and said,”Check on your family!”

Artemis turned away and started to run down the stairs. When he reached his destination Artemis’s eyes widened at the unbearable sight.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Does anyone think I should keep going? I mean really I was reaaly bored.

  2. Yes I think you should! it’s REALLY good, and when it says “And how did she become yourv pet?” The yourv should be your. That’s all I noticed. I really like it so far, so PLEASE update!

    Thank you for telling me about my mistake, and I asure
    I’ll update soon. 🙂

  3. Bianca!!!! Thanks for including her. I told her and she ran away which means she likes it. If she didn’t she would start going crazy and bite everything. I love it, I didn’t see any mistakes and it is really interesting. 5 carrots!

    UPDATE or Bianca will come… 😈

  4. i thought that was Bianca Casterfiore, in Tintin.

    Let’s do this. I’m going to invade all of your spam and tell you to stop, girl (I’m assuming that you’re a girl). Add constructive criticism to your comments and at least try to make them plausible. I know you’re new, but I can’t stand this. And stop being so rude. No comment conversations. And don’t go off topic. ~WE

  5. I like it so far! It has a good plot now, REVENGE :twisted:… on opal :twisted:. Please update soon.

  6. OMG!!! this story is, like, the best!!! i love it!!! please, please, please update!!! PLEASE!!!!

  7. i. cried. Need i say more?

    who wrote this comment? who’s asking?

  8. Nice. I know I was a horrible commentor back then and you guys had no idea really if i liked the fic or not. But this is actually pretty great!

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