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Betrayal part 4

Summary: Okay, this has Maximum Ride in it, so I will summarize it. It’s only gonna be through book two though, […]

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Okay, this has Maximum Ride in it, so I will summarize it. It’s only gonna be through book two though, cause my library didn’t have book three, so I’m waiting for it to come back in.

Summary: Evil scientists take a bunch of kids when they are babies, and inject avian(bird) DNA into them. They get wings, and they can fly, but they are kept in dog crates at the School. The School is what the kids(all of them call themselves the flock) call the lab. The scientists do all these experiments on them, but they managed to escape. The characters are Maximum(Max) who is the flock leader, Fang, who kinda helps lead and is super hot(in my opinion) Angel, who can read minds, Nudge, who can hack anything super fast,Iggy, who is blind, but has super good sense of hearing, and touch, so he can do some things better than rest of flock, and is awesome at making bombs, etc., the Gasman, or Gazzy, who farts a lot, and who is also good at bombs, him and Iggy are sort of partners, and Total, who is a talking dog that Angel found in another lab once they got away from the School. Oh, and there are also these things called Erasers, which are like humans, but they morph into wolves, and they’re the people that hunt the Flock. An important one is Ari, he is possibly Max’s brother, but they don’t know, and he wants to kill her, because their father, if he’s her brother, always favored Max and ignored Ari. Jeb is their father. Ummm, I can’t think of anything else, so anyone who’s read them, please give me tips to make the summary better.

Fang looked at Angel and thought, Fairies?

She nodded, and he raised his eyebrows, but he knew Angel was never wrong.

“Okay guys,” he whispered. “Into the trees. Let’s see what these guys want.”

The Flock scattered, each taking to a separate tree to watch the scene. It wasn’t a very exciting scene. For several minutes, all anyone saw was a heat haze making a ragged circle around the clearing. Eventually, a single  part of the haze broke off and floated to the center of the clearing. The Flock watched, and gasped when it fizzled into view. A woman, but an obviously not human one, looked around through a helmet visor. The Flock held their breath and waited.

Vinyaya buzzed to the center of the clearing with her new wings. Not even wings, actually. Just a very powerful fan. It was an old invention of Foaly’s. The Council hadn’t passed it, however. With even more speed and power than Hummingbirds, they were afraid LEP personnell would be injured. Now that they were no longer with the LEP, that wasn’t a problem.

She ran an infrared scan, and located all seven mutants in the trees. One seemed to be unconcious, and was layed out on a branch next to the oldest boy. Another was a dog, which surprised her, as it looked normal, was on a branch next to the smallest child.

A small, satisfied smile passed over her face, and she gave a small nod. All of her squadron would now be running their own infrared scans. There were fourteen in a squadron, so that meant two to each kid. 

A small light blinked in the corner of her visor, and she opened all lines. “Report,” she said.

One at a time, each of the squadron gave her exactly what she wanted. They now had the mutants in sight. “Very good,” she said when they were finished. “Now, we need two per kid. Okay, starting with you, Maple, every other person pair up with the person on your left. The last person will be my partner. And be careful. These kids are strong. Probably stronger than you will ever be in your life. Feel free to use any type of non-fatal seduction that you choose.”

Everyone was paired now, so Vinyaya gave one last order. “Get the child closest to you. Now.”

Instantly, twelve Neutrinos were drawn. Why not fourteen? Because Vinyaya’s target was already unconcious.

The former LEP officers moved more to the center of the clearing for a better shot.

Fang watched with growing fear as the haze moved to the middle of the clearing. Then, the haze broke into sections and paired up. There were seven pairs. As the horror of what was about to happen dawned on him, he snapped softly, twice. It got the attention of the rest of the flock because of their acute hearing. He pointed up, and the flock stood. They spread their wings, but just as they did, six orange line streaked out of the hazes and hit the kids. They never had a chance.

Vinyaya watched as the pairs of her squad caught the children in nets. They would wake in approximately five hours, so it was essential that they were to the island in time. She flicked on her fan, and flew up to the branch beside the leader bird girl. Max. She wrapped her in a net, and buzzed back to the shuttle. They took off for the island as soon as the doors closed.

Holly sat up stiffly in her cell. She had managed to work the dirty rag that Dr. Jackson had used to gag her. However, the woman was excellent at tying knots, so although Holly was trained to escape from knots like those, she could not.

Within the first hour in the cell, she had found that the concrete walls were rough enough to possibly wear the rope down on. She had been rubbing them against the wall for two hours now, to no amount.  She sat.

The room was completely empty. It was much like the cell in which Artemis had kept her when they first met on that unpleasant evening. However, there was no bed. She was surrounded by solid concrete, all around. The floors, the walls, even the ceiling. The door was of reinforced steel. No windows. There was no escaping from here.

Holly stamped her bare foot in frustration on the unforgiving cold, grayness. She winced as it made contact. She hadn’t realized her own strength.  She sighed, and shivered. Her yellow dress was all she had. Coming to the island and inviting Artemis on a little date weekend had been her idea, but then that betraying centaur jerk kidnapped her in her own A-frame fairy cottage.

Suddenly, the door opened. Seven kids were thrown in with her, but they were either unconcious or dead. Then, Dr. Jackson walked in. Her dark brown eyes radiated hatred, but also a hint of self satisfaction. She was happy with what she was doing to Holly, now to these kids, and no doubt to Artemis.

“Just thought you might want a little company,” she sneered. “Enjoy the mutant freaks.” She turned on her heel and left.

Holly glared after her, and at the door long after she left. There were no words to describe the filth of that woman. She didn’t care one wit for the way she made people feel. So she operated on them in cruel, undescribable ways. Then threw them into these dungeons! It was horrific!

“Ugh!” Holly moaned softly. She had never felt so helpless in her life. Not even when she was in the aforementioned cell in Artemis’s basement.

She dropped her head into her lap, and let small, lone tears flow down her face. She didn’t know how long she stayed like this, but after a while, she became aware of soft whispers. The kids that had been thrown in here were waking up. Looking up, she saw three boys and and three girls. And a dog. At first, she had thought the dog was a baby, but now she saw that it was a dog.

After wiping away some tears, Holly became aware that these kids and even the dog were staring at her. She saw how dirty they were, how tired they looked, and couldn’t supress a few more tears. This place was horrible. She dropped her face back in her hands.

She heard a slight ruffling, then felt an arm around her. It was a girl of about eleven or twelve. She had unruly brown hair, was very muscular, but also gentle.

“Hi,” she said softly. “I’m Nudge. Who are you?”

Holly wiped her eyes once again, and replied, trying to stop her voice from shaking. “I’m Holly. They… captured me.”

“Yeah, us too,” the girl said back softly. “We get captured a lot. You must too. I can tell you’re different, like us.”

“You’re different?”

“Oh. Um, yeah. We sort of have…” she glanced back at the girl who looked oldest,who nodded. “wings. We can fly. Anyways, where do you come from?”

Holly blinked. These kids said they could fly. She could, obviously,  but only when she had a pair of wings. They were talking as if they were right on their backs. “You can…fly?”

“Yeah. Were’nt there any winged kids at the lab you came from?”

“Nudge,” the eldest girl warned. She seemed to sense that Holly didn’t know what they were talking about. “What she means,” the girl said, “is that we come from a lab. Scientists created us there. We’re recombinant life forms. Part bird, part human. There are others like us, just different combinations. Total,” she said, gesturing at the dog, “can talk.”

What happened next, even though she had been told, shocked Holly.

The dog said,”Yo. What’s up?”

Her eyes widened, and she leaned back, as if afraid the dog would say, “I’m going to eat you now.”

After regaining her composure, Holly said slowly, “Oookay. But I don’t come from a lab. I know this is gonna be hard to believe,”

She heard one of the boys, a tall one with dark hair, mumble, “Like anything is hard for us to believe.”

She continued anyway. “But I’m a fairy.” They took it better than she would have thought. They kind of just nodded, as if people walked up to them everyday and told them they were fairies.

There was a knock at the door, and it opened. Who should come in but Foaly.

Hey, if anyone has read Maximum Ride, and would like to take over this for me, just comment about it. I’m going to start a different story cause I am out of ideas for this, but I do think that this is a good idea. If anyone wants it just tell me, and I’ll give you some more info about Dr. Jackson etc. and then you can take over it, as long it’s mentioned in a disclaimer or something that the first four parts are mine. So, please R&R and feel free to say you want it.

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  1. artemis_fowl_the_second July 15th, 2011 at 4:46 am 1

    oh okay only through book two, i was so confused during the last part cause i was thinking ‘erasers? what are they still doing here! i thought…’yeah i’m not going to say any more and ruin the surprise.
    it’s really good, you really captured the personality of the charecters amazingly well.
    i would love to take over on this story, i have read the other books and a lot has changed…
    can i take over, please?
    if yes i need to know what the last thing that happened that you read was so i don’t start talking about all this stuff you don’t know about yet. does the whole flock know about the Voice yet? stuff like that.

  2. FantasyDevourer July 15th, 2011 at 4:47 am 2

    I didn’t read the first 3 parts to this, but this is really good and I can’t see any noticeable flaws, other than that the character changes and kinda confusing. I have read the maximum ride series, and this stays true to character.
    I don’t want to take over because I have a horrible case of Writer’s Block, and I’m currently only able to write short stories.
    Sad to hear you’re stopping this, it’s really good. I could possibly give you some ideas. 🙂

    First comment!!! 🙂 (unless someone puts in a comment right before me like last time :P)

  3. okay, i can put out maybe one more chapter to explain things. i would also like to consider some other people for it if they want to. not that you’re a bad writer or anything, (you’re not) but i just want to give other people a chance.

  4. artemis_fowl_the_second July 15th, 2011 at 4:55 am 4

    that’s fine. i don’t mind if you have someone else finish it.

  5. FantasyDevourer July 15th, 2011 at 5:33 am 5

    I commented, don’t know if you approved it yet, though.

  6. FowlsGirl123 now I don’t like Foaly because of the story! I loved it, even though I really don’t know alot of the other story. But I might read it in the future because you made it sound so interesting.

    If I run into him somewhere (not going to happen) he better wacth out. I still have my gun that shoots tacos!
    *Holds T-Gun at a poster that has Foaly’s face on it.*

  7. Lol, yeah, sorry about that. Thought I would twist it up a bit. Cause everyone always uses either Opal or sometimes Minerva as the bad guy, so I decided to use someone no one would ever think of. Good idea, though, right?

  8. Hermione Fowl July 16th, 2011 at 10:53 pm 8

    I haven’t read the first three bits, so I can’t read this, but could you please put all four chapters into one story?? On the Help page it tells you how to do that.

  9. okay, will do.
    hey, artemis fowl the second, no one else seems to want this, so you can have it. I’ll put out one more chapter first. Then you’re free to do whatever you want, as long as i’m mentioned in a disclaimer for the first 5 parts.

    sorry, i just tried the chapters thing, and its didn’t work. i’ll try again tomorrow or something. i don’t want my sister to find me and shish kabob me for using her computer.

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