Artemis Fowl:The Lord of the Olympians(AF/PJ/LOTR Crossover)Part 2

Summary: Part 2 of Artemis Fowl:The Lord of the Olympians. (Note:This story was meant to right the wrongs of the Battle of Tailte story I made.)

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Hello, fairies, humans, demigods and orcs to the second edition of  Artemis Fowl The Lord of the Olympians.

Artemis, Holly, Percy, and Annabeth have been beset by a certain Aragorn.  He has stated that Artemis, who at the same time was being stated by Percy and Annabeth to be a son of Athena, to be a son of Illuvatar, a god powerful enough to topple Olympus.  As the group heads to Haven City, where Artemis can be protected, they’re beset by orcs, filthy creatures with a nasty habit of killing everything in their paths, even themselves.

Chapter One: Flight to the Ford

Aragorn beheaded an orc with his sword, Anduril.”Perseus! Behind you!” He yelled to Percy, who expressed some alarm at hearing his name.

Percy would have argued, but he had no time. In an instant, he was engaged in battle with an orc with an axe 3 times larger than head. He was about to lose his head when the orc took a laser to the head. Percy looked back. Holly was mowing down orcs with her Neutrino while Annabeth was protecting her back. Aragorn picked off a man from horseback wearing gold armor with an arrow. “D’Arvit”Holly swore.”Haradrim. I’ve heard of these guys, but I didn’t know they’re real.”

Suddenly, something grabbed her ankle. Holly fell down. A Haradrim warrior with a long knife was about to gut Holly in the chest when a large shining sword-blade slashed into his chest.  Anduril, thought Holly thankfully. Aragorn pulled the sword out of the Haradrim’s chest.”Tell me, hobbit, where is Lord Fowl?”Aragorn said.

Holly was about to argue to being called a hobbit, but at the mention of  Lord Fowl, she thought two things:Artemis will love being called that, and then, Where in Frond’s name is Artemis?

So they searched among the bodies. Suddenly Percy saw something.”Oh, no. By the gods, no.” he said.

There, on the ground, lying in a daze and stabbed in the chest, lay Artemis Fowl the II. Holly sat down next to Artemis. She laid her hand on his chest. “Heal” she said.

Suddenly, Aragorn grabbed her wrist.”Stay your hand, fair lady of Haven.”He said.”Artemis has been stabbed with an evil blade.”He picked up a sword beside Artemis.”He needs Elvish medicine.”

“I have some in my-” Holly said then stopped herself.”Oh. You mean that kind.”

“Yes. We need to get him to the nearest Elvish town. One is south from here. Rivendell.”Aragorn said.

Everyone except Artemis (who was slipping in and out of consciousness) understood what he meant. One of the talents of Illuvatar was the Mystique of Illuvatar. Beings out of his domain would not see his domain. All beings out of his domain except gods, demigods, and monsters. “Now,”Aragorn began”does anyone know about felthras?”

“It’s a weed. Demeter created it.” Annabeth said.

“Illuvatar created it.” corrected Aragorn.”If we find it, it may help to slow the blade’s poison.”

So they searched for the felthras. But as they were seraching for it, a blade crossed Aragorn’s neck.”What’s this?A Ranger caught off his guard?”A female voice said.

Then Artemis (who was conscious at the moment) saw the most beautiful sight. A tall figure with dark brown hair and pointed ears appeared with a curved blade.”Arwen.”Aragorn said with amazement.

Arwen and Aragorn started talking in a strange language that no one could understand. Finally they spoke in English.”Protect the others. I will take him to Rivendell.”Aragorn said.

“Let me go. I am the faster rider.”Arwen responded.

Aragorn let her board her own horse.”Do not worry about us. We will find our way to Rivendell.”

Naralim o edeni!”Artemis heard her say these words and then fell into a deep sleep.

Chapter Two:The Prophecy

Artemis awoke in a bright open-windowed room on a linen bed.”Where am I? What time is it?”Artemis said to the air.

“You are in Rivendell and it is February 22, Tailte Day in Haven.” said Holly Short, who had been standing there.

“Holly!” said Artemis, who was glad to be alive.

“So, how do you feel, Arty?” Holly asked.

“I really don’t know.”replied Artemis.

“How about glad to be alive?” said Holly.

“Yes. I believe that is it.”said Artemis.

“And I believe there is someone you’ll want to meet, Arty.” said Holly.

A tall figure with dark brown hair, pointed ears, and a stern but happy face appeared beside Holly. Artemis recognized him as Elrond, father of Elrond.”Welcome to Rivendell, Artemis Fowl.” he said.

So Artemis explored Rivendell. He met the wizard Gandalf (who has yet to be included in our story) and saw Aragorn and Arwen together. But he did not see Percy until midnight. When he saw him, he was standing on a ledge. Artemis walked up.”What is wrong?”he asked.

“I hate to say this, Artemis, but you’re the problem.”Percy said.

“What?” said Artemis.

“There was a prophecy. A mortal not born of the gods would completely destroy either Kronos or the Olympians. The gods have been searching forever for this hero. Since Illuvatar was the only possible threat to the gods, and since the Fowls have been sons and daughters of Illuvatar for centuries, the gods have watching you. Given your criminal record, now the gods are suspecting you of a plot to overthrow Olympus. And Elrond wanted me to give you this.”

Percy pulled out a sheathed sword, a shield, and a coat of mail. “This is your sword, Allunkan.”

The sword had a golden handgrip and a shining silver blade. It was the right weight and size  for Artemis. He took a couple of practice swings and found that he was adept at using it.”Here is your shield, Anvar.”

The shield was surprisingly light but sturdy. It was golden, rightly so for a son of Illuvatar.”And finally, this, oh, what’s it called? Oh, yeah, this mithril-coat, or so the wizard called it. It’s like the Nemean Lion’s fur.”

Artemis put the coat of mail on. It was light but hard. “And Artemis,” Percy said.

“Yes?” said Artemis.

“I’ll do what I can to keep the gods from obliterating you.” Percy said.

“Thank you, Percy.”said Artemis.

But then they heard a horn.

The horn of Elrond blew.

End: The Fellowship of the Son

“This boy before us is a son of Illuvatar. But he will need help before he can complete his first quest:bringing down the orcish warband to the north.”Elrond began the council with these words.

“Luke will be with them. He will probably be trying to rally Artemis to Kronos’ cause.” Percy began.”I have to protect Artemis from the titans. I’ll go with him.”

“So will I.” said Annabeth.

“I will help Artemis.” said Holly

“As will I.”said Aragorn.

“And I! said the wizard Gandalf.

“I will protect the Son.” said the elven archer Legolas.

“And I shall!”said Gimli the dwarf.

“Seven companions. You all shall be known as the Fellowship of the Son!” Elrond concluded.

(Note:Gimli is a different kind of dwarf than the ones in AF. Legolas is an elf from LOTR. He’s like Elrond.)




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  1. Ahhh……I’m new here,so I never read part 1. But I love how you made Artemis, son of 2 gods. But could you please show how the elves and dwarves are different from the ones in Artemis Fowl Series. Please Update!

  2. This is really good. I didn’t notice any mistakes and I really liked it. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Please read part 1. It’s in the crossover section.

  4. The Tolkien elves are taller, by a lot, and they’re immortal and more Medieval. The dwarves are also more Medieval and traditional.
    Why in Middle-Earth did seaweed brain let Artemis have a sword?

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