Artemis Fowl:The Lord of the Olympians(AF\LOTR\PJ Crossover)

Summary: An Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, and Lord of the Rings crossover.

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Note:I don’t own Artemis Fowl, or Percy Jackson, or Aragorn, or anyone else in this story. I’m not very skilled with a computer, so my writing may be poor.

Artemis’  P.O.V

My day began like this.

Holly and I were at at the manor,near the roadside. It was simply a casual meeting. Holly is one of my comrades I made in my adventures. Suddenly, Holly sat up. “What’s wrong?”I asked her.

But I already knew what had occured. The fairy people have very good sense of intuition. Her posture obviously meant she had sensed something. “Artemis, something-“she said before being interrupted by a loud clang.

We saw what had made the noise. Two teenagers, about my age, smashed into a table. They both had obsolete weapons. The male was about my height,with a gleaming bronze sword. He was obviously the younger of the two. The female was taller then me or the male. In her hand she held a long bronze knife.She reminded me of, who was it? Oh, yes. She reminded me of Minerva Paradizo.But that was not the peculiar part. Behind them came a large beast with two horns. The male signaled the female to go around the beast. With a quick strike to the neck, the beast exploded in a golden flash, leaving nothing behind. It hit me then who they were. “Who are you?’I said, though I knew the answer.

The male stood up.”I am Percy Jackson, son of-“I interrupted.”Don’t tell me.Poseidon, right?” The male nodded.”Yes.”

The female spoke.”I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena.”

“And you to just happen to appear on the manor grounds?And in my time?Tell me why you are here.”I said.

“ARTEMIS!”Holly said a bit too loudly and elbowed me in the arm.

Jackson spoke.”Well,uh,we’re hear because, uh, you’re uh, sort’ve a -son of Athena.” he finally concluded.

“We came to get you before they do.” Annabeth said.

Percy opened his mouth to speak, but I cut him short.”Don’t bother telling me who they are.They are obviously monsters, correct?”

“Exactly.”Percy said.

“And your friend here,” Annabeth said “we decided to warn her that she is a -”

Holly spoke.”Oh,no. In Frond’s name don’t tell me I’m a-”

Holly was interrupted by Annabeth.”A relative of the gods?”

“D’ARVIT!”Holly swore.”There is no way I’m related to those sons of -“Percy interrupted her. ‘Whoa,geez lady!”He said.

Holly was about to kick Percy in the face for calling her lady, but suddenly a man in medieval clothing appeared. In a sheath a long sword lay.”You are Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur Elendil’s -”

He interrupted. “Hail, son of Illuvatar.” He said, with some urgency.

Suddenly everyone, even Holly, bowed on one knee.

(Note:Illuvutar was the god in the Lord of the Rings. He wasn’t in Greek mythology. I included him because Artemis being the son of Athena was sort of copy-catting other stories.)

Percy’s P.O.V.

Yesterday, I found out an ancient god who wasn’t supposed to exist was not only alive, but had a son. I should tell you the whole story.

Chiron had sent Annabeth and I to investigate a possible half-blood. His name was Artemis Fowl, and he was a possible son of Athena. Normally he would have sent Grover, but he was busy with his Pan quest. But there were a number of reasons why this guy couldn’t be a son of Athena. One, he looked nothing like her. His eyes were mismatched, one blue,one hazel. Also, when Chiron had told us about him, he had some uncertainty in his voice, like he was just saying that to keep us away from the truth, or worse, he didn’t know it. We located Fowl’s family manor, and made the trip there. But as we were on the road, I noticed a creature shadowing us. It turned a corner, and it realized lunch was right ahead. Suddenly it charged us. “Annabeth!”I yelled.”Minotaur!”

She ducked right before the Minotaur would have smashed her skull, and jabbed it in the throat. With a loud roar, it stumbled and exploded in a flash of golden light. Fowl was sitting on a chair next to the road, acting like nothing had happened. But that wasn’t the strange part. Sitting next to him was a girl with auburn hair and chestnut colored skin, which wouldn’t have been strange had she not been an inch shorter than 3 feet and had pointed ears. She’s short enough to be an elf, I thought. Then I got an idea. I was about to ask her if she was from the North Pole or if she was an actor when I saw a very unfriendly-looking gun strapped to her hip. Quickly swallowing down that dumb question, I introduced myself. I was about to tell him my father’s name when he cut me short.”Don’t tell me. Poseidon, right?”I nodded.

Annabeth introduced herself, and got no feedback. So we introduce ourselves, and all he can say is that we were intruders. We described ourselves and why we were there. It hit me then who the female the elf was. She was Holly Short, an elfin relative to the gods. The thing about those so-called fairies was that the gods didn’t have dominion over them. They had their own god, known as Illuvatar. He was extremely dangerous to the Olympians because he ruled both the fairies and the Lord of the Rings world. And yes, that really exists. For this elf, being a relative of the gods,(Ares in particular)was like a crab being the father of a dog. Now, for once, Annabeth said the wrong thing. “And your friend here,”she said”we decided to warn her that she is a-”

Holly spoke.”Oh,no. In Frond’s name do not tell me I’m a-

“Relative of the gods?”Annabeth said.

“D’ARVIT!!!”I had no idea what that meant, but I’m guessing it wasn’t good.”Their is no way I’m related to those sons of-”

Oh, yeah. Another fact about Illuvatar. None of the Olympians had taken in the fairies, so Illuvutar had. He had also separated himself from the gods because he thought they were too selfish.

“Whoa, geez lady!”I had seen my fair share of reactions, but this elf was extreme. Plus I hadn’t slept in two hours. That was definitely the wrong thing to say.

Everyone has their hate looks. Ares’ hate look is the I’m-going-to-run-you-over-and-then-drop-a-bomb-on-the-pieces sort of look. I’ve been with girls like Annabeth long enough to know when someone’s giving you the evil eye. This elf was giving me it x the I’m-going-for-my-gun-in-a-second-and-am-going-to-blast-you-to-pieces look. I swore she was going to turn me into Percy dippin’-dots when a man who looked like he was from the 1000’s appeared.”You are Aragorn son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur Elendil”Artemis F. said before being interrupted by the man.

“Hail, son of Illuvatar.”The man said in a rush.

Well, that was interesting. I would tell you more, but there’s someone here you need to hear from.

Aragorn’s P.O.V

I have located the son of Eru Illuvatar.

Elrond dispatched me at a moment’s notice to the modern world to find a boy by the name of Fowl. He is a son of Illuvatar and may carry one of the Rings of Power. I was being chased by orcs and Haradrim. When I arrived, I found that the boy had an orcish-looking bodyguard. I also found the boy and his friends. Amazingly, the boy appeared to have a female hobbit friend with red hair. Extraordinary.

When I found the fellowship, I found that a young male was about to be attacked by the hobbit. Fowl recognized me. “You are Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur Elendil’s-” he said until I cut him off.

“Hail, son of Illuvatar.” I said, with haste to get Artemis and his friends out of the range of Haradrim archers.

All of us, including Fowl’s hobbit friend, bowed to him. He had a surprised look on his face.

I would tell you more, but I am writing this in haste. My only hope to survive is to get Artemis and his friends out of here before it is to late. To Elrond, please send help.







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  1. This was amazing. I didn’t notice any mistakes and this was very very good. UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This was a really cool fanfiction. I absolutely love cross-overs! UPDATE!!!!

  3. artysgirl98fowlstar November 17th, 2011 at 3:18 am 3

    awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! update!

    Hey. Please try to add concrit to your comments ^^ ~WE

  4. i liked it, but who is the lord of the rings guy?

  5. The “Lord of the Rings guy” is Aragorn, son of Arathorn, last of the descendants of Isildur Elendil’s son, last of the kings of Numenor.

  6. I swear, the second I saw it was a Lord of the Rings crossever, I practically fainted with joy! The fact that you are combining mythology, fantasy, and science in one book has got to be THE coolest thing ever.

    In the begining, how did Artemis know about the demi-god thing? Why weren’t Percy and Annabeth suprised he saw through the mist?

    I liked it, but wasn’t it a little short?

    Hey, stop changing your name and then commenting as another person… And if you didn’t know we can tell if it is the same. Sorry but I must get on your case once again. Do not double post.

  7. I apologize for the plot holes, but they are necessary for the story. And as for the size, I have a busy schedule and I’m too lazy to make it longer.

    Also, this is part of a series of 5 fanfics, My Friend (bad pun) so read the others if you so wish.

  8. Aragorn thought Holly was a Hobbit? That is hilarious.
    Artemis always knows things, we also know he has read an extraordinary amount of fantasy to create an alternate personality like Orion…

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