Artemis Fowl:The Lord of the Olympians (AF/PJ/LOTR/ Crossover) Part 3

Summary: The REAL part 3 of Artemis Fowl the Lord of the Olympians. The other part 3 was published on accident.

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Welcome fairies, humans, demigods , and  orcs to the part 3 of  Artemis Fowl the Lord of the Olympians.

When we left off, Artemis was protected by a fellowship of warriors and  protecters. Now that fellowship has broken. Artemis and Percy have been separated from the fellowship and Holly and Annabeth have been abducted by orcs. With no where else to go, Artemis Fowl and Percy head south to the current location of the Hunters of Artemis (the goddess, not the Irish genius) who may be able to help with their search for the others.

Chapter 1: Percy and Artemis find a new friend-or another creature that wants to kill them.

Percy awoke quickly when he heard a strange russle from the woods. He saw Artemis moving toward the sound, sword drawn. Quickly drawing his pen-sword Riptide, he moved to the sound of the noise. He was about to signal Artemis to flank the noise when saw that Artemis had disappeared. When he heard Artemis being tackled to the ground, he jumped at what appeared to be a human warrior. He sliced at the being, hoping to at least draw off its attention. Suddenly the warrior parried his blow and Percy found himself defenseless staring down the blade of a gleaming sword.

Percy saw the man who had attacked Artemis. The man had tan skin and dark brown hair. He also had deep brown eyes and by Percy’s judgement was about six foot four inches tall. All of this would have been normal had Percy not seen pointed ears on the individual’s head. . He was only wearing a mail shirt underneath casual clothes. “Do you always try to kill people who are about to save your lives?” the creature asked.

“You tried to kill us!” Percy said.

Suddenly, Artemis drew his sword and pointed it at the man’s throat.” I can see you guys aren’t very friendly to saviors.” the man said.

“Who are you?” Artemis and Percy asked in unison.

“Well, Perseus Jackson and Artemis Fowl, I am Danielonus, son of Roban, and Dolmoldian, (that’s the greatest race on Eaortia)  ranger.” the man said.

“Eaortia?” Artemis asked.

“Powerful empire? Senatus Eaortus Populuesque?”

“That is the motto of the Roman Empire.”

“Wait. You just said you were a ranger of Dolmoldia. What in Frond’s name is that?”

“Dolmoldia is-” Daniel managed to say before realizing what Artemis was talking about.

Artemis pointed to a creature that looked surprisingly like a troll. No, it was a troll. In each hand, to the dismay of Percy and Daniel, and to the surprise of Artemis, were two bloodied scimitars. The troll was in some sort of body armor. It wasn’t Greek. It was actually a couple plates of iron armor banded together with leather. The troll raised its scimitars to attack. “Artemis! Duck!” Daniel and Percy asked simoultaneusly.

Artemis realized that the troll’s scimitars were aimed for his neck. He barreled to the side with surprising speed. Ever since that strange day he was proclaimed a son of Iluvatar he had extremely fast (and accurate) reflexes. The troll, who had missed its original target, aimed both scimitars for a downward strike on Daniel’s head. Daniel waited for the last second and then jumped onto the right scimitar’s hilt. Daniel climbed up the troll’s arm in a blur and reached its head. He rammed his sword, Marandil, into the troll’s head. He suddenly jumped off the troll and tackled Percy to the ground. Where Percy’s body had been a second before, the troll came crashing down to the ground, dead. Daniel stood up and examined the troll. “A’Darvai!” Daniel swore.

“What?” Artemis asked, though he knew the word was not positive.

“This troll is wearing heavy orc armor.”

“Heavy orcs?” Percy asked.

“Heavy orcs are big brutes with big axes and crude armor. They have an unquenchable thirst for spilled blood.” Daniel replied.

You see, normal orcs are creatures with crusted, filthy armor and zombie-like appearences. They’re weapons can range from axes to swords to pikes to knives to spears to bows to crossbows. They have a large thirst for blood, like their heavy orc superiors. They had abducted Holly and Annabeth, which was why Percy and Artemis were on this wild goose chase.

The trio found a clearing in a forest and settled down to make camp. Daniel had brought Eaortian sausages, which (to the surprise of everyone) tasted very good and much like regular sausages. Daniel decided to take first watch. But Percy couldn’t sleep thinking of Annabeth and how she was at the mercy of the orcs, who had a mercy level of 0.0. They would have killed her in the forest if they had wanted her dead, Percy thought. However, the thought did not console him. Artemis was sleeping, but stirring and murmuring to himself about Holly. Percy walked over to Daniel. Daniel was sitting on the ground in the center of Percy and Artemis. Marandil was in its sheath and Daniel had a bow in hand. One of his hands hovered nervously over his sword-hilt.”Daniel?” he said.

“Yes, Percy?” Daniel replied.

“There was a question I asked earlier about you, but you never answered it because of the troll.” Percy said.

“Oh, yeah. The one about me being a Dolmoldian?” Daniel replied.

“Yeah. What’s that all about?” Percy asked.

“In my species, we have tribes. The most popuolus group is the modernites. Their just regular, modernized Eaortians. They make up 85% of the Eaortian Empire. There are 8 other groups. The Dolmoldians, the Asiastics, the Americans, the Ardians, the Germanians, the Sarmizegetusans, the Sarmatians, and the Afericans.” Daniel explained.

“Wait. You just said Americans and Germanians. What does that mean?” Percy asked.

“On Eaortia, we have the same continents and countries as on Earth, with a few added countries.” Daniel said.

“Oh.” Percy said.

“Well, were not really tribal. Now, the Americans and the Germanians, those nations are tribal. The Sarmatians are centered on the warriors. Dolmoldia is a powerful kingdom. The Sarmizegetusans are very powerful, but are defensive, and do not like to create war, just to live through it. The Ardians aren’t that powerful, but are very good in mines and things like that. There are alot of Asiatics, but their not very powerful, but very good with technology, though.”Daniel explained.

“So, your a modernite and a Dolmoldian?” Percy asked.

“I sort of alternate between the two worlds.” Daniel said, grinning.”By the way, you really should get some sleep.”Daniel said.

“Can’t.” Percy responded.

“Thinking of Annabeth?”

“NO!” Percy screamed.”Why in the name of the gods would you think that?”

“Two things. One, god. Different dimension, different god. Two, I was a teenager before.” Daniel said.

Suddenly, Daniel tensed. His mud brown eyes shot to the forest near the campsite. “Wake up Artemis!” Daniel shouted, though that was enough to stir Artemis from his sleep.

Artemis and Percy saw what Daniel was looking at. In the forest, thousand of orcs had surrounded them. One, a big ugly looking brute, came forward. “The men would really like to bleed right you right now, but I wanted to give you these.” the orc came forward and threw Annabeth’s Camp Half-Blood necklace and Holly’s silver acorns.

Artemis and Percy stared at the objects in disbelief. After a moment of disarray, they finally noticed what was happening. A tsunami-sized wave formed from the nearby lake. It swooped down on the orcs, destroying them. It slammed into Artemis, leaving him soaked in water. Daniel sat on the ground. Around him lay Holly’s silver acorns and Annabeth’s necklace, completely dry. Daniel sat there, seemingly in a trance, with a ring of dry land around him. He had caused the wave.

“D’Arvit!” Artemis and Percy both swore in unison.

And you will find out why soon enough.

Chapter Two: Another Poorly Read Prophecy.

Two Days Later, Near The Site of Fallingwater. 

Captain Holly Short of LEPRecon was having a particularly bad day. Maybe it was the fact that the only friendly person for 2 miles, Annabeth Chase (who was techically Holly’s cousin) was unconscious. Maybe it was the fact that troll Holly had captured six years ago was on the orcs trail and had caused the orcs to speed up. Maybe it was the fact that…oh, you get the picture. Holly stifled a painful grunt as the orc’s shield slammed into her stomach again… for the fifth time. She knew better than to grunt. The orcs heard a grunt as a noise for possible rescuers. You did that, you’d get the whip-on-the ankle treatment. Holly had learned that the hard way. The orcs had stopped briefly for a meal. An orc tossed down a piece of bread to Holly. Orcs are usually meat eaters, but when on the run they ate bread. Holly looked up into the trees. Suddenly, a humanoid figure appeared in the trees. When Holly cast her gaze upon it the figure darted back into the trees, and was gone.

At this point the orcs were setting up camp. While most orcs were resting or eating, the orc archers were on the camp’s borders. Holly heard a rustle in the trees. Looking up, Holly saw the figure again. It had one finger crossed vertically over his mouth. Quiet, the creature said silently. The creature moved onto a springing position and, quite recklessly, jumped into the orcish camp. Holly saw the creature click a button on an omnitool. The omnitool changed into a beautiful sword. The sword’s grip was made of rubies, with a large saphire on the bottom. The sword’s blade was gold. Holly thought the creature was a demigod, but when she noticed the creature’s height, along with its pointed ears, she decided it must be some other worldly being. The creature cut down 5 orcs before the nasty vermin noticed what was happening. They surrounded the creature, but 3 slices later, the creature had cut down 12 orcs. An orcish slave-driver came up to the creature with his whip. He attacked, but the creature kicked the orc in the stomach and beheaded the orc. Percy and Artemis both jumped out of the forest and into the fray. Within five minutes, Holly had broken free, and was fighting with an orcish knife. Soon all the orcs were dead. “Who are you?” Holly asked.

“I am Daniel, son of Roban.” the creature responded.

Soon they had gotten Annabeth back into consciousness. But as the were walking to Daniel’s campsite, Annabeth stared at Daniel in disgust, like he was some sort of rodent. “What’s wrong?” Percy asked.

“Him.” Annabeth said.

“What’s wrong with him?” Percy asked.

“Did anything unusual happen when he was around?” Annabeth asked.

Then Percy explained the wave and the orcs. “D’Arvit!” Annabeth swore.(She was spending alot of time with Holly.)

“What?” Percy asked.

“On Earthia, there are 12 demigods called the Vanar. They serve one god. The Vanar are alot like the gods. Very few people know about them, and they are immortal. One of the Vanar is Illuvatan. Illuvatan represents everything, and thus, being extremely powerful, rarely has children. Daniel here is a Maivar. Maivar are children of Vanar. Daniel is a son of Illuvatan.” Annabeth explained.

“So?” Percy asked.

“Percy, didn’t you hear about the scroll we found?”Annabeth asked.

“Yeah. It said that a son of Illuvutar would save or destroy Olympus.” Percy said.

“No. It was translated wrong. It said a son of Illuvutan would be a hero.  And the villain?” Annabeth said.

“Yeah?” Percy said.

“Apparently someone named  Meldor, the villain in this scenario, is a brother to the oldest Vanars and plans to overthrow them and all other immortal rulers.”

“Oh, well, D’Arvit!” Percy said.

Notes:  The 2nd  chapter’s title comes from the Last Olympian, where Percy says dogs instead of gods in his prophecy. In the 2nd chapter, Holly is fighting with a knife because to someone her size, an orcish knife would seem like a short sword.

  This was originally also a Star Wars crossover, but this was edited out.







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  1. Sorry…I didn’t have time to read this carefully and find all the mistakes. *still reviewing anyways* Hope you don’t mind. :3

    1) Chapter 1: Percy and Artemis make a new friend and possible enemy.

    Would be better as…

    Chapter 1: Percy and Artemis make a New Friend and Possible Enemy

    2) Quickly drawing his pen-sword Riptide, he moved to the sound of the noise.

    Needs another comma…

    Quickly drawing his pen-sword, Riptide, he moved to the sound of the noise.

    3) He was about to signal Artemis to flank the noise when saw that Artemis had disappeared.

    You forgot something…”he”…

    He was about to signal Artemis to flank the noise when he saw that Artemis had disappeared.

    4) Suddenly the warrior parried his blow and Percy found himself defenseless staring down the blade of a gleaming sword.

    Needs commas…

    Suddenly the warrior parried his blow, and Percy found himself defenseless, staring down the blade of a gleaming sword.

    Sorry, again, that I couldn’t review for the whole fic. I read, though, and I like this, a lot. Nice details. :3 But the thing is, sometimes you describe a person/creature a little too much.

    Slowly ease in the description, through the person/whatever’s actions. Try to avoid having a description, than a chunk of action, then a description, etc. Mix both of them together, for a more exciting fic. :3

    Great job, and Happy Holidays! 😀


  2. I agree with that I overdo the descriptions. Sadly, I forgot to edit that in part 4.

  3. This fic is seriously interesting. I think I’ve read the first parts…

    well, nice writing. Please update soon!

  4. I already did…

  5. This is amazing, but I think Artemis having good reflexes is Against the Rules, but no one pays attention to the Rules,

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