Artemis Fowl and Time Twister {Part 8}

Summary: Last we saw of Artemis, he was looking into the face of danger. Will he survive? DUH!

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Part 8-Rescue
Disclaimer:I Neither you own Artemis Fowl
Warning: Possible Cursing
I thank Fowlfan4ever for being the first person to comment on all my story’s so far.

Artemis thought fast, but his mind wouldn’t work, so he turned and ran for an alley, yet he still didn’t make it. A plasma grenade sailed through the air, landing a the foot of the alley, when it blew it blew him backwards causing him to hit his head. When Artemis’s eyesight focused he saw soldiers advancing toward him.
The guards laughed as the boy struggled to crawl away, then started walking towards him, completely aware that they could dispose of him at their leisure, but the weren’t aware of one guard pulling out his gun, until that is, he shot one, initiating the plan.
M. Fowl popped up, and shot off three arrows in quick succession, all of them hitting their mark. Then, dropping her bow, unsheathed her sword, a brilliant thing, it was a red that you would find on a dragon, with lime green edges, and an ebony hilt. She executed a back flip onto the street and went back-to-back with the rogue guard, she was a great fighter, performing graceful, yet deadly moves taking nearly them all out herself, even incorporating martial arts to her fighting style, breaking the neck of one.
Once the guards were disposed of, M. rushed to Artemis, checking for injuries.
“Trouble, come over here, he’s got some broken bones!”
Trouble?Artemis thought,I thought he was lost to Opaltrue enough though, his violet eyes looked brighter. Once Artemis was he introduced himself.
“Hello, I’m Artemis Fowl II, but you can call me Artemis Fowl,”
“I am M. Fowl, and I am part of the FF squadron, a group of dedicated fans, dedicated to serving you in any way necessary, or in this case saving your butt”
“And you know of me how?”
“I read the books”she stated simply.
“I will pursue that later, but for know let’s get going to wherever you came from” and then he asked “Trouble I was under the impression that you were a slave of Opal? But instead I find you here, saving me”
“Yeah, but I was empty when the rune was put on me, so I kinda absorbed it filling me full to the brim. Unlike others though, I kept my mouth shut and kept the act going long enough to be in a patrol that ran into this beautiful young lady’s group” M. blushed a couple shades of red lighter than Root’s. But Trouble pretended not to notice and continued.
“I convinced them not to kill me, and I would slip into and out of patrols unnoticed, to see if I would find a group that would run into you, and every time M. would accompany me, and help when needed. With that plan we knew eventually it would work, and we would save you. And Viola! we did” Said Trouble finishing with a dramatic bow.
When they reached the campsite, M. went to her sleeping bag and was asleep in minutes. So Artemis was introduced to the others, Short, the leader, Torry, and much to the genius’s delight, Butler.
Artemis was glad to have a bodyguard, that he was in fact glad enough to hug the manservant.Whoa, Artemis has changed was all the Eurasian man could think.
“What do we do know?” Artemis asked.
“No clue” Short admitted.
* * *
The Compound-Interrogation room 10

“Goddammit! Tell me where the ^#$* is Artemis Fowl!” the deranged, megalomaniac pixie screamed.
“Tell me!”
“Never Opal, you filthy bitihitch!”Holly said, then spit into Opal’s face.
Opal pulled out a knife, jumped out of her chair and strode over to Holly.
“I will give you one last chance, tell me where the mud boy, or that pretty little face of yours won’t be so pretty any more”
Holly said nothing, all she did was spit in Opal’s face.
“Fine, your call,” Then Opal calmly raised the blade about to strike, when a guard walked in.
“Uh, Empress, there’s a call from the co-empress,” he looked really scared and his voice was shaky. Opal looked at Holly and said.
“You’re lucky, elf!” spitting out the last world, and walked away, but stopped at the door.
“Take this filth to her cell, ASAP”
“Yes Empress”
He grabbed Holly and started dragging her to her cell. Then he started chuckling, steadily getting louder as they went.
“What’s so funny?” she asked.
“How stupid the pixie is and pulled off his mask.
“Yeah but we got to hurry, and don’t worry about Foaly. Juliet’s getting him”
Before Mulch could say anything else Yoda appeared out of thin air.
“Destined for greatness you are,” and then he disappeared.

Sorry for posting late, it would have been done yesterday, but I was using my sister’s computer and it messed up and I had to retype it. And I may or may not just add a chapter to this. AA gave me a tip but I don’t know if it will work.

By the way I’m doing a new story and I need characters so put this info in the comments:
Anything else that’s interesting:
Part eight-Chapter 2-
Holly and Mulch stood there in amazement at what had just occurred.
“That was odd,” Mulch stated
“Yeah, but let’s hurry, I don’t won’t to be caught by Opal, because we were gawking like a coupla elves on their first trip to the surface!”
“Right” the kleptomaniac dwarf replied, then started making his way to the end of the hallway with Holly close behind him. They made it to the window in which Mulch came when Juliet appeared dragging an unconscious Foaly.
“Don’t… ask…just…help”puncturing each word with a gasp.
Holly, and Mulch positioned themselves around Foaly and heaved the centaur out the window. When he landed with a THUD! the others followed him out. Once they found Foaly he was awake, so they continued. Once they got to the fence the alarms sounded.
“D’Arvit! Run!” Mulch looked at Juliet, he was confounded, Juliet barely ever cursed, especially in Gnommish. Then Mulch looked behind them, looked back, and dived into the dirt.
“What the?” Foaly said confused, then looked back.
“Oh @&#$, run faster!” he commanded then started to gallop slowly pulling ahead of everyone.
* * *
Wherever Artemis,Doodah, Butler, and the AFFS are camping

“So does everyone know the plan?”
“Is my name M.”
“Shorty says yes”
“Gimme a sec to polish my dagger” Torry muttered, asleep.
“Hm.. What?”
“Are you ready”
“Is my dagger purple?”
“Good then lets get going”
The group packed up and set off towards the rendezvous point.
I hope this works was all Artemis could think, if the plan went wrong and some one died, he would be to blame.
A lone man stood on the hill behind them, head covered in a cloak, radio in hand.
“Empress, everything is going to according to plan”
“Good, your actions will be rewarded”
“Thank you Empress” then the figure lowered her hood, exposing the face of Miles Fowl from the future.

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