Artemis Fowl and the Time Twister {Part 9}

Summary: Part 9- Haven outskirts Disclaimer:I so wish I owned Artemis Fowl, but I don’t Warning:Cussing, snogging, and a feel of […]

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Part 9-
Haven outskirts
Disclaimer:I so wish I owned Artemis Fowl, but I don’t
Warning:Cussing, snogging, and a feel of utter hopelessness
I am in the process of writing a book titled: The Artemis Games. So look for that occasionally because I don’t know when I’ll be done, and thanks to my fans, especially the ones who have been with me since the beginning of my book:
You guys rule!

“O.K. is everyone here?” Artemis asked,” Let’s take roll call”
“M. ?”
“Locked and loaded” And when Butler said that there was definite fear among the fairy’s, bringing a smile to the bodyguard’s face.
“I’m hungry”
“Everyone else?”
“Yes, Arty” Holly replied.
“Good, here’s the plan, Butler” the boy said addressing the huge man, “You take M. and go for the east side”
“Foaly, we got word from Trouble that Cabilline is being held in the prison block on the East side, take Doodah, and Torry”
“Short, Holly, and Mulch, you’re with me”, “Got it?”
“I’m still hungry”
“You know it”
” Taco bell”
“Ice cream”
“FM is my boyfriend”
“Will you all shut the hrati up?” Artemis looked frustrated so everyone got moving.
Butler and M. started running to the left, Foaly, Torry, and Doodah to the right, and Mulch dived into the Earth, the others behind his behind.

Somewhere under the Earth(Or under, under Earth)

“Holly, how many times have we been stuck looking at this dwarfs rear end?”
“I don’t know, six, maybe seven times. Why?”
“Do you know if he can here us?”
“No he can’t” Holly confirmed.
” O.K, that’s good, I don’t want him to hear me” the nervous boy cleared his throat before continuing ” I must know, did you love me before the time stream messed with you?” the boy stopped, before adding “Don’t kill me!”
Holly was stunned, she definitely wasn’t expecting a question like that. She thought for so long Artemis thought she was pondering the best way to kill him. It was several minutes until she answered.
“Yes, I honestly did the moment I met you, with your mischievous smile, your devious mind, how you lie whenever you feel like, even though it’s for the [greater good(A/N Harry Potter book seven)
“good” he paused “I’ve been dying to know”
They leaned for a kiss.
“Awww, how sweet, I wish I had my camera for this” Short was about o say something when she saw the look on the duo’s faces “Never mind” she looked really upset that she had ruined a truly ‘magical’ moment, enough to earn Holly’s pity.
“It’s okay, nothings wrong”
Then Mulch ‘released the Earth’ into their faces.


East side of The Compound

Foaly was desperate, so desperate in fact to get his wife, he charged right through the fence, leaving a hole big enough for everyone else.
“Thanks Foaly, I knew you loved your wife a lot from the Last chance, but wow that was impressive”
“Uh, thanks I guess”
The trio advanced to the walls of The Compound, stopping at the window.
“O.K, I’ll go to the right, Torry take the left, and Doodah,” the centaur looked at the shivering sprite” Go with Torry” the sprite nodded in approval.
“Let’s get moving” and added, “Meet here when you’re done searching” then stalked off towards, what a sign said, Ops Booth.
Torry, and Doodah ran to the left, in the direction of the prison block, but was interrupted by laughing.
Torry gasped.
“What?” Doodah asked.
“That’s the same laugh Opal used in the Last Chance”
“When” Doodah urged, hoping for more info.
“When she was torturing Cabilline!”
“Then let’s hurry!” and they did reaching the appropriate in under five minutes.
Once Torry had picked the lock with her dagger they found a perfectly fine Cabilline, excluding a few minor bruises.
“What’s wrong?” Torry asked.
“Nothing” she replied, “Opal put that their so she could trap them, but she left a few minutes ago , muttering something about the Ops Booth”
“Holy ryten!”(A/N a gnommish curse I made up, but with the other word it’s not hard to decipher) the females were surprised to hear Doodah curse, but Torry snapped out of it first.
“Foaly went to the Ops Booth!”
“My husband! We need to go!” leaving before she was even done speaking, she was going so fast the two savior’s barely heard the end of her sentence.
When they reached the Ops Booth, they knocked down the door in the frenzy to reach Opal.
They were all surprised at what they saw, but Cabilline was downright furious.
Foaly and Opal broke apart only just now realizing someone glimpsed them kissing.

Chapter 10- Whaaat!?!
Warning: A centaur in embarrassment is involved

“Foaly, you’re my husband. I thought I had convinced you to not take up another wife, much less Opal Kobio” the wife was extremely angry, the husband was extremely embarrassed, the pixie was embangry(A/N a mix of angry and embarrassed), the human, and the sprite were both thinking This is awkward.
“Cabilline, you’ve got to understand, we went out in college, I-”
“I don’t give a @%#$ what you think, you wanna know something!”
Truth be told Foaly didn’t want to but Cabilline continued on.
“You know what KAMEISHE!!!”
Foaly recoiled, unable to speak, to surprised that his wife cursed at him in Japanese(A/N {Excuse my language} it really is Japanese for Fuck You)
Cabilline fumed for a moment, then spoke again, this time her voice level.
“You know what I won’t even deal with this. I’m leaving you, and I’m taking our children with me!” then she stormed off her (Horsesteps?) echoing getting lower, then to everyone’s amazement louder.
“Where’s the exit?”
“Down the hall, take a left, then a right and presto! the door is there” Opal replied.
“Thank you!” then stormed off again.
“Opal! You just gave directions for my wife to leave me!” sounding more hurt than angry.
“Oops!” was all he got.

Chapter 11- HeartBreak
Warning:Heart break

However long ago when Foaly and Opal were in college

Opal was so happy, she had been accepted into college, and met the person of her dreams. Foaly, the one and only, the highest scorer on the F.I.T. (A/N {Orion Fowl- The Tears Of War} Fairy Intelligence Test ). They had met mere minutes ago.

Mere Minutes Ago

Opal was so nervous, she had just arrived, still amazed that she got in, when she bumped into someone causing her to drop her book’s. She bent down and started picking them up.
“Well aren’t you going to help”
“Oh, yes, I’m so sorry”
Opal looked up about to say he should have been paying attention, when she realized who it was. It’s Foaly, the best techie in the whole of Haven she blushed and quickened the pace in which she was picking her book’s up, and walked away before Foaly could say anything.

Foaly was in love, he still was when he got to class, so much in love that when the teacher called on him to answer a question, he had no clue as to what she was talking about. He got a D for the class, but he didn’t care.

Two Weeks later

Foaly and Opal were walking back from dinner, hand in hand, when another centaur strode up(Can they?).
Foaly gave her the universal ‘Shut up or I’m in trouble’ look, but she continued anyway.
“I have been looking everywhere for you!”
Then Opal spoke.
“You’ve been what!?!”
“Looking for him”
“Riya, shut it now!” Foaly said frantically trying to stop a cat fight.
“Oh, you know her! Well you know what you cheating centaur.WERE THROUGH!” She said storming off as she yelled the last sentence.
“Opal wait!”he called after her, but she wouldn’t listen.
“Look Foa-” his sister said, doing her best to comfort her brother, but he cut her off.
“Shut up! You ruined my life!” he sobbed, galloping off, to never see his sister again.


Chapter 12- Recuperation
Warning: I AM AWESOME!! , oh yeah vivid description of a blown up

Cabilline couldn't stop sobbing, she hadn't been outside the Compound since her capture. So she hadn't witnessed the horror of Haven being destroyed. Everywhere she looked she saw the result of Opal's rampage. More than once she startled a refugee, causing them to run for the hills.
She choked back a sob when she saw her home, but not from sadness, from joy. Her house was the only building untouched, out of everything destroyed, her house wasn't. She started towards the house, about halfway there the door opened and her firstborn son, Deran, in the frame.
Then all hell broke loose, Cabilline turned around to see a smart bomb flying towards her home.
"She wouldn't" Cabilline said, so softly only she heard it.
When the bomb hit she was knocked unconscious. By the time she woke up the flames had died down a bit. She stumbled to the remains of her home, and down near the door, or what was left of him.
"Deran!" she sobbed, her firstborn was missing his left arm, and the horse half was missing altogether.
"Jared is safe" he gasped before passing into the void.

Chapter 13- Betrayal
Warning: possible cursing

The Compound (Present)

It was pretty awkward, Opal and Foaly, Holly and Artemis, the only ones that weren’t a couple was Doodah and Torry or are they (No seriously, should I have them hook up?).
“So… I guess we should leave,” Foaly said starting towards the door, until it sealed itself.
“I’m afraid I can’t let you do that” Opal said stopping everyone in their tracks.
“I will just point out the moment passion was a ploy to keep you here, and it worked. Now as long as you shut up you won’t die”
“What!?!” Foaly sobbed.
“I lost my wife so we would be trapped!”
“Pretty much”
“You, You son of a Bitihitch! he screamed trying to get a hold of the monstrous pixie.
“Oh, don’t moan, she’s probably dead from the missile I sent towards your house”
“I suggest we RUN!” Opal screamed running out the door, the others right on her heels.
They ran through hall, chunks of the ceiling falling down blocking their paths, causing them to find another way. On numerous occasions the group saved people from death, whether friend or foe it didn’t matter, they were saved.


Mulch surfaced in a storage room, bringing the others up with him, he lit a fuse so they could see. They didn’t like what they saw. Tons
upon tons of explosives. They slowly backed out.
Despite they’re carefulness, Mulch tripped and dropped the fuse lighting another fuse.
“RUUNN!!!” he screamed, and bolted underground, his tunnel collapsing behind him.
They frantically ran for their lives, barely escaping.


Chapter 14- More Betrayal
Warning:Betrayal, cursing, and some vivid action (Maybe)

The rendezvous point

“O.k. we need to know who is dead. Short do a head count” Artemis said directing the last bit mainly at Short, who muttered a bit then answered.
“We lost Doodah” with a sad look in her eye.
Everyone just stood there for a while saddened at the loss of the sprite. When Trouble came over the hill everyone cheered up at the thought of a new comrade.
“Hey Trouble, over here!” Torry called.
“Good, we found you” he called back.
“We?” everyone was confused, then a whole lot of O.P.A.L. soldiers came over the top of the hill, some beat up looking. Artemis, Holly, and Foaly deducted they had a rough time getting out of The Compound.
“Halt!” one yelled.
“You’re under arrest by order of Empress Kobio!” Trouble said.
“You traitor!” Holly spat, “Why? Why couldn’t you be happy doing what’s right?”
“Because, this pays better” he paused to pull out his gun, “Now, will you come quietly or will I have to shoot you?”
M. answered that question by pulling out her bow, loosing a bolt at the soldier next to Trouble.
“The next one’s going at you,” to to get her point across she pointed it directly at his heart.
Trouble flicked his eyes towards the bow, then the soldiers, then at Artemis and Co. He repeated that for a little while, then a soldier, an especially thick one, put his weapon on kill and aimed it at Artemis, big mistake.
“Don’t you touch him!” Holly, M. and Torry shouted each throwing something at him. M. an arrow, Holly a Neutrino blast, and Torry a throwing knife.
They charged each other with cries of war upon their lips.
The two sides collided with blood, gore and war everywhere, M. taking soldier upon soldier with her bow, then pulled out her sword, so graceful breaking necks, and decapitating soldier’s. Butler literally ripping limbs off, Short and Torry taking down men left and right, and Holly blasting left and right. But they were still greatly outnumbered. To Artemis’s left Torry fell, a burn mark upon her chest. To his right Short went to her knee’s, her spoon falling to the ground. Mulch popped out of the ground only to be downed by a Neutrino.
Then A green vortex opened up in the middle of the battlefield, an elfin hand reaching out.


Chapter 15-Savior
Warning:Possible cursing

Where we left our heroes 2014strong>

The hand was bathed in a ghostly green light, it was followed by an arm, then the rest of the body. It was a girl, she looked about half as young as Holly. She has the same hair as Holly Artemis noted. He was pulled out of his daze by a Neutrino blast narrowly missing him.
“Follow me!” she yelled then ran off towards an old building.
“Come on!” Artemis commanded, “to the building!”
Butler heard the command as well as M., Butler grabbed Mulch and Torry running to the building. M. grabbed Short by the arms and began dragging her to the building, all the while Holly kept blasting, with two Neutrinos this time, Artemis didn’t know where she got, but he had an idea. Artemis was about to call her over when Trouble ran up and put a charge in her chest.
“Holly!” the boy yelled, picking up a Neutrino from a fallen soldier, he may not be able to shoot, but he could still shoot a whole Lotta charges in every direction. From pure luck, and sheer determination he actually made it to Trouble alive.
“You, you monster! How could you!” the genius was in tears at the thought of the woman he loved dead, “You-Don’t-Deserve-To-Live!” he screamed puncturing each word with a blow.
“It’s Ow! just Ow! orders Ow!” he said, still being pummeled by the weakling boy. Eventually Trouble managed to kick Artemis off him.
Artemis ran for it grabbing the fallen elf Thank God I’m twice as big as Holly. He made it soldiers hot on his tail.
“Help!” he yelled at his friends. He ducked as a mixture of:
A Neutrino bast
A Big Suaer bullet
An arrow
Flew towards him, they all hit their mark successfully holding the soldiers while Artemis ran upstairs. Short was in an arm sling, Mulch was being attended to, but a blanket covered Torry.
“Oh no!”, Artemis was once again lost for words, “she’s dead?”
“Yes” M. nodded finishing up on Mulch, “a Neutrino blast to the heart” she stated.
Butler, and the elf walked up the stairs, the elf bowed.
“General” she muttered.
“General?” Artemis repeated, confused
“Let me start from the beginning” she cleared her throat, “I’m from the year 2017, it’s a time when the war has been going on for three years, we were in desperate need of a way to end the war, since there was only three more divisions of soldiers left on our side, along with the AFFS, unfortunately Butler and Juliet were K.I.A, so we were desperate, then the general, you, proposed a way to end the war. You said ‘ I have a plan, why not’ you said ‘why don’t we send some one in to end the war before Opal Jr. took Atlantis, destroying the rest of the LEP’ and everyone agreed, they said ‘why not’ and so they sent me to help you,” then walked off saying, “Get some sleep, you’ll need it”
Artemis grabbed her arm, “Wait, what’s your name?”
“Maple Short”

Chapter 16- Explanations
Warning:Chance of cursing and confusion, as well as Lots of explaining

The building where the Heroes took refuge, next day

“Everyone up!” Maple said kicking people awake, “we’ve got a lot to do today”
Artemis got up, wide awake.
“O.K., but first you have to tell us the origins of your birth, starting with what year you were actually born, seeing as there is a small chance that Holly gave birth to you in the middle of a war” everyone was awake at that, even the wounded were eager to hear the truth.
“Fine!” she gave in, “I’m from the year 2036, the war4 is still going on, everything is true, except the year, My name is Maple Short because Holly is, of course my mother, and Artemis is my father” and at the look of relief on Artemis and Holly’s faces she said, “Don’t get any ideas, the law was abolished in 2018” unfortunately everyone saw the sadness on the lover’s faces, and laughed.
“Shut up, they are still my parents, just younger. Anyway I am 20 years old, or 40 or in between, traveling in time so much my aging process so my age is somewhere between 20 and 40”
Then she sat down and started to sob, as well as M. and Short. Maple stopped.
“Why are you two crying?” Short spoke.
“Because, this means that we can write a story about Holly and Artemis without lying”
“Shut up!” Holly said beating Artemis to it, but both their faces were red.
“Well with your questions answered, lets make a plan,”Maple said breaking the silence.


Fowl Manor

This whole time we ignored what was happening above ground, well first let me say that Juliet and No.1 were teleported to Fowl Manor.

“Juliet!” Mrs. Fowl called, “Come help with dinner please!”
Juliet sighed, ever since she and No.1 appeared on the doorstep, Mr. and Mrs. Fowl had asked for help with everything. From dinner to scrubbing the floors.
“Coming Mrs. Fowl,” she stood up and started towards the kitchen.
“What do you wa-” Juliet stopped talking, Mrs. Fowl wasn’t there, just a voice recorder.
“Mrs. Fowl!” she called, “Mr. Fowl!” still no answer, she began to panic, she frantically searched the kitchen, nothing. She ran to the surveillance room and checked the monitors, nothing. Juliet was in Defcon 1, the Fowls were nowhere to be seen, and her brother and Artemis were trapped underground fighting a demented pixie, and No.1 was asleep.
“What do I do?” she yelled at the Heavens, “Send me a sign, please!” she begged.


Chapter 17- A sign
Warning:May seem like I’m making fun of god

Under Fowl Manor

Mulch was at a loss for words, partly because he was in his home turf, and partly because there was dirt in his mouth. he was on his way to warn Juliet and No.1 about the inevitable threat of a fairy invasion.

To be continued, I will say sorry for the really small update, but I want to finish this in a new part, by the way why is only Torry and FF4E, and Fantasy devourer commenting, I am considering just leaving at this because of the lack of comments, anyway look for part 10 of this story, not this one updated, may or may not have it done today

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