Artemis Fowl and the Time Twister {Part 10}

Summary: This involves Chapters 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25 (If I can make the story that long)

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Chapter 18-More Time Travel
Warning:Cloudy with a chance of cursing
O.K, I have decided to continue The Time Twister just because I have fans that say I’m awesome, and Torry said that they don’t criticize because there’s nothing to criticize, is that true? Any who, on with the show!!

Underground, the building where Artemis and Co. are residing(2014)

Everyone prepared themselves, Artemis had come up with a plan in a matter of minutes, but it was a complicated one, filled with time traveling, large chances of death, despair. And to top it all off, the prospect of causing another Time Paradox. Once everyone was ready, Artemis told Maple.
“O.K. Maple, send us through time to the preferred destination”
Maple lifted her head high, along with her hands, chanting in the same manner as No.1 did to send them to save the lemur from Opal. And so did M. and Short, but only M. spoke.
“OMG, she’s chanting just like No.1 in The Time Paradox!” then a green vortex, just like the one that Maple came from, opened in the middle of the heroes, sucking them into it.


Same exact spot, (2017)

“Good news, and Bad news!” Artemis announced, “Good news, we made it, bad news, the building’s destroyed”
Everyone looked around.
“Huh, he’s actually right, the entire building’s been destroyed” Short stated.
In that single moment, everyone remembered they were in a war zone. So they did what any person in a war zone would do when there are explosions.
“I think we should run” he said rather simply.
“Noo” Holly said sarcastically.
Then a bomb hit by their feet.

(still) Chapter 18

The group flew in all kinds of directions, Artemis and Holly flew backwards, M. and Short flew upwards, and Maple and Butler flew to the right. No matter what direction they flew in, they all had the wind knocked out of them. Yet Maple received an extra bit, Butler landed on her leg, rendering her cripple.
Every person jumped up, excluding Maple, they knew the cost of staying in an area being bombed to long, death. Butler grabbed Maple, and ran, everyone doing likewise.

Chapter 19-Da Future
Warning:Future may be a little confusing, and there will be two of everyone excluding:Maple, Butler, and Mulch

With Maple calling directions over Butler’s shoulder, the rat tag group of heroes made it to the headquarters without any more casualties. The Headquarters was actually what was left of the Police Plaza, the Ops Booth, and what looked like an old shuttle.
“Shall we enter?” Artemis asked.
“No, we shan’t, Foaly rigged a bunch of booby traps all around HQ so that enemies couldn’t just sneak in” Maple told them, wincing when Butler laid her on the ground.
“Then how do we get in?” the Eurasian asked.
“Foaly, you can call future Foaly with a neigh” she managed to gasp before passing out.
“Great! now the only person who knows this place is passed out” Artemis complained glaring at Butler.


“Do I have to?” Foaly whined, “Its demeaning!”
Artemis sighed, “Yes, this is the only way, unfortunately Maple is still passed out”
“Fine!” he grumbled, then let out a loud whinny. After a few minutes there was a bunch of beeps, bleeps, and bloops. All the result of Foaly Sr. (A/N If there’s a future and past version, I will refer to the future as Sr. and the past as Jr.)
“Who in the Keeper’s name is neighing, there is no more centaurs left in th-” Foaly Sr. stopped abruptly seeing the group of time travelers, eying the unconscious Maple he said, kinda depressed, “Well I guess the Time Travelers have arrived,” he turned around and started towards the doors from which he came.
“Well are you coming?” he called over his shoulder.
“Yes, we were,”Artemis said walking after the future centaur, everyone hurrying to catch up. When they got to the doors a sprite jumped out from hiding and blacked their path.
“You shall not pass!” he yelled.
“Coral, two things, one: they’re with me, and two: stop quoting Lord of the Rings,” then under his breath, “Infernal Mud Man movie”.

* * *

“Look I don’t care about f*cking Mulch said, we are in the middle of a war; retreating means exposing the faeries to the humans!!!” Artemis screamed.
“Artemis, calm down,” Holly pleaded, putting her hand on his shoulder, “We can do this.”
As always, Artemis couldn’t say no to Holly, Hell he thought, If Holly was on the other side of this war, it’d be over already.
“I agree General, it’s alright, you are surrounded by people that care about you; you’re not alone,” Captain Oak said, nodding his head in agreement.
Then Foaly Sr. walked into the War Room, the time travelers in tow.
“General,” Foaly Sr. said, acknowledging a superior officer, then let out a whinnying laugh, “As if!”
“Good, I was beginning to think losing your second wife was getting to you,” Artemis Sr. replied, a smirk pasted across his face.
Artemis Jr. swore he heard Foaly Sr. mutter ‘Stupid bomb’ under his breath.

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