Android: The Awakening ~ Chapter One; Enter: Solinium

Summary: The story about a modified tunnel drone who gains self-awareness, created by Opal Koboi, when her descent into madness began showing.

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Wake up. Time to get up.

I moaned. I did not want to get up this morning. Not like I was expecting to be greeted with the smell of breakfast or anything. Speaking of smells…I sniffed. It smelled funny in here. I opened my eyes and looked down. I was naked. My eyebow raised an inch or two.
“This again,” I groaned, as if I had experienced waking up naked before. I put my hands in front of me, to grab something to help balance me, only to realize that there was glass covered with droplets of green liquid [water?] oozing down. I shook my head. Hold on. Why am I sleeping while standing up? I heard a muffled yell.
“Expirament #8991 has been awoken! Evacuate the premesis! Prepare for nuclear-meltdown!”
I rapped on the glass. “Hey!” I yelled as loud as I could. “Let me out!”
I had no idea what a nuclear meltdown was, but judging by the red lights and the yelling, I figured it wasn’t too good. I tried to break the glass, but it wasn’t actually glass, more of a plastic. All of a sudden, there was some sort of hiss, and the plastic-glass-barrier whatever lifted up. I stepped out onto the floor. Holy crap, it was cold.
I saw a figure towards my left frantically try to open the door, and, upon success, scrambled right on through, without a glance backwards. Come to think of it, that guy was short. Very short. I wouldn’t have been surprised if more little people came running on through. Weirdos. Anyway, back to…whatever I was doing. Hmm. I suppose getting out of here wouldn’t hurt. Staying might hurt, though. Nuclear-meltdown sounds rather violent. I ran to the door, replicated the little guy’s movements on some sort of keypad thing with amazing ease and accuracy, and slipped through the door.
I was greeted by a dark corridor with revolving red lights. On the side of the floor, there was a gently glowing strip of green, seeming to direct me somewhere. By looks of it, out. But out where? I guess I’ll worry about it when I get there. I dashed through the tunnel, with a slight breeze passing over my entire body. I hope no girls are here. I’m not sure what they’d do if they saw me like this. My mind briefly flitted through the option of stopping to find some clothes, but then the thought of this nuclear meltdown thingy happening seemed to over-ride the desire to stop. I’m getting some bad vibes about this nuclear meltdown thing. I stopped in my tracks. Hold up. How do I know what I’m talking about? How do I know words? Where did I learn them? I looked at my hands, as if they held the answer to my questions. They didn’t but my right arm had something on it. Some kind of writing.
“Property of Koboi Laboratories. Exp. # 8991 Codename: Solinium. WARNING: CONTAINS RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL[S] THAT MAY BE HARMFUL TO ORGANIC MATERIAL AND/OR ELECTRONIC DEVICES. See Compliance Code #348,” I read aloud. “What does that mean?”
I glanced up, only to see another little person, holding some sort of weapon. The barrel of it looked white-hot, and ready to be used.
“Identify…” I said involuntarily. Why did I say that? I almost wanted to laugh. The reason I didn’t, though, was because my legs, without any consent from my brain, starting moving towards the angry-looking, tiny man. To be honest, I wanted to get away from that gun.
“Identify…” I said again, with the same cold tone I did before. What am I doing?
The little man started trembling, sweat pouring down his brow. He looked frozen in fear. To my left, down the tunnel, more little people were shouting.
I was directly above the little guy now. Enough to notice the detail of his face. He had green eyes, a tight mouth, and a big nose. Slightly wrinkled, with pointly ears. Pointy ears? My hands reahed for his head. Let me get a closer look–
There was a flash of blue, and I looked down at the little man. His head was in my hands, neck twisted, and slightly burnt. I dropped his dead body indifferently, and began to fade out. Out of control. I laid back, and let my body do the work. I felt my mouth say “Identify…” to the others down the hall. They just ran. My body followed pursuit, my eyes like I was half asleep.
I don’t remember much of the chase, or approaching the little people.
All I remembered was blinking and seeing their dead bodies, mangled, burnt, one even torn in half. All of them in my hands.
I remember walking back out to the main corridor, mind blank. Soon, I forgot all about the dead little people, and started to wake back up again.
I blinked once more, shook my head, cleared my thoughts. I didn’t kill those people. I was dreaming. Convinced, I jogged through the tunnel, following the pulsing green light, leading me out of the facility.
A facility. I’m in a facility. As I jogged, more and more words began to emerge from seemingly nowhere. I smiled as I said some aloud, like “parasol” and “endeavour”. Soon, the meaning of the words nuclear meltdown finally made it’s way to me. I was right to believe that a nuclear meltdown was a bad thing. A radioactive explosion that could destroy miles and miles of pretty much everything did not seem like something I wanted to witness up close.
I had finally arrived at a big door that looked very heavy. It looked like steel, complete with bolted plates and a control panel. I approached the control panel, only to find that it had locked itself, and needed a pass-code for entry. I tried the code that the first little guy had did on the door in the place that I had woken up at, but all that happened was a pop-up that said ACCESS DENIED. So much for that door. I continued on, stopping to glance at a window with tanks filled with green water, similar to the one I was in, except no one was in them.
Keep going. I kept pushing myself to run. Surprisingly, without clothes or shoes for that matter, I could keep running. I didn’t see anyone else in the tunnels, and was glad. I don’t think I could handle being naked in front of people. Up ahead, there were double doors that had a biohazard symbol on it. To my left, there were double doors with a radiation symbol on it. It was about a split-second debate of whether or not I should die of radiation poisoning or some expiramental disease. I chose radiation. After all, according to my arm, I do contain radioactive materials. What difference does it really make?
I burst through, expecting more alarms and/or guns, but surprisingly not. They just leave there stuff unguarded? After a quick peek around, I realized all their “stuff” was gone. Nothing there. Just an empty room. So much for radiation poisoning.
Then a screen came to life on the wall to the right. I turned, frightened at first, but relaxed instantly as I realized it was just a monitor. On screen, a beautiful face appeared, smiling, attempting to look friendly, but ultimately failing, as her eyes suggested some sort of hatred towards me.
“Experirament #8991, you have successfully ruined various of my other expiraments, ruined a certain amount of my facility, and murdered a portion of my faculty. I congratulate you.”
Her voice was neither congratuiative nor angry. I was confused.
“What?” was all I managed.
“Here,” she said. “Have a look.”
On screen, there was a naked figure looming over a tiny person. After saying ‘Identify…’ in a rather cold, harsh voice, the giant figure quickly, with ease, wrapped his hands around his neck, and with a flash of blue, twisted, ultimately killing the tiny person. From there, the screen showed multiple shots of the same, pale, giant, naked figure killing several little people. One of them even got torn in half. It was quite a bloody scene. I turned my head away. I had seen enough.
“Well?” asked the beautiful face. “You don’t remember, do you?”
“I…” images flashed through my head. Blood, tearing open through a person, twisting one’s neck…
“It’s okay, Solinium. That’s what you were designed for. To kill and forget.” said the girl.
“Solinium?” I asked. “What’s that?”
The girl just laughed. “That’s what you are. Solinium. The walking bio-bomb.”
“What?” I was confused. I was a bomb?
The screen rewound back to me killing the little people. Each section of the screen froze at the blue flash.
“See that, there?” asked the girl. “See the blue?”
“That is what one would call, a Solinium Pulse, a blast of light-based energy that can kill any biological tissue within it’s detonation vicinity. Your solinium reserves were running low, that’s why I had you kill them quite morbidly. Entertainment on my part.”
“You…had me kill them?” I asked, trying to be sure of what was said.
“Why, of course, why would I give you any free will? You’ll just end up failing like all the others.”
“You’re controlling me?” I asked, disturbed by the thought.
“Obviously. Want me to prove it?” she asked, waving a remote.
She pressed a button, and immediately, my arm sprang out, and punched the monitor, making it go black.
“You see?” her voice asked, erriely echoing throughout the room. “I have complete control. What? Did you think you were alive? That you were a living thing?”
Her laughter mocked me from the room’s speakers.
I squinted my eyes, and clenched my fists. “GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I screamed, spit flying from my mouth. My eyes were wild, looking for an exit. I charged for the door, but involuntarily stopped in my tracks.
“Nu-uh-uh!” she said as if she were my mother. “No escaping for you, my cute little lab rat.”
“Nrrrgh” was all I could manage.
“Now, before I put my little toy away, I should really tell you someting important.” she said, somewhat more serious.
My silence was my answer to her.
She pressed a button on her remote, and all of a sudden, I stood straight up, arms and legs out, like a starfish. My chest opened up, and to my horror, there was no blood or organs of any kind. My arms had some kind of attachments to it, making it twice it’s normal size when opened, and a reflective screen was presented in front of me. My internal body was exposed. Inside, there were a bunch of mechancial parts, as well as a blue sphere in the center of my chest. Blue liquid flowed through tubes to my arms, and some micro-circuitry was exposed. I was a robot. And I didn’t know what to say.
“You are a tunnel drone, designed and built to keep the trolls at bay in the tunnels should they attempt to break out in the city.” said the girl.
“What city?”
The girl laughed. “Now now, Solinium, all will be answered shortly. Now, where was I? Oh yes, you are a tunnel drone. Standard models can survive immense heat and can lift about three tons over their head for thirty minutes at a time. Of course, that’s only with a standard model. You, on the other hand, are not what we would call a standard model. I have personally modified you to be able to lift five tons for an hour, and survive a direct nuclear blast, as well as given you the ability to exert a solinium pulse from your hands, and given you a form of artificial skin that can “grow” back when destroyed. But the main feature that makes you unique…Is the expiramental personality programming that I have given you. You see, react like an intelligent living thing, yet, you are bound by a simple remote control. The perfect wepon.”
Her laughter echoed through the room again.
I was getting sick of it.
“Look, girl, why are you–”
I was intterupted by my own mouth shutting. The girl’s finger was on a button on the remote. That damned remote.
“Ah, I forgot to establish the rules. Rule number one, you will refer to me as Mistriss Koboi. Opal Koboi is my full name, in case you were wondering, but, I DEMAND that I be called Mistriss Koboi. For obvious reasons. Rule number two: No asking why. Alright, sweetie? Don’t question WHY I do things, I do them for a reason, so don’t you go worrying your little head about it. Rule number three: Direct obediance, or death. You decide. And rule number four…” said Mistriss Koboi, waiting, adding to the dramatic effect.
I stood there waiting, wondering what was going to be the next rule.
“When I say go to sleep,” she said, lifting the remote so I could see on the screen. She pressed the button, finishing off with, “Go to sleep.”
I instantly blacked out, no dreams, no nightmares, just sleep.

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  1. Hmm… not really sure what to say. Interesting, certainly. It definitely has my attention. And I kind of like the Solinium character. Very good writing, as far as I can see, and I didn’t catch any mistakes.. I’m rather curious as to what happens next. Update soon! 🙂

  2. Is that you, Sol? I’m impressed with the story.

    Great cliffhanger too!

  3. I like this Solinium, a walking bio-bomb. I haven’t seen that before. Keep going, and really great cliffhanger. This got my attention and the cliffhanger even more.

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